Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do you wish to grow older?

I hope to be an elder not a buddy

Ok I'll bite
 I saw this post over at Confessions of a Kitchen Witch today
 The question was asked by by Jamie on the Wendseday Wishcasting post .
For me the answer is simple Naturally of course.
 No this does not mean letting my body go .It means being , just being who I am created to be . This includes myself at 4yo , 24yo 40 yo & hoping 80yo !
Living the healthy lifestyle making healthy choices for self but also to pass on to our children & grandchildren because they do mimic behaviours taught by their primary caregivers ☺
It dawned on me yrs ago when I was working on coming out of harmful & enabling relationships . That so many of my friends were going out drinking with their children at the bar , getting tattoos , piercings , etc. It is not that I do not like tattoos I love them .I dyed my hair a many a time in my punk faze etc. Its not that .It is that it is pretend it is trying to be instead of being .As I've mentioned this before this really bothers me the not being true to self . It comes from knowing abusers , those with addictions who indeed were pretending to be who they were not .
 It was done rather not as an expression of self but a wanting to be cool for their kids , wanting to remain forever young .
 I then looked at who inspired me who was older . My grandparents , Chief Dan George , Gandhi , Dali Lama a, Mother Teresa , Black Elk . Yes I knew the answer right then and there !
 I want to be an elder not a buddy ! 
Now believe me this does not mean I become a prude . It means I grow & learn the rest of my life .I pass on the healthy legacy. 
In being responsible I can have fun too.I can go dancing with my adult children & my friends. I can be a groovy granny who loves to go on hikes lay on the beach & eat a popcicle ☺
Yes there was a time I listened to Lou Reed & Patty Smith I still do but I in no way would play the song Heroin to my 4 yo grandson & tell him it is cool ! 
 Yes I know people like that ! 
 Just because I say I don't agree does not mean I think I'm better than either . It means I have made choice everyone has that option ☺, to listen to Bob Marley with my children rather then Metalica . Django rather then Ozzy .
 My ds21 said " but its just music " no it is actually more then that. I told him look at the peace which Bob Marley has instilled .The gifts he gave back to the people in those areas of his life , community . 
I'm sorry I have all the compassion in the world for people with addictions I have lived with them been there done that but Ozzy Osborne has alcoholic brain rot how is that helping the world . His wife has done nothing but be an enabler etc.
 No I am not meant to be that type of elder .
Do I want to be sexy ? Really it is not a high priority I am a naturally sexual person .To me sexy does not have an image , a look as north American images have led us to believe . I think Sean Connery can be sexually attractive so there you go .  My sexuality   is a part of me as a whole . My dh says I'm a goddess ☺ he is so sweet I chose Vesta / Hestia.
I told him he is Adonis ;-)

