Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Hair Care

I've only got 26min left here at the library so thought I'd pop in here ☺
 I posted awhile back about hair care and once again I'm dealing with the issue of dried out winter hair .
 I've discovered two new ideas for my hair and working on making some nice hair tonics to sell in the next month .
 I've been reading about silica and hair & bought some horsetail to make myself a hair rinse tea .
 I also read in the book Wild & Weedy Apothecary about apple cider . I forgot all about how cider vinegar can make your hair shine up !
 Ok now if you are like me and cannot stand the smell of vinegar , well we can add some essential oil to the mix . let it sit with different herbs and just have to put up with the stink for awhile ☺
 So for my hair type I added to my normal olive oil hair oil rosemary & lavender & a bit of horse tail . a few T of cider vinegar & some essential oil of lavender .
I put this on some evenings and just brush it through my hair .
 Another hair tonic I have made and use during the day is that with glycerin & rose water . My mother told me how in winter her mother would use this mix on their chapped hands during the winter months . So I read up on glycerin .It helps attract moisture to the skin . So why not the hair ? Yes it does !
 I do the same thing I make the mixture of rose water and gyclerin and I put on a few capfuls in the morning and brush through ,my hair . It smells wonderful ! Yes my hair is also silky soft ☺
 Now I do not have oily hair but my dh does . So I'm not sure what he'd use as adding oil would not be the best for him .
I'm thinking how about the cider mixed with rose or orange blossom water ? It could still be soaked in herbs then strained as I do with my oil . Maybe a few tsp of glycerin wouldn't hurt either as moisture is not the same as oil .
Sorry no pics as we are on the library computer still but I assure you I still have my long greying hair & it is shiny and not dry ☺

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