Monday, March 28, 2011

Blessed Kateri & The Medicne Wheel

I am so very excited & could hardly wait to post about this upcoming event at our parish !
Here in Canada we celebrate The feast Day of Blessed Kateri one of our most wonderful catholic Aboriginal peoples on April 17th .
In honour of her feast day the parish is hosting a 3 day weekend workshop on the Aboriginal culture, the medicine wheel  and our catholic religion .
I've got a post in the works on owrshiping within natural world given us and with the up and comi9ng earth day celebrations I think it is so fitting Blessed Kateri's feast day is near .
She was such a lover of Our Lord and very much worshiped Him in our natural home the outdoors .
Of course she did cities back then were few and it was very common for people to connect with Creator in the natural world.
I do not want to go about that though as it is for a different post
I have attended a workshop on the teachings of the medicine wheel but that was at least 18 yrs ago and it was put on by the clinic I volunteered for .What I look forward to is this is being presented by two beautiful

I've heard sister Eva speak and she is such a strong beautiful woman I look forward to meeting her sister .
I am also very excited because not only is this presented by the sisters but it will be in our parish and the Archbishop will be opening our weekend workshop and we shall also be celebrating mass each day ! How wonderful is that ☺

There will also be a lunch each day . This is absolutely free aside from donation if possible .
So I am thinking to journal here if possible after what I have learned each day of the workshop to share with people who cannot attend .
I can hardly wait !

Friday, March 25, 2011

Falafel , Pita & Lenten Menu

Today was an extremely busy day but I did mange to make pita & falafel ☺
Okay I have to admit I cheat and use a falafael mix .
However I do love to make pita

Today I used the recipe from Baking Bread with Children .
It worked out great ! The only thing I changed in the rceipe was the amount of yeast from 2tsp to 1T because I use bakers yeast
do not worry you need not use this book to make pita ! I've made it using the recipe from Joy of Cooking and in fact you could use any genreal bread recipe just no eggs , milk or fat .
I made the dough and let it sit to ride til doubled about 1 1/2 hrs.

You then break into 12 small balls

Roll each ball out on floured surface

Place rolled dough on hot skillet in 425 oven for 1-3 min ( mine take 3 min )

The pita begin to bubble !

and then poof !
do not worry if they do not all poof up.I always have 1-2 stubborn ones and they still are great tasting .
while the dough was rising I had soaked my falafel and then fried it

we make out tahini sauce with 2 tsp tahini , 1 tsp peanut butter , juice of 1-2 lemons , finely chopped garlic , salt & hot water added to make it the consistancy we like .
I am not a huge fan of tahini I find it bitter so add more if you like it stronger
we then chop up veggies , more lemon etc. for adding on to our pita falafel dinner

Is anyone craving meat yet ? I'm surprised how well I am doing with absolutely no meat . I think because by this time of yr. a salad and fruit are truly welcome luxuries ☺
I am however not feeling as creative and a tad overwhelmed with ds21 returning home this week .
I 've been  attempting to have fish & rice each Sunday and saturdays have turned into  sort of a wing it night .
so here is my pathetic attempt for our Lenten Meals this week
Saturday March 26 ~ Friday April 1st ( our actual wedding anniverssary ☺ )

Saturday ~ French onion soup.
This is so easy to make and I can say a stock made with 2 veggie boulion cubes , a bit of soy sauce worked fine for us . I bought a french bagette and broke it into peices , sauted 5 large onions with salt and a bit , just a bit of sugar and added the stolk into that . then placed it on top the broken bagette in a cassarole .Topped with mozza cheese , bake at 350 for 20 min and wow .yum yum

Sunday ~  white fish & salad

Monday ~ vegitarian chili dh loves this with black beans & corn . I am cooking extra beans as to make the next few suppers

Tuesday ~ Pupusas & Cortido

Wednesday ~ Mexican Black Bean & Spagetti Soup
I found this recipe in Latina mag yrs ago. It is a stock of tomatoe , onion & bell peppers with a ton of cilantro & garlic added in . You fry the spagetti first to brown it then add to the stock . when spagetti is almost done add in your pre-cooked black beans .
serve with fresh cilantro green onion chopped , grated cheese and tortilla chips as additions .lime is good too ☺
Thursday ~ Bean , Feta Cheese & Tofu ( yes tofu ) Enchiladas mild with a red sauce topped with cheddar cheese and cilantro
Friday ~ I'm torn between huevoes rancheros which is what I really want or tostadas ☺
The kids al love tostadas but honestly they are my fav when served with chicken so we may have to wait . maybe quesadillas instead .
 I told you I'm kind of pathetic this week ;-)
I'm not even going to do spell check lol

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Addicted !