I hope to be the best groovy granny ever ☺

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uterine & Female Help

Yep I thought it about time I posted some herbal wisdom / help around here ! It just so happens I have suffered from uterine issues and just recently was asked by two family members for help regarding this issue .
 First off I want to recommend a few Books that I absolutely love & helped me throughout the yrs regarding female herbs etc.
   Any books by Susun Weed are just awesome ! As I've mentioned in previous posts I discovered her while pregnant with our second dd Jasmine . I had suffered two miscarriages before conceiving Jasmine & we were indeed devastated and afraid to even try again for fear of loosing yet another babe . I did try going to a GP but she recommended taking Valium and I did not like that idea at all !
So my search began .
 I began to look in herbal books at the health food store . Herbally Yours by Penny Royal  was extremely helpful as well . I began drinking red raspberry & lobelia tea and I had absolutely no spotting , cramping through the whole pregnancy ! In fact our dd was born exactly one day after her due date . Not that I follow the due date thing very loyally anyway but I had a very very healthy pregnancy .
 I also most say that the herbal books I also love are those of Mrs. Grieves A Modern Herbal  & Hygieia by Jeannie Parvati Baker .  
   May I also remind you that one of my main ways to healing that is always apart of my herbal & spiritual work is prayer ! Absolutely do not forget to pray ! Prayer not only leaves us open to receive that which may be needed but it makes us stop & take the time , to move slowly when perhaps we would not have patience to wait .
    I had always suffered as a young woman from severe cramping during my menstruation . I take after the women my fathers side who are late bloomers , very fertile & have mega hormonal issues !  One time going to school on the bus my friend said to me " are you ok , your skin is green ! " I got to school and had to go to the nurses office it was so bad . I slept all day til 4pm when they woke me up !
 Is it any wonder our period at times was labeled the curse ! I don't believe it was a man who called it a curse either it was a woman who suffered from great pain !
 Well that only lasted 2yrs because when I was 17yo I became pregnant with Natasha Rose ☺
 I was very healthy during my pregnancy with her as well and after her birth my periods were with no pain what so ever ! As mentioned then when I met my dh we began trying to have another child . We lost one baby while living in MX and then another shortly after our return home . That was what prompted me to investigate natural means to stop miscarriage . I learned about herbs to help strengthen the uterus such as red raspberry , nettle & red clover as well as herbs which stopped contractions such as cramp bark , lobelia , false unicorn and others . My friend Anne loves nettle and turns out nettle is a biggy regarding bleeding . It totally helps get it under control .
   I went through 3 pregnancies with Jasmine , Dacotah & Chayote with no problems what so ever . Always living a healthy lifestyle . Remember that nettle also provides mum & babe with that needed vit K so you can avoid that shot doctors wish to give now after birth !
       However after Chayote was born I fell into a not so healthy crowd & lifestyle . We all go through our fazes it is to bad because often our health & the health of our family will suffer for those choices !
 As soon as I began eating unhealthy , drinking coffee non stop hanging out with people who drained me my cramping returned !
 I used to have to have my mother come and babysit the kids on the 1-2 day of my period ! I went to doctors forgetting all my herbal knowledge and who I am !
  Went for ultra sounds , blood work etc.
 Nothing , their only solution , drug me ! You know me I do not like to hide or mask pain ! I want to deal with it head on ☺
 So I went inside to spirit !
 I touched base again .!
What was this causing this pain ! Basically I know now I was praying ☺
 I came to the conclusion & felt I had a blockage of some kind . Perhaps even an infection . So I began a good dose of golden seal . I took it right after my period for 10-14 days until ovulation . Well I that ovulation had the ugliest green goop come out of my body .I'd never seen such a thing ! My body was cleaning itself out & goldenseal seemed to be working !
 My next menstruation .No pain ! Gone nada done !
 So I went another month through ovulation and what happened ? I conceived Indigo !
Again I began to practice healthy choices etc. drop some of those negative people from my life etc.
After Indigo's birth I healed as usual but I was a busy mum with 4 older kids & their friends over all the time . I went out after an ice storm to shovel and of course the ground was frozen .It strained my body and I began to bleed again .I'd never had issue with bleeding before . So once again back to the books & prayer . I learned of Lady's mantle ! It worked wonders !
 One must be careful in regards to the issue of flow . If you are having trouble with cramping but also huge amounts of flooding try to avoid herbs which will promote bleeding . Nettle & Lady's Mantle are the most common and work well . Cramp bark is excellent  as well , however a tree such as willow  although it helps with cramps it works like aspirin and promotes bleeding . Which of course it would help if you tend to bloat & clot a lot .  My body was in great shape then & 5 yrs later we conceived our 6th & last babe Pascal ☺
I can say having children in your teens & twenties is a breeze compared to late thirties !
 However it also was great to have all the older kids to help out ! Plus dh did the grocery shop etc.
I have also been asked by women about conception helps & aids . I believe tending to and having a healthy system is #1 . Many women may have an underlying infection that has gone unnoticed Dr. Lee discovered this in his work with couples regarding conception .
 Also vit E  is said to help during ovulation &  the cycle of light influence our bodies big time .
 A great book on learning about your time , rhythms etc. is Taking Charge of Your Fertility
 Once into my 40's the change began peri menopause & menopause .
 Ok big myth one can still get pregnant ! One still must not only look after hormonal issues but we still have a uterus ! 
 I used wild yam for my PMS and regulating my cycle .This worked like a charm ! I have used both cream & tincture form with this .
 As I began to experience hot flashes though wild yam didn't do a thing ! Once again the search was on , enter Motherwort ! She is my newest & bestest herbal friend ! When I read all the good she offers I wondered why we had not met earlier . Well because we truly did not need each other until now ☺
It is like my dear friend Mary we have all the same home birth friends , 6 kids each etc. we feel we have known each other since childhood yet , we only met 5 yrs ago !
 Also I have a most beautiful story how Creator works with me  as I began to also work with tree medicines one day I felt the calling to collect birch . I did not know the why but I was planning a trip out to my mothers anyway so I would be able to pick while there .
Once at my mothers I picked up her copy of Plants of the Western Boreal Forest . I looked up birch . This tree is indeed used for helping women with menstrual problems and is used especially to help flow  .In ancient lore the birch represents the feminine . I also was reminded of my friend and midwife who's last name is Birch . How fitting is that ☺
 While picking there was a whole family of tree walking along eating just ahead of me on the road . They stayed the whole time I picked . Deer represent life and I always associate them to women  & midwifery as well ☺
So Once again I knew I was on the right track & now use birch as tea and in my herbal bathing .
 On that note I shall leave You as I am in  need a herbal bath today & should prepare  ☺
 just adding on a little tidbit today . I forgot to mention to You all that if by chance you are like me and do not like the taste of grassy teas ( I do love sweetgrass tea though ) then just add your tea to a cup of juice . I prefer cranberry as it is so full of vits & minerals . I also like to add hibiscus flowers to my teas for flavour & colour .
 Blessed Be


