Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lenten Table ~ Weekly Menu & Tofu Pockets

( Just a quick note to all my fb friends .If You are seeing my blog posts on your fb it is because I belong to network blogs and my posts are automatically sent to fb . I am not on fb for all of lent so if you are sending me messages via fb I cannot respond however you can email me if you like ☺)

Now for our yummy supper tonight . Or should I say lazy lol
My sister is the one who introduced me to tofu pockets many many yrs ago. They are similar to sushi but without the seaweed . Our children love these and they are Japanese ☺
To make these you will need to have sticky rice ,  tofu pockets , rice vinegar , white sugar , green onion , cilantro , pickled ginger and any other condiments you like .
First off cook your sticky rice according to directions on bag .
You need to mix ingredients into cooked rice while it is still hot.

This is the brand we buy

Open up the can and dump them into a bowl

Dump your hot cooked rice into a big bowl . Add as much vinegar into hot rice as you like . I like enough so it has a bite to it .

You can add 1T white sugar if you like or not . I also add chopped green onion , chopped cilantro and shredded carrot. You could add anything you like in sushi .

Open up tofu pocket

stuff full of rice mixture

I then like to top them off with sliced pickled ginger

and a bit of cilantro. We have also used the Mexican pickled jalapenos & carrot as garnish .

So I am thinking this next week is going to be a sort of mish mash of Mediterranean food .
Lenten Menu Saturday March 19th - Friday March 25th

Saturday ~ Greek Salad & Pizza , although I am craving french onion soup so pizza may get put on hold ;-)

Sunday ~ shrimp shish kabob  & rice ( I am thinking to just do a fish type dish & rice each Sunday )

Monday ~ grape leaf rolls & tabuli with homemade pita

Tuesday ~ Falafel in homemade pita

Wednesday ~ Greek lemon soup , grape leaf rolls & bread

Thursday ~ Spanikopita

Friday~ I'm thinking a veggie lasagna or if I'm lazy just pasta with a veggie tomato sauce .

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