Saturday, March 19, 2011

Addicted !

Yes , it is official I am addicted to goats ! I just cannot get enough of them !
Since our trip out to my mother's place was canceled I have decided to enjoy our weekend here .
So naturally when I was done the cleaning what else should I do but begin following all blogs goat . Well that is not exactly true I am also addicted to cute looking burrows , chihuahuas & collies ( shhh do not tell the huskies ) and there are a few great granny homesteading blogs I could not resist .
So how many blogs do I follow anyway lol ?
I think blogger should make a feature where we can put our blogs into categories so we can check on them more easily .
Honestly I can hardly wait to do the chicken goat thing .
For those who do not follow my other blogs , we are taking the steps to move !
We are putting all our stuff in storage , ds21 is coming home to help dh renovate the rest of the house .So to place it  for a quick sale  and the 2 boys and I are going to spend 3-4 blissful months out at the lake ! We decided not to stress over finding a place but rather focus on the sale of our home .

           I think I might need to read Heidi to the boys this week !

I wonder if my mother's neighbours would notice a goat and few chickens while we stay at the cottage ? I mean it is on 5 acres , surely no one would object to a cute goat walking on the beach .
Can you have a goat in the house during the night ?

goats appear to be very healthy animals

they appear to be very creative & efficient

and they seem to look after each other

goats in fact appear to be capable of almost anything !


Claire the Shepherdess said...

I hope you can have a goat soon! I have had a goat in the house for 3 months - diapers work well on the little ones and "Depends" undergarments are well suited for older goats. :)

Doris Sturm said...

Goats are so much fun - they are almost like dogs - they follow you around and eat everything, including your clothes if you're not careful. Those little baby goats are so cute, they almost look unreal! No wonder you're addicted and I don't see why you cold not have a pet goat and chicken on 5 acres of land - as long as you don't lose them on it...yes, you could keep them in the house...people keep pet pigs in the grandma had a pet chicken that she walked on the sidewalk in the city of Berlin, Germany when she was a kid. She tied a string around her foot and off they went to turn some heads... moving? Good luck! It's tiring and expensive. I wish I could move up to Blue Ridge because I love the mountains, but I hate to leave my friends - again!

Happy first day of Spring!

Illustrated Ink said...

Yay, goats! I would so love to have a goat to go with our chickens. You could get a wee goat (like the adorable ones you posted in the first pic)! I think you need one, Rox! ;)