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This morning glory reminded me of how following is a journey in itself . Many trials , ups & downs , yet like this morning glory if we are truly following trying our best in amidst all those failings , fallings , loves , losses & successes . In the end the outcome is indeed spectacular and glorious !
forever reaching growing in the light ☺
As many of our friends know we've had a very hard last three weeks regarding putting offers in on a piece of land .
It was in fact at times an abusive situation .
However we recognize these behaviours and are able to deal with them and move on rather quickly .
 That is not what this post is about .
 I as mentioned before do not write much about my actual spiritual journey here on this blog .I try and keep it mostly just to healthy lifestyle choices ☺
 However as all my friends know my healthy lifestyle choices & work are greatly the result of my spiritual self .
 I mean, when trying to keep our lives in balance ,how can the spiritual not be a part of it ?
 Also I feel I can share these sweet little connections regarding herbs , plants , trees and how the creator works with me . To help and pass on .
 My sil Summer said today in fables that  the point of the old woman would give something to someone , often a younger person on a journey in fact and the point was not here is a gift now hang onto it but rather here is a gift it shall be used later . Most often to aide and help others.
 This issue of land reminded us .Our life
Is not about the material and monetary things .