Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uterine & Female Help

Yep I thought it about time I posted some herbal wisdom / help around here ! It just so happens I have suffered from uterine issues and just recently was asked by two family members for help regarding this issue .
 First off I want to recommend a few Books that I absolutely love & helped me throughout the yrs regarding female herbs etc.
   Any books by Susun Weed are just awesome ! As I've mentioned in previous posts I discovered her while pregnant with our second dd Jasmine . I had suffered two miscarriages before conceiving Jasmine & we were indeed devastated and afraid to even try again for fear of loosing yet another babe . I did try going to a GP but she recommended taking Valium and I did not like that idea at all !
So my search began .
 I began to look in herbal books at the health food store . Herbally Yours by Penny Royal  was extremely helpful as well . I began drinking red raspberry & lobelia tea and I had absolutely no spotting , cramping through the whole pregnancy ! In fact our dd was born exactly one day after her due date . Not that I follow the due date thing very loyally anyway but I had a very very healthy pregnancy .
 I also most say that the herbal books I also love are those of Mrs. Grieves A Modern Herbal  & Hygieia by Jeannie Parvati Baker .  
   May I also remind you that one of my main ways to healing that is always apart of my herbal & spiritual work is prayer ! Absolutely do not forget to pray ! Prayer not only leaves us open to receive that which may be needed but it makes us stop & take the time , to move slowly when perhaps we would not have patience to wait .
    I had always suffered as a young woman from severe cramping during my menstruation . I take after the women my fathers side who are late bloomers , very fertile & have mega hormonal issues !  One time going to school on the bus my friend said to me " are you ok , your skin is green ! " I got to school and had to go to the nurses office it was so bad . I slept all day til 4pm when they woke me up !
 Is it any wonder our period at times was labeled the curse ! I don't believe it was a man who called it a curse either it was a woman who suffered from great pain !
 Well that only lasted 2yrs because when I was 17yo I became pregnant with Natasha Rose ☺
 I was very healthy during my pregnancy with her as well and after her birth my periods were with no pain what so ever ! As mentioned then when I met my dh we began trying to have another child . We lost one baby while living in MX and then another shortly after our return home . That was what prompted me to investigate natural means to stop miscarriage . I learned about herbs to help strengthen the uterus such as red raspberry , nettle & red clover as well as herbs which stopped contractions such as cramp bark , lobelia , false unicorn and others . My friend Anne loves nettle and turns out nettle is a biggy regarding bleeding . It totally helps get it under control .
   I went through 3 pregnancies with Jasmine , Dacotah & Chayote with no problems what so ever . Always living a healthy lifestyle . Remember that nettle also provides mum & babe with that needed vit K so you can avoid that shot doctors wish to give now after birth !
       However after Chayote was born I fell into a not so healthy crowd & lifestyle . We all go through our fazes it is to bad because often our health & the health of our family will suffer for those choices !
 As soon as I began eating unhealthy , drinking coffee non stop hanging out with people who drained me my cramping returned !
 I used to have to have my mother come and babysit the kids on the 1-2 day of my period ! I went to doctors forgetting all my herbal knowledge and who I am !
  Went for ultra sounds , blood work etc.
 Nothing , their only solution , drug me ! You know me I do not like to hide or mask pain ! I want to deal with it head on ☺
 So I went inside to spirit !
 I touched base again .!
What was this causing this pain ! Basically I know now I was praying ☺
 I came to the conclusion & felt I had a blockage of some kind . Perhaps even an infection . So I began a good dose of golden seal . I took it right after my period for 10-14 days until ovulation . Well I that ovulation had the ugliest green goop come out of my body .I'd never seen such a thing ! My body was cleaning itself out & goldenseal seemed to be working !
 My next menstruation .No pain ! Gone nada done !
 So I went another month through ovulation and what happened ? I conceived Indigo !
Again I began to practice healthy choices etc. drop some of those negative people from my life etc.
After Indigo's birth I healed as usual but I was a busy mum with 4 older kids & their friends over all the time . I went out after an ice storm to shovel and of course the ground was frozen .It strained my body and I began to bleed again .I'd never had issue with bleeding before . So once again back to the books & prayer . I learned of Lady's mantle ! It worked wonders !
 One must be careful in regards to the issue of flow . If you are having trouble with cramping but also huge amounts of flooding try to avoid herbs which will promote bleeding . Nettle & Lady's Mantle are the most common and work well . Cramp bark is excellent  as well , however a tree such as willow  although it helps with cramps it works like aspirin and promotes bleeding . Which of course it would help if you tend to bloat & clot a lot .  My body was in great shape then & 5 yrs later we conceived our 6th & last babe Pascal ☺
I can say having children in your teens & twenties is a breeze compared to late thirties !
 However it also was great to have all the older kids to help out ! Plus dh did the grocery shop etc.
I have also been asked by women about conception helps & aids . I believe tending to and having a healthy system is #1 . Many women may have an underlying infection that has gone unnoticed Dr. Lee discovered this in his work with couples regarding conception .
 Also vit E  is said to help during ovulation &  the cycle of light influence our bodies big time .
 A great book on learning about your time , rhythms etc. is Taking Charge of Your Fertility
 Once into my 40's the change began peri menopause & menopause .
 Ok big myth one can still get pregnant ! One still must not only look after hormonal issues but we still have a uterus ! 
 I used wild yam for my PMS and regulating my cycle .This worked like a charm ! I have used both cream & tincture form with this .
 As I began to experience hot flashes though wild yam didn't do a thing ! Once again the search was on , enter Motherwort ! She is my newest & bestest herbal friend ! When I read all the good she offers I wondered why we had not met earlier . Well because we truly did not need each other until now ☺
It is like my dear friend Mary we have all the same home birth friends , 6 kids each etc. we feel we have known each other since childhood yet , we only met 5 yrs ago !
 Also I have a most beautiful story how Creator works with me  as I began to also work with tree medicines one day I felt the calling to collect birch . I did not know the why but I was planning a trip out to my mothers anyway so I would be able to pick while there .
Once at my mothers I picked up her copy of Plants of the Western Boreal Forest . I looked up birch . This tree is indeed used for helping women with menstrual problems and is used especially to help flow  .In ancient lore the birch represents the feminine . I also was reminded of my friend and midwife who's last name is Birch . How fitting is that ☺
 While picking there was a whole family of tree walking along eating just ahead of me on the road . They stayed the whole time I picked . Deer represent life and I always associate them to women  & midwifery as well ☺
So Once again I knew I was on the right track & now use birch as tea and in my herbal bathing .
 On that note I shall leave You as I am in  need a herbal bath today & should prepare  ☺
 just adding on a little tidbit today . I forgot to mention to You all that if by chance you are like me and do not like the taste of grassy teas ( I do love sweetgrass tea though ) then just add your tea to a cup of juice . I prefer cranberry as it is so full of vits & minerals . I also like to add hibiscus flowers to my teas for flavour & colour .
 Blessed Be



Melodie said...

This is such a helpful post! I have suffered for years with no help from modern medicine at all! This caused me to loose trust in Dr.s at a very young age.I am going to try some of your suggestions!Thank you!

rox said...

Oh Thanks Melodie !
I should also have mentioned that if people find the teas to grassy then mix them with juice .
maybe I'll go and add it to the post ☺
take care