Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

Hello Beautiful People !
I am posting my bloggy post on peace today ! I found this beautiful blog , project thingy yesterday via my fb & Walk in the Woods
You can visit the site to learn how to partake  & create your own peace globe  & and post on your own blog  ☺
I just finished writing a little bit about peace on my blog about abuse . I do not like to write my spiritual stuff or stuff about abuse on this blog as it is our home living blog but as I mentioned our lives and the issues within them are all intertwined so at times I do post the spiritual here etc.
 For me who would not need or want peace / contentment within their heart . When knowing what it is like to have a hate felt heart & a peace felt heart the choice is very clear to me ☺
 Living in a city known as the murder capital of Canada & living within the inner city , being a survivor of abuse . I know full well the why people come to have hate in their hearts . I know full well why we need peace within self .
 It is through my life experiences that I personally made choice to choose peace . My own experiences and those of friends & family members led me to find other means to deal with the issue of anger , abuse , etc.
 I know what comes from addiction , abuse , assimilation , war etc. This is personal background for our family .
We as people in the adult world ( I believe children have choices at times but are far more vulnerable & are indeed true victims of adult abuses & choices  ) always have choice in how we shall respond to hate , abuse , situation , racism etc.
 As I write this I've just been out to swimming lessons with the kids and upon our return we see yet once again some of our decorations have been taken down .
Now as a parent it may be hard at times not to express our anger response as in a swear word or two but honestly what good help does that give us or those who do this type of thing . We have had to speak openly and honestly of the why people take things from our yard . We are not wealthy even for in this neighbourhood . People take what others have because they feel they need & want what we have . What we possess . Yet I truly explain to our children that  these people only see our love for each other , our life and the reflection we give as a loving family  they only want real love & true for themselves.  Believe me when 2 drunken adult males stole the bike from  under our ds12 at the time  my dh took off in the truck in a rage , just the same response so many others have  . What good would it have done them or our family had he found them  ?I chose this as a time to talk about addiction and street life & why when in places of desperation yes people often choose to harm others . 
 When my dh had 2 cars stolen were stolen same response he ran after the car swearing mad . I prayed he would not catch up to them because he might be shot or stabbed.
 This is our life !
 Having my brother in prison I also know the cycle of our  justice system produces . It does not work !
 young children  9-10yo children do not  go out into the world stealing  , taking &selling crack / meth because they feel loved or that they came from loving homes !
There is difference between responding aggressively & being defensive in a pushy bossy controlling way & learning to be defensive in a passive way . Using Passive Defense does not mean we sit back & let others abuse us or we enable others in harmful behaviours etc. It means we have positive assertive energy .We stand with confidence for justice . I was thinking of the young woman Rachel Corrie in Palestine who was there being a peaceful demonstrator . I am very much drawn to and learn from programs such as Pax Christi  & MCC peace & conflict resolution programs

As I mentioned because of issues of abuse ,& addiction our family has also gotten to know the prison system here very well and how this system works in regards to healing both victims & offenders . Basically it does very little . It is a system based on punishment.
 This is why we are very much aware and believe in social justice & restorative justice beliefs & systems .
Programs such as Freeing Human Spirit founded by Sister Elaine  & Birth Behind Bars make a real difference . When I heard they shut down Prison Farms  I was shocked because I know how much my own brother grows and becomes open even with growing the small garden he was allowed . To assume people already filled with anger , hate , resentment will come to have compassion for others by sitting & stewing over what a bad person they are never mind placing expectation they are now to make healthy choices when sent back into the world which hated them in the first place . It is insanity !
 I in no way advocate to create victims of prisoners as You can read on my blog about abuse . I know both sides to remaining the never ending victim & how people remain abusive .
 I enjoy reading work by people like Mother Teresa , Ghandi , Thomas Merton , Ovide Mercredi & the Dalai Lama , Chief Dan Goerge , Tasha Tudor and more   & restoring peace to my heart by visiting blogs that inspire me to create & grow as the person I am .
 I believe we start from within and peace moves outward . To our own children , our friends , & family . We all touch each other and I believe even a pinch of light of hope passed on stays within another always ☺
once again Paying it forward
 Blessed Be


Walk in the Woods said...

"… we start from within and peace moves outward." Yes! And amen. Peaceful blessings to you and yours.

Anndi said...

In my mind's eye, St Francis of Assisi's Peace Prayer flashed when I saw your globe. Such Joy!

Yours is a most caring voice... a true instrument of Peace.

☮ & ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am peace post blog-hopping today. Thanks for your heartfelt post. I'm sorry for al you've gone through, but I like the lessons you've learned. Thanks for sharing today. I'm afraid I don't know the murder capitol of Canada . . . . but that's a sad distinction. Peace.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Wonderful entry into the world of Peace open and honest is your writing...

May peace be with us all today and always

Raven said...

Lovely globe. Powerful, passionate post from the heart.

Peace and healing to you and those you love - and to all of us in this world.

Melodie said...

What a great are a living example of not using the things life dealt you as an excuse to follow down a bad path.I am so glad you seek peace and I especially liked that last paragraph!

Border Explorer said...

This is a really down to earth peace blog post and I thank you for all the sharing you did. I could learn a lot from you. That peace globe is amazing: such beauty and good energy!! Bless you! May peace abide on earth.

rox said...

Wow ! Thank You all so much ! I am thinking one day is notr enough .I am going to spend this week reading Peace blog posts ☺
There is light and joy even in the littlest forms sometimes . sunlight can warm your face sitting on the curb just as well as sitting on a patio chair in a Mexican resort ☺
we just forget sometimes that is why we are given each other to remind and pass that on .
thanks so so much

one heart said...

Thank you for sharing from your heart and that I was able to come to your blog post to read it. Thoughts of peace are yours across the miles in between. So many hearts are connecting today.

Travis Cody said...

Peace to you and yours.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE your beautiful peace globe and really found your post moving. You are an inspiring young woman. Way to shine! Your kids are lucky to have you for a mom:)Hey, guess what? The verification word under this post is "shine" - no kidding! You have such a bright spirit! Shine on!

Annelisa said...

Rox, that was...well, where do I start? It was amazingly honest and wise. It eminated peace and love, and showed how, even having gone through what you've gone through, you have risen above it and made your peace with the past.

I have so much respect for you!

Wishing you and yours peace, harmony and happiness x

Mimi Lenox said...

This peace globe is the epitome and freedom expression and peaceful joy.
Well done.
It makes me smile every time I see it.

Peace to you and yours,

#1892 in the Official Gallery

Annelisa said...

Your peace post is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite

rox said...

Thank You All so much ! I'm sorry I've not been responding so much as we've been without computer for close to a month now . !
blessing to all I am so grateful for so much love & support .