Friday, October 15, 2010

Giveaway Shipping

He was thrilled amethyst is is all time fav crystal !

Yesterday I received a giveaway pack I recently won . Karma can really bite you in the butt !!
 I had been complaining as I'd won this giveaway in august and no response from the blog giveaway when I'd email etc.
 Yes I can be a bitch ( sorry but that is the only way to describe my horrid self at that point ! ) !
 I wanted my give away and it wasn't coming ! more so my feelings were hurt . no I am not a victim but at times want to be ;-)
   anyway yesterday after 2 months of waiting a box arrived via UPS !
 of course I had not ordered anything . yet it came in my name . $20.38 due !
 yikes what did I order ? I almost never order out of country but never order via UPS because of broker fee .
 maybe my dh ordered more stuff for work ?
 I had to borrow money from ds14 to pay .
  ds 9 carefully opened the pack .
 Oh we were delighted ! The give away had arrived ! Oh my horrid selfsif self felt such ashamement !
 Gratitude arrived and yes Karma , this concept is a part of all religions . We give in order to receive . I received what I gave ! at times we have good intentions yet our human greedy self can squeeze in .
 I am horribly sorry for being so mean spirited and focusing on self .
 I get it now . So I'm going to give to someone else now . pass it on , pay it forward to one of my bloggy friends ☺
 Also I totally forgot a lesson I learned when purchasing items online for our homeschool , never use UPS as you will have to pay a broker fee and if sending a pack or give away I only use Canada Post never UPS for the person on the other end would then have to pay .

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