Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to me ~ Wolf Moon & Peace to You

Yes the date of my birth is in the month of January & this yr . I was blessed with the gift of the fullmoon My Mother always tells me that the January fullmoon is the biggest & brightest and how lucky I am to have it in my birth month ;-)
The January moon has several names but the one I love is the wolf moon because this I was told is my lone spirit . similar to myself in personality so to speak. with my pack ,yet spiritually I work alone very much of the time ☺like the lone wolf
The moon names is both an aboriginal cultural custom & a European one the colonists kept up and I'm sure most peoples did this as we based our calenders on the seasonal cycles . .
 You can read the names of each fullmoon and the corresponding month here
I like to celebrate the memory of a birth don't You ☺
not to many of my gal pals could make it out for my actual birth date but we had a gathering this past sunday .Freinds came and I did receive some beautiful gifts like the deep pink Pashmina scarf from my gf Susan & my dh gifted me with a brand new lap top computer !!! It is blue & has a camera so I can send our kids in ON videos etc. My little adventure boy I was so very proud of bought me with his own money a new wallet & a box of panda black licorice lol he knows his momma well ☺
However my biggest gift of the day was my ds Dacotah called .It made my day . Dacotah's due date had been my birthday actually . I'd not spoken with him since Christmas so it was extra special to get that call ☺

I made this lemon raspberry torte with whipped cream , devon cream & candied violets & rose petals
Yes it was good for a first time effort with this recipe ☺
ok I have to confess it is really good for breakfast as well

and I also added henna to my hair as a treat
It is very soft and silky right now I have made a commitment not to cut my hair until next All Souls day so I'm trying to keep the split ends at bay .

Winter is   also a very reflective time for me . January being my birthday month I often reflect upon my own life , changes needed etc.
 I also remember my twin whom I did not get to meet . My brother is also a January birthday and I think of him too.
I am thinking alot of peace . Peace within the heart , contentment within a soul. As I plan my own garden of comfort will my brother still have that option this yr. in the prison he is in .
I was reminded of my peace globe .I chose to use that picture from my sage picking day because I am most free and at peace when out in nature in the natural environment this is where my heart , mind & soul are most contented .

I am sure most Americans know that Martin Luther King jr. also was a January birthday ☺
I always feel so happy to remember him !
 I have to say I was very upset on this Martin Luther King day by the Canadian media . I turned on the news and not a mention of this beautiful soul
No what do they do . They have a whole segment dedicated to the fact that that monday is known as blue monday here in Canada and it is known as the most depressing day of the yr. !
 So they choose to announce this pointing it out so those of us who do not know this now know it ? So we too can focus on being depressed ?
 Why not instead focus on M.LK. and Gandhi perhaps and make it a day dedicated to peace to go out of our homes and make it day to feed the homeless in these -30c days !
I felt sick in my stomach after that .
 I 've since returned to prayer and have not watched the news since .
 I was led to read Mother Teresa , Oscar Romero & Kahlil Gibran ☺
and I've been watching all the M.L.K videos I can !!!
So what do You think ? next yr. on the blue monday , (ok blue is my fav colour by the way so I'm a bit insulted they use it as a negative ) we have a give the homeless a sandwich day or boots or coats or whatever . Or if the prison would allow send seeds to prisoners . ?
Maybe just telling the media to stop having news segments on unnecessary negative things .


Anne (aussieannie) said...

I found out a couple of years ago, that I was born on a full moon, so was my eldest son..we are very alike in many ways, both the eldest in the family too.

Happy Birthday Roxie, my that cake looked yummy!!

rox said...

Thank You Anne !

Illustrated Ink said...

Happy belated birthday, Rox! I'm a January birthday too!