Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Spruce Talking

We are back ! Online that is !
don't you love that title ? my mum says through black spruce is a great book by the way ☺
Black spruce was not really talking to me but God sure was ☺I work alot with tree medicines as I've written before . This past spring I felt was told to pick alot of spruce because it will be a great yr. of healing .
Late Dec. into early Jan. I had black spruce coming in strong .
Is it not such a majestic tree ? Maybe I'm a bit partial to spruce as it is the most common tree on the swampy land my grandparents settled on ☺
I kept having this gorgeous grand tree pop into my head several days in a row. There is a grand stand of them I just love maybe 1/2 hr from my mothers . So I kept praying and visioning those trees. Then I looked up the meaning and medicinal uses . I have several books on medicinal use of trees. The key illness and treatment that lept out at me was circulation . So I stored this info in my head for future use .
 I have to say right here and now I am a selfish soul  a greedy me. The whole time black spruce is popping in my head I secretly hope it is in regards to our land being found . This will be it and I will know it because it shall contain black spruce .
lol we as humans rarely make stuff not about us .
 I mean deep down I even know His purpose for me . the why . and the how etc. but no I continue to keep my selfish little wishes in my head ;-)
Don't get me wrong I am not downing myself just keeping it real because I need to be able to see the selfish me ☺ it keeps me on track and not so boosted in the ego dept. ☺
 I also know black spruce would not be here if my heart , mind and soul were not wishing to be open .
That week we had our ds 10th b-day party . I told my friends about the black spruce around the table. and yes I was so full of self it did not hit me until the next morning that my gf had told me at that very party that she had a episode with her leg and she even had thought clots. So she needed to go to the chiropractor.
 duh ! am I that out of it ! Black spruce ! I called her that morning and caught her before she left on the plane to visit her mother across country ! I told her what I'd read etc. I prayed for her the next day to have a safe trip & good health .
 Get this . my dd phones me . She is also across country in this same city 2,000 miles away and who does she see in the restaurant having breakfast ? yes my dear friend and her sister had just picked her up from the airport and taken her to the same restaurant !
What a beautiful connected world we live in . And are we all not so here for each other . Which I shall post about tomorrow morning as I am so extremely tired and probably have now bored your ears off !
so I am out of black spruce now and am working with a beautiful strong tree & his brother .
That would be


and cedar ☺yes these are pictures from the forest here ☺

we love love the forest and as I've said I believe it to be most beautiful and full of Our Creators presence mostly in wintertime ☺
lol Adventure Boy sure loves it !

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