Monday, March 28, 2011

Blessed Kateri & The Medicne Wheel

I am so very excited & could hardly wait to post about this upcoming event at our parish !
Here in Canada we celebrate The feast Day of Blessed Kateri one of our most wonderful catholic Aboriginal peoples on April 17th .
In honour of her feast day the parish is hosting a 3 day weekend workshop on the Aboriginal culture, the medicine wheel  and our catholic religion .
I've got a post in the works on owrshiping within natural world given us and with the up and comi9ng earth day celebrations I think it is so fitting Blessed Kateri's feast day is near .
She was such a lover of Our Lord and very much worshiped Him in our natural home the outdoors .
Of course she did cities back then were few and it was very common for people to connect with Creator in the natural world.
I do not want to go about that though as it is for a different post
I have attended a workshop on the teachings of the medicine wheel but that was at least 18 yrs ago and it was put on by the clinic I volunteered for .What I look forward to is this is being presented by two beautiful

I've heard sister Eva speak and she is such a strong beautiful woman I look forward to meeting her sister .
I am also very excited because not only is this presented by the sisters but it will be in our parish and the Archbishop will be opening our weekend workshop and we shall also be celebrating mass each day ! How wonderful is that ☺

There will also be a lunch each day . This is absolutely free aside from donation if possible .
So I am thinking to journal here if possible after what I have learned each day of the workshop to share with people who cannot attend .
I can hardly wait !


Illustrated Ink said...

The workshop sounds amazing! I wish I could go! Yes, please blog about it, I'd love to hear what you learn there. :)

rox said...

Leila I sure will write about it ☺