Yes , it is official I am addicted to goats ! I just cannot get enough of them !
Since our trip out to my mother's place was canceled I have decided to enjoy our weekend here .
So naturally when I was done the cleaning what else should I do but begin following all blogs goat . Well that is not exactly true I am also addicted to cute looking burrows , chihuahuas & collies ( shhh do not tell the huskies ) and there are a few great granny homesteading blogs I could not resist .
So how many blogs do I follow anyway lol ?
I think blogger should make a feature where we can put our blogs into categories so we can check on them more easily .
Honestly I can hardly wait to do the chicken goat thing .
For those who do not follow my other blogs , we are taking the steps to move !
We are putting all our stuff in storage , ds21 is coming home to help dh renovate the rest of the house .So to place it  for a quick sale  and the 2 boys and I are going to spend 3-4 blissful months out at the lake ! We decided not to stress over finding a place but rather focus on the sale of our home .

           I think I might need to read Heidi to the boys this week !

I wonder if my mother's neighbours would notice a goat and few chickens while we stay at the cottage ? I mean it is on 5 acres , surely no one would object to a cute goat walking on the beach .
Can you have a goat in the house during the night ?

goats appear to be very healthy animals

they appear to be very creative & efficient

and they seem to look after each other

goats in fact appear to be capable of almost anything !

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lenten Table ~ Weekly Menu & Tofu Pockets

( Just a quick note to all my fb friends .If You are seeing my blog posts on your fb it is because I belong to network blogs and my posts are automatically sent to fb . I am not on fb for all of lent so if you are sending me messages via fb I cannot respond however you can email me if you like ☺)

Now for our yummy supper tonight . Or should I say lazy lol
My sister is the one who introduced me to tofu pockets many many yrs ago. They are similar to sushi but without the seaweed . Our children love these and they are Japanese ☺
To make these you will need to have sticky rice ,  tofu pockets , rice vinegar , white sugar , green onion , cilantro , pickled ginger and any other condiments you like .
First off cook your sticky rice according to directions on bag .
You need to mix ingredients into cooked rice while it is still hot.

This is the brand we buy

Open up the can and dump them into a bowl

Dump your hot cooked rice into a big bowl . Add as much vinegar into hot rice as you like . I like enough so it has a bite to it .

You can add 1T white sugar if you like or not . I also add chopped green onion , chopped cilantro and shredded carrot. You could add anything you like in sushi .

Open up tofu pocket

stuff full of rice mixture

I then like to top them off with sliced pickled ginger

and a bit of cilantro. We have also used the Mexican pickled jalapenos & carrot as garnish .

So I am thinking this next week is going to be a sort of mish mash of Mediterranean food .
Lenten Menu Saturday March 19th - Friday March 25th

Saturday ~ Greek Salad & Pizza , although I am craving french onion soup so pizza may get put on hold ;-)

Sunday ~ shrimp shish kabob  & rice ( I am thinking to just do a fish type dish & rice each Sunday )

Monday ~ grape leaf rolls & tabuli with homemade pita

Tuesday ~ Falafel in homemade pita

Wednesday ~ Greek lemon soup , grape leaf rolls & bread

Thursday ~ Spanikopita

Friday~ I'm thinking a veggie lasagna or if I'm lazy just pasta with a veggie tomato sauce .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pics ~ Summer Rolls & Done Eggs

I thought I'd pop in and post a few pics of a few meals to give an idea of the how to and what the food looks like when complete ☺
Above we have Vietnamese summer rolls
and yes they are extremely good !
purchase rice paper wraps .These are hard & dry and very inexpensive
soak one wrap at a time in warm water for a minute or so until soft . Pick it up and shake water off a little bit .Then lay it on a table or cutting board .

lay a roll of cooked rice noodles on the rice wrap. Again rice noodles are extremely cheap and take only a few minutes to cook

on top of noodles place some chopped veggies. Often lettuce is used but I bought a nice bok choy for stir fry and it is just as good if not better in the summer roll . shredded carrot, chopped green onion , bean sprout , I love cilantro and it is traditional to use fresh mint however I do not put mint in all rolls as some kids do not like mint .

so this is basically what you have before rolling it up.Often thinly sliced pork is used but we like shrimp and if you are totally no fish too then a nice sliced marinated tofu would be good.
 roll up just as you would a burrito . try and roll as tight as possible .