Monday, November 8, 2010

All Hallows / Samhain / All Souls / Day of the Dead

Here we are ! Into November & it is lovely !
 We are having temps of +14c ! This time of yr. we can be having freezing rain & snow so what a glorious treat this has been for us ☺
 As I mentioned before this time of yr. Specifically All Souls Day / All Hallows Day is my fav day of the yr.
 I did try my best to approach halloween with a fun spirit and I think I did ok . I carved many a pumpkin & decorated the yard happy autumny like . I found the best pair of italian leather witchy boots at the MCC thrift for $1. because it was 1/2 price day !
 My dh took the boys over to their friends place as our neighbourhood does not get many children here . They had a blast ! I dressed up with my boots , skirt & hat. I filled up one of the big ceramic crocks with candy & lit the pumpkins .
 We had so many kids show up ! It worked out perfect last child was on their own and I had just enough left for one kid !
 I was so proud of our children too . Often halloween has been a fight because I despise turning death into fear based 7 gruesome memories etc. the kids see all this with their friends & in the stores and like any kid want what others have .
 This yr. They chose on their own the costumes . ds14 went as santa and is he ever a great santa .because he is a big jolly fellow . We made him a beard out of felt & cotton balls .
 ds 9 went as a prisoner . He even bought his suit himself !
 They are saving some candy to give to our grandson as they feel he did not get enough candy ☺

This crock was to the point of spilling over !

The little fairy house

I lined the sidewalk with mini clay pots & placed tea lights inside

happy pumpkins

jack ☺

my new boots , they are so comfy !

lol stylin granny

granny was happy & ready for those kiddos ☺

tea lights

Do they not look like they could get up & start dancing !


Ok I splurged & purchased this silly witch at the dollar store . Her eyes light up & she makes a funny laugh ☺

It turned out to be a beautiful night

After Halloween we took off to my Mum's place for 3 glorious days !
 We visited the cemetery & walked the beach to view the aftermath of the storm which did do a lot of damage .
 Adventure Boy got to set up candles at the old homestead & we got some good pics & video too . So we share below with You .
 Enjoy !

I try & set up our All Souls altar on All Hallows eve which is my grandmothers birthday .

 I set up pics of those who have past as well as souls of those we pray for & pics of their fav foods , plants , saints etc.

I love how this turned out this yr. ☺

Graves of great grandparents

grave of my grandfather

I love how they used the the local stones

We sweep off the graves each spring & autumn season
my mother is trying to plant bulbs this yr .

It was extremely windy & very difficult to keep those candles lit !

