Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You Ms. Jazzy Jaz ! ( giveaway received !!! )

Well as I mentioned in my earlier post on the day of the fullmoon & my monthly gal pal gathering . I received this wonderful giveaway pack from our friend Jaz over at October Farm !
 She has fabulous giveaways each week and her food is awesome & most of all she just shares so much joy with all of us .
 I get so much inspiration from her bloggy blog .

So it made my day 1 I began to open the box and saw wonderful colours within

 there were yummy treats and good thing I was having a party otherwise ds14 would've eaten all of these .

There were these great felt images of leaves & pumpkins

beautiful Indian corn

 and a most lovely card

It came with all these little fellows inside which I'm thinking to glue onto a hat ☺

is this not such a nice card ?

I placed it here on my autumn altar and it looks so nice with all the other colours

I hung this sign up outside the front door

 and placed the corn along the corn husk witches

 don't you love those colours , this so reminds me of Jaz ☺

I hung this sign out on the gate with the corn dollies

and look ! dh told me to get the staple gun out !
 what a great idea for our fence !

 don't you think her giveaway really inspired me ☺ I do !
 Thanks Jaz You wonderful lady You beautiful soul sister
Blessed Be


jaz@octoberfarm said...

wow.....first of all i am soooo glad you liked the giveaway. but get out!!!!!! who ever would have thought of stapling those pumpkins and leaves to the fence???? that is just the coolest idea. now i might have to go out and look for more of them for myself! way cool!!!!

Melodie said...

It is a special treat to win one of Jazz's giveaways! You got a good one!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Congrats Rox! I loved seeing your creativity flow like this! :) Too Cool LadyBug!!!!

rox said...

lol Jaz wasn't that staple gun a great idea ! I was going to try to somehow use a sting like with the corn dolls . I just bought a cool little witch from dollarama yesterday to place in my wooden fairy house . she even has a funny cackle ☺ I'm trying on the halloween thing , but do prefer the autumn theme best of all .
Yes Melodie & I feel guilty entering again cause I already won !

Illustrated Ink said...

Rox, congrats on your win! Jaz does have a fabulous blog!! What a fun package, I love the leaves on the fence!

Philweb said...

keep on posting..