This is the finished item ! as I mentioned in the previous post this is often served with hosin sauce . I love it with a spoon of rooster hot sauce thrown in and usually crushed roasted peanut  but I used toasted sesame seed this time .Mix the hosin with a bit of boiling water just to thin it out a bit. I also think these rolls would be great with a wasabi ☺

Below are the Done Eggs I mentioned in my earlier post

Heat fry pan and heat either oil or butter in pan . Place cooked left over rice in pan and try and squish it down as much as possible and form into a pancake shape . season top of rice with salt , pepper or spike / mrs. dash etc.
let cook until rice is browned and crispy. then flip over . it is okay if it breaks up a bit , it still tastes great in the end .

once rice is flipped over season again and add a small amount of soy sauce . season eggs too if you like . now place a small amount of water in hot pan .

cover the fry pan with a plate so no steam escapes.
Cook a few minutes til eggs are cooked but still runny .

Yum Yum
 Done Eggs !

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Lenten Table ~ Weekly Menu & White Fish

We had a really lovely supper last night not only because we love white fish but it was nice to have comfort food in the middle of a blizzard .
We like white fish because it is one of the only local fish that is sold in the chain grocery stores here .Almost all other fish comes from Taiwan or Thailand& China ! How can a country that has so many lakes and has 3 oceans import so much fish ! Kind of sad isn't it .

Last night I made a nice big fresh salad . we do not often buy salad dressings , we use olive oil, different vinegars , lemons , sour cream , gherkin pickles , olives , feta , nuts , raisins etc.
each of us like our own additions so I tend to make a pretty generic salad then people add sunflower seeds , cheese etc. I tend to like sweet cream dressings  & dh loves those sour vinegars ☺

I know this fellow does not look very good but he tastes great ! ds15 is a big fisherman he loves all fish . Yes he & dh eat the eyes often the bones ;-)
He also loves to season the fish and I have no objections what so ever ☺
This time he used a ton of butter which I would not have used so much but am glad he did ;-) dill & garlic .
He seasons the fish & wraps in foil then cooks @ 400f time varies because often our fish is still partially frozen .This fellow took about 1hr 20min which if fresh only takes about 30min .
I know for lent we should've had it plain with so seasoning  ( maybe next year )
I will try and share our weekly menu ideas here and then pop in throughout the week with pics & recipes if I can .
Weekly Supper Menu Saturday March 12th - Friday March 18th

Saturday ~ Stuffed Bell Peppers & fresh bread ( I got peppers 1/2 price in the discount bin )
peppers are stuffed with a seasoned cooked rice mix then baked

Sunday ~ Tuna Casserole & cut up Fresh Veggies ( bell peppers , carrot sticks , celery sticks )

Monday ~ Homemade Won ton Soup & Deep Fried Won ton
the boys love making won ton . usually we use pork but this time we are using shrimp & tofu

Tuesday ~ Summer Rolls & Hosin Dipping Sauce
I make summer rolls with cooked rice noodles, lettuce ,bean sprout , shredded carrot ,  a bit of green onion , cilantro shrimp and do not forget the fresh mint !
Hosin dipping sauce is hosin sauce with a bit of rooster brand garlic chili added dilute with water and we like some crushed roasted peanuts sprinkled on top ☺

Wednesday ~ Stirfry ( this sort of speaks for itself )
make plenty of rice so you will have some for Done Eggs the next day