Gramma Grace's grave site

Our first attempt at the All Souls Video

I awoke to this my fav part of the day sunrise ☺

The lake way beautiful that morning

Our Ancestral Remembrance Video

We went down to the cottage & the old homestead to prepare for prayers

We set up candles & a picture of Ferade &Grace

Adventure Boy got to light his candles as planned ☺

Mum is always happy to smudge

I brought a beautiful big sage stick

one can never have to many brooms ☺

very handy

We then topped off the day with a little sacred fire ☺
It was a beautiful time & we have been so blessed with this wonderful weather . It was just what the family needed . My only small ( very tiny ) regret is that we did not have pickerel fillets , wild rice & soul cakes . A Mum just cannot do it all ☺
Blessed Be

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

Hello Beautiful People !
I am posting my bloggy post on peace today ! I found this beautiful blog , project thingy yesterday via my fb & Walk in the Woods
You can visit the site to learn how to partake  & create your own peace globe  & and post on your own blog  ☺
I just finished writing a little bit about peace on my blog about abuse . I do not like to write my spiritual stuff or stuff about abuse on this blog as it is our home living blog but as I mentioned our lives and the issues within them are all intertwined so at times I do post the spiritual here etc.
 For me who would not need or want peace / contentment within their heart . When knowing what it is like to have a hate felt heart & a peace felt heart the choice is very clear to me ☺
 Living in a city known as the murder capital of Canada & living within the inner city , being a survivor of abuse . I know full well the why people come to have hate in their hearts . I know full well why we need peace within self .
 It is through my life experiences that I personally made choice to choose peace . My own experiences and those of friends & family members led me to find other means to deal with the issue of anger , abuse , etc.
 I know what comes from addiction , abuse , assimilation , war etc. This is personal background for our family .
We as people in the adult world ( I believe children have choices at times but are far more vulnerable & are indeed true victims of adult abuses & choices  ) always have choice in how we shall respond to hate , abuse , situation , racism etc.
 As I write this I've just been out to swimming lessons with the kids and upon our return we see yet once again some of our decorations have been taken down .
Now as a parent it may be hard at times not to express our anger response as in a swear word or two but honestly what good help does that give us or those who do this type of thing . We have had to speak openly and honestly of the why people take things from our yard . We are not wealthy even for in this neighbourhood . People take what others have because they feel they need & want what we have . What we possess . Yet I truly explain to our children that  these people only see our love for each other , our life and the reflection we give as a loving family  they only want real love & true for themselves.  Believe me when 2 drunken adult males stole the bike from  under our ds12 at the time  my dh took off in the truck in a rage , just the same response so many others have  . What good would it have done them or our family had he found them  ?I chose this as a time to talk about addiction and street life & why when in places of desperation yes people often choose to harm others . 
 When my dh had 2 cars stolen were stolen same response he ran after the car swearing mad . I prayed he would not catch up to them because he might be shot or stabbed.
 This is our life !
 Having my brother in prison I also know the cycle of our  justice system produces . It does not work !
 young children  9-10yo children do not  go out into the world stealing  , taking &selling crack / meth because they feel loved or that they came from loving homes !
There is difference between responding aggressively & being defensive in a pushy bossy controlling way & learning to be defensive in a passive way . Using Passive Defense does not mean we sit back & let others abuse us or we enable others in harmful behaviours etc. It means we have positive assertive energy .We stand with confidence for justice . I was thinking of the young woman Rachel Corrie in Palestine who was there being a peaceful demonstrator . I am very much drawn to and learn from programs such as Pax Christi  & MCC peace & conflict resolution programs

As I mentioned because of issues of abuse ,& addiction our family has also gotten to know the prison system here very well and how this system works in regards to healing both victims & offenders . Basically it does very little . It is a system based on punishment.
 This is why we are very much aware and believe in social justice & restorative justice beliefs & systems .
Programs such as Freeing Human Spirit founded by Sister Elaine  & Birth Behind Bars make a real difference . When I heard they shut down Prison Farms  I was shocked because I know how much my own brother grows and becomes open even with growing the small garden he was allowed . To assume people already filled with anger , hate , resentment will come to have compassion for others by sitting & stewing over what a bad person they are never mind placing expectation they are now to make healthy choices when sent back into the world which hated them in the first place . It is insanity !
 I in no way advocate to create victims of prisoners as You can read on my blog about abuse . I know both sides to remaining the never ending victim & how people remain abusive .
 I enjoy reading work by people like Mother Teresa , Ghandi , Thomas Merton , Ovide Mercredi & the Dalai Lama , Chief Dan Goerge , Tasha Tudor and more   & restoring peace to my heart by visiting blogs that inspire me to create & grow as the person I am .
 I believe we start from within and peace moves outward . To our own children , our friends , & family . We all touch each other and I believe even a pinch of light of hope passed on stays within another always ☺
once again Paying it forward
 Blessed Be