Friday, March 25, 2011

Falafel , Pita & Lenten Menu

Today was an extremely busy day but I did mange to make pita & falafel ☺
Okay I have to admit I cheat and use a falafael mix .
However I do love to make pita

Today I used the recipe from Baking Bread with Children .
It worked out great ! The only thing I changed in the rceipe was the amount of yeast from 2tsp to 1T because I use bakers yeast
do not worry you need not use this book to make pita ! I've made it using the recipe from Joy of Cooking and in fact you could use any genreal bread recipe just no eggs , milk or fat .
I made the dough and let it sit to ride til doubled about 1 1/2 hrs.

You then break into 12 small balls

Roll each ball out on floured surface

Place rolled dough on hot skillet in 425 oven for 1-3 min ( mine take 3 min )

The pita begin to bubble !

and then poof !
do not worry if they do not all poof up.I always have 1-2 stubborn ones and they still are great tasting .
while the dough was rising I had soaked my falafel and then fried it

we make out tahini sauce with 2 tsp tahini , 1 tsp peanut butter , juice of 1-2 lemons , finely chopped garlic , salt & hot water added to make it the consistancy we like .
I am not a huge fan of tahini I find it bitter so add more if you like it stronger
we then chop up veggies , more lemon etc. for adding on to our pita falafel dinner

Is anyone craving meat yet ? I'm surprised how well I am doing with absolutely no meat . I think because by this time of yr. a salad and fruit are truly welcome luxuries ☺
I am however not feeling as creative and a tad overwhelmed with ds21 returning home this week .
I 've been  attempting to have fish & rice each Sunday and saturdays have turned into  sort of a wing it night .
so here is my pathetic attempt for our Lenten Meals this week
Saturday March 26 ~ Friday April 1st ( our actual wedding anniverssary ☺ )

Saturday ~ French onion soup.
This is so easy to make and I can say a stock made with 2 veggie boulion cubes , a bit of soy sauce worked fine for us . I bought a french bagette and broke it into peices , sauted 5 large onions with salt and a bit , just a bit of sugar and added the stolk into that . then placed it on top the broken bagette in a cassarole .Topped with mozza cheese , bake at 350 for 20 min and wow .yum yum

Sunday ~  white fish & salad

Monday ~ vegitarian chili dh loves this with black beans & corn . I am cooking extra beans as to make the next few suppers

Tuesday ~ Pupusas & Cortido

Wednesday ~ Mexican Black Bean & Spagetti Soup
I found this recipe in Latina mag yrs ago. It is a stock of tomatoe , onion & bell peppers with a ton of cilantro & garlic added in . You fry the spagetti first to brown it then add to the stock . when spagetti is almost done add in your pre-cooked black beans .
serve with fresh cilantro green onion chopped , grated cheese and tortilla chips as additions .lime is good too ☺
Thursday ~ Bean , Feta Cheese & Tofu ( yes tofu ) Enchiladas mild with a red sauce topped with cheddar cheese and cilantro
Friday ~ I'm torn between huevoes rancheros which is what I really want or tostadas ☺
The kids al love tostadas but honestly they are my fav when served with chicken so we may have to wait . maybe quesadillas instead .
 I told you I'm kind of pathetic this week ;-)
I'm not even going to do spell check lol


Gae said...

Dear Rox,
That looks so great.
Does the pita bread taste better than bought and can I use this for burritoes.
Your menu looks great I am sure you will do great this week.
have a great weekend.
Love Gae

Illustrated Ink said...

Rox! You read my mind! I was going to try baking pita next, but needed to find a good recipe. Thank you so much for posting this!