Thursday ~ Done Eggs
these eggs are so so good and my friend gave me the recipe ( idea ) their last name is Done ( which I misspelled at the time ) I later learned Done means eggs in a certain Chinese dialect !
I make these after a stir fry night because you need left over rice
In a fry pan melt butter . Place about 1c cooked rice on butter flattening rice out into a flat circular pancake shape about 1/2in thick . Season rice with spike or  mrs. dash or salt & pepper also we always season with soy sauce . fry rice until crispy on bottom then flip over and continue to cook until fairly crispy . when rice is ready , try and make two small holes in top of rice pancake ,crack two eggs in holes of rice pancake . try not to break yolks as this tastes best with runny eggs ☺ put a small amount of water into fry pan and cover with a lid or plate not allowing steam to escape. cook until eggs are ready ( again runny yolk is best )
These are so so good !
Friday ~ Tofu Chinese Mushroom Hot Pot
this is basically a tofu/ mushroom stew , seasoned with miso and can be served with rice too but we like it just as a very thick soup .I also prefer it with deep fried tofu but some like it with soft tofu too .
I'm still think of a bread or something to go with this .

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Lenten Table

Yes , it is the lenten season . A time of fasting , cleansing & giving up within our Christian seasonal year .
First let me say all religions & cultures have a toime like this . I heard of a local hs woman mocking once again those chirtsinas and how silly we are to give up meat . she is a vegatarian and how silly it seems . Our ds23 is a vegitarian by choice .My dh & I were veggies too in our 20's . It is just not a practical diet here in our area and the further north you move you will need to eat more meat .It is not the object of meat which we are focusing on anyway  .It is the mere fact of being unselfish giving something up .(Meat is like a luxury item to many people .I look at back when my mother was a child or my grandparents , they only had meat when it was hunting or fishing season  ) Cleansing onesself of toxic things be they physical , material or spiritual . honestly even secular people can see the value in that !
 so let us leave ignorant people behind ;-)
Many families are sharing thier lenten menus with each other this yr. so I thought I'd give it a shot .
I will list what I will attepmt to serve each week and if I can will list the how to recipe .
As you know I am often a wing it kind of gal so having an actual recipe may turn into me linking you to an actual recipe via a website as I just may not have a recipe and make it up as I go along ☺
We are trying to not just give up meat on wed. & fri. but everyday . This caused me a bit of eternal struggle as really if we eat local I should be eating meat ! People in the north eat meat ! It is a staple and especially during winter months .
However I am also so very tired of meat & root veggies !
Come Feb. I am craving watermelon .
So I did decide to quit meat and buy some nice fruits & veggies ( the non root variety ) especially salads .
 I also decided to give up sugar . I need to do this as I have been very yeasty lately and it will be good for my body. I'm going to try and make mole which is how I will get my chocolate fix ☺
 Also just before lent my cousin sent me a done of yummy items from the Lebanese store . lemon almonds , lime pistashios , dates and the most wonderful herbal teas ☺
 So I think I'll make it diet wise through lent ;-)

This is the salt dough crown of thorns ds15 made . I placed it on a circular piece of spruce as the center piece for our lenten table .
Our first meal of lent I made a spinich , feta , mango pizza. I also threw a ton of onions & black olives on it .I am going to save time and just link an older post I did on pizza ☺ I made a pizza dough and threw into it this wonderful smoked paprika spice my cousin sent us .

It is such a great spice !

Last night we had curried Lebanese lentil soup .
It is so so good and best part it is easy breezy to make ☺
1/4c olive oil
1/4c butter
2 large onions chopped
1 head garlic peeled
2-3T curry powder
2c browny green lentils rinsed off well & drained
boiling water
sour cream
east indian pickle

In a deep pot add 1/4c olive oil & 1/4c butter , heat until butter is melted .  saute  onions & garlic ( now is the time if you wish to have celery or peppers to add them as well )until onion is clear . then throw in lentils and saute a few minutes. add in curry powder and stir for another few minutes. then add boiling water to cover lentils well. fill your kettle again so you can add hot water as needed . cook lentils until soft . I then take a potatoe masher and mash them a bit .Some might use a blender or food processor but  I find a masher just fine . You can basically add as much water as you like for the thickness .I like a thicker style soup .  with salt just add to taste but I tend to not add much salt as lime pickle or other condiments can be very salty when added to soup.serve
garnish with sour cream or yogurt , squeeze lemon juice , add cilantro

sour cream


lime pickle

yum yum