Monday, November 8, 2010

All Hallows / Samhain / All Souls / Day of the Dead

Here we are ! Into November & it is lovely !
 We are having temps of +14c ! This time of yr. we can be having freezing rain & snow so what a glorious treat this has been for us ☺
 As I mentioned before this time of yr. Specifically All Souls Day / All Hallows Day is my fav day of the yr.
 I did try my best to approach halloween with a fun spirit and I think I did ok . I carved many a pumpkin & decorated the yard happy autumny like . I found the best pair of italian leather witchy boots at the MCC thrift for $1. because it was 1/2 price day !
 My dh took the boys over to their friends place as our neighbourhood does not get many children here . They had a blast ! I dressed up with my boots , skirt & hat. I filled up one of the big ceramic crocks with candy & lit the pumpkins .
 We had so many kids show up ! It worked out perfect last child was on their own and I had just enough left for one kid !
 I was so proud of our children too . Often halloween has been a fight because I despise turning death into fear based 7 gruesome memories etc. the kids see all this with their friends & in the stores and like any kid want what others have .
 This yr. They chose on their own the costumes . ds14 went as santa and is he ever a great santa .because he is a big jolly fellow . We made him a beard out of felt & cotton balls .
 ds 9 went as a prisoner . He even bought his suit himself !
 They are saving some candy to give to our grandson as they feel he did not get enough candy ☺

This crock was to the point of spilling over !

The little fairy house

I lined the sidewalk with mini clay pots & placed tea lights inside

happy pumpkins

jack ☺

my new boots , they are so comfy !

lol stylin granny

granny was happy & ready for those kiddos ☺

tea lights

Do they not look like they could get up & start dancing !


Ok I splurged & purchased this silly witch at the dollar store . Her eyes light up & she makes a funny laugh ☺

It turned out to be a beautiful night

After Halloween we took off to my Mum's place for 3 glorious days !
 We visited the cemetery & walked the beach to view the aftermath of the storm which did do a lot of damage .
 Adventure Boy got to set up candles at the old homestead & we got some good pics & video too . So we share below with You .
 Enjoy !

I try & set up our All Souls altar on All Hallows eve which is my grandmothers birthday .

 I set up pics of those who have past as well as souls of those we pray for & pics of their fav foods , plants , saints etc.

I love how this turned out this yr. ☺

Graves of great grandparents

grave of my grandfather

I love how they used the the local stones

We sweep off the graves each spring & autumn season
my mother is trying to plant bulbs this yr .

It was extremely windy & very difficult to keep those candles lit !

Gramma Grace's grave site

Our first attempt at the All Souls Video

I awoke to this my fav part of the day sunrise ☺

The lake way beautiful that morning

Our Ancestral Remembrance Video

We went down to the cottage & the old homestead to prepare for prayers

We set up candles & a picture of Ferade &Grace

Adventure Boy got to light his candles as planned ☺

Mum is always happy to smudge

I brought a beautiful big sage stick

one can never have to many brooms ☺

very handy

We then topped off the day with a little sacred fire ☺
It was a beautiful time & we have been so blessed with this wonderful weather . It was just what the family needed . My only small ( very tiny ) regret is that we did not have pickerel fillets , wild rice & soul cakes . A Mum just cannot do it all ☺
Blessed Be


Steve Julian said...

very nice pictures and good descriptions.

rox said...

Why Thank You Steve , we had a lot of fun ☺