Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Shall my Garden Grow ?

Yes I'm dreaming ☺
about the garden that is !
So How Shall Your Garden Grow ?

I recieved my new richters catalogue a couple weeks ago !
Thank goodness because it has been below -30c for along time !

This is pretty much how the garden is right now . Of course Jack & Lizzie (the dogs ) love it as during summer months they are not allowed in the garden area .

We still have our nice areas outside we always have our fire area set up for winter fires & feed the birds and squirrels etc.

I of course do many natural decorations as well
Yet nothing beats the preparing & warmth of a spring garden !

I can hardly wait for fairy houses

and Sharon's hideouts

My plan is to expand my herb garden

and tea garden as well
I am for certain ordering a huge load of soil this yr. as the areas I dropped the soil my sil gave me grew at least 5 times better then the other areas . It made me realize I'd not added soil for over 12 yrs ! I do have two big barrels of compost but it is not enough to feed our big garden .
I want to focus more on the edible flowers for sure and there are a few new herbs I wish to add .As far as veggies go we just cannot grow any root veggies in this clay soil even if I bring in soil I'd need huge amounts of raised areas . So I think I'll stick to tomatoes , cucs, peas, beans  & squash .
I'll have many a pansy , johnny jump up & nasturtium . varities of poppies & sunflowers again .
I want to have a good patch of motherwort & robertwort this yr. as well .I think I need to move the sweetgrass so it can have much more room .
The one herb I am so looking forward to working with and feel inspired to grow is Angelica . I have yet to use and grow this herb so I'm a bit excited to meet her ☺
 I also have decided to splurge and order 3 more rose bushes ! I use alot of rose petals throughout the yr. and I always run out of the wild & my garden rose which I pick .
Oh I can hardly wait ! only 3 more months , perhaps 4 !
I would like to know why do rosemary & lavender dry out ? if anyone has that answer please let me know ! I have two lavender plants I grew from seed that do fine all winter but whenever I purchase lavender and bring it in to overwinter the plant just dries up .Same with Rosemary .
So how shall Your garden grow ? If You are planning your garden now perhaps you'd like to share a link so we can all take a peek at each others plans ☺

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