Sunday, October 3, 2010

reflections of rox ☺

Thought I'd post the pic of my autumn altar now all newly cleaned up  and freshly decorated 
I was about to post this in my craft/project album on fb then looked at it . It really is reflecting who I am .
So as I prepare to take a break from blogging ( I am cheating a bit , as I want to write on our homeschool blog , fix it up a bit ☺ ) , fb for this month of oct. I thought i'd be a nice pic to end off with ☺

autumn is a time of OLG , MX , Padre Pio , Chimayo , oranges , browns , yellows ,smells of rain ,marigolds & the strong winds ,those santa Anna winds even find me all the way up here in canada ☺ all those little ones who need protecting & those beautiful monarchs who represent the souls of loved ones taking protection in the Mexican pines .
I am looking forward to my most fav day of the whole yr. A Day of Souls .
 Samhain , Hallows Eve etc. this was my gramma's birthday.
 I love cemeteries especially where all my loved ones , our ancestors lie . I love this day
i despise halloween that which makes death horrid . fear and scary beasts . people pretending to be whom they are not . It is just who I am not ☺ since childhood I did not like halloween I just never did   . maybe I'm weird . I try like I try to like snakes when my ds brings one close to my face lol we all do little things for our children . They like to dress up , run about , receive treats . It is for them a holiday . what they enjoy . So I go along . but it is hard to play pretend for me . I don't like it .
 So I travel with our kids to my mothers we visit the cemetery .If there isn't snow and it isn't to cold we will stay and light candles. ☺
My ds9 adventure boy wants to light a candle on the stone steps of the old house this yr. in honour of his great grandparents ☺ He worked very hard with me this summers end to clean those steps off. they must have had 40 yrs of earth , moss , tree roots . These steps are made special with large stones brought across the lake only in winter time with the sleigh because they would be far to heavy in summer for just the fishing boats & canoes. all that is left of the log home after it burned is the foundation , the stone shell of the fireplace and these steps. so I think it an excellent idea for A Day of Souls celebration to sit on those steps , light a candle and remember those who came before and be grateful for all that has been given ☺
 I love this time of yr. much change comes and it is very good for us .
Take Care , Blessed Be and I shall see You all after a Day of Souls

Adventure Boy  after such a great job of cleaning off the stairs .I'm sure his great grandparents are watching over him & very pleased ☺


Gae said...

Dear Rox,
I have had this open since yesterday.
I really like your Autumn altar. It really says a lot about you, it is so warm and natural.
I hope you have a great break, I will miss catching up with you but look forward to your return.
I love the stories of your past and how they are such a part of your life.
Your Adventure boy did a great job and I love what he plans to do with you
Many blessings for the month
God Bless

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi rox...i just walked in the door from a day trip and i have to run right back out. i don't have time to write the recipe now but if you want it in the future remind me. the next time i make it i will post the recipe. you can use store bought (ugh) or any white bread recipe. let me know if you make them!

Monica said...

what a lovely altar, and those steps are gorgeous, a labour of love.

rox said...

Thank You ladies so much , sorry I have not been responding to comments lately we had that horrid cold/flu then homeschooling was supposed to begin but we were all to sick !
now I feel we are just getting back our spirits ☺
Working on fixing up blogs and staying off of that nasty fb for a month has proven a worthy endevour ;-)

Illustrated Ink said...

Rox, I think it's great that you'll be taking the necessary break from this blog, but I'll miss your posts! I hope you enjoy your beautiful Autumn season, it's my favorite time and holiday, as well. I understand your difficulty in pretending to be someone your not, and wearing a costume. I much prefer your trip with family to the cemetary to light candles. I dress up every year, but I've never been anything scary or gory, beacuse it just doesn't appeal to me. Your altar is beautiful and inspiring! Happy Fall, my friend!