Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do you wish to grow older?

I hope to be an elder not a buddy

Ok I'll bite
 I saw this post over at Confessions of a Kitchen Witch today
 The question was asked by by Jamie on the Wendseday Wishcasting post .
For me the answer is simple Naturally of course.
 No this does not mean letting my body go .It means being , just being who I am created to be . This includes myself at 4yo , 24yo 40 yo & hoping 80yo !
Living the healthy lifestyle making healthy choices for self but also to pass on to our children & grandchildren because they do mimic behaviours taught by their primary caregivers ☺
It dawned on me yrs ago when I was working on coming out of harmful & enabling relationships . That so many of my friends were going out drinking with their children at the bar , getting tattoos , piercings , etc. It is not that I do not like tattoos I love them .I dyed my hair a many a time in my punk faze etc. Its not that .It is that it is pretend it is trying to be instead of being .As I've mentioned this before this really bothers me the not being true to self . It comes from knowing abusers , those with addictions who indeed were pretending to be who they were not .
 It was done rather not as an expression of self but a wanting to be cool for their kids , wanting to remain forever young .
 I then looked at who inspired me who was older . My grandparents , Chief Dan George , Gandhi , Dali Lama a, Mother Teresa , Black Elk . Yes I knew the answer right then and there !
 I want to be an elder not a buddy ! 
Now believe me this does not mean I become a prude . It means I grow & learn the rest of my life .I pass on the healthy legacy. 
In being responsible I can have fun too.I can go dancing with my adult children & my friends. I can be a groovy granny who loves to go on hikes lay on the beach & eat a popcicle ☺
Yes there was a time I listened to Lou Reed & Patty Smith I still do but I in no way would play the song Heroin to my 4 yo grandson & tell him it is cool ! 
 Yes I know people like that ! 
 Just because I say I don't agree does not mean I think I'm better than either . It means I have made choice everyone has that option ☺, to listen to Bob Marley with my children rather then Metalica . Django rather then Ozzy .
 My ds21 said " but its just music " no it is actually more then that. I told him look at the peace which Bob Marley has instilled .The gifts he gave back to the people in those areas of his life , community . 
I'm sorry I have all the compassion in the world for people with addictions I have lived with them been there done that but Ozzy Osborne has alcoholic brain rot how is that helping the world . His wife has done nothing but be an enabler etc.
 No I am not meant to be that type of elder .
Do I want to be sexy ? Really it is not a high priority I am a naturally sexual person .To me sexy does not have an image , a look as north American images have led us to believe . I think Sean Connery can be sexually attractive so there you go .  My sexuality   is a part of me as a whole . My dh says I'm a goddess ☺ he is so sweet I chose Vesta / Hestia.
I told him he is Adonis ;-)

I hope to be the best groovy granny ever ☺


Illustrated Ink said...

Well spoken, Rox!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your post...I'm sorry I missed this!! As you wish for yourself, I so lovingly wish for you too! :)

The 2 places I want to travel to before I leave this earth is Italy and Greece (Lidos to be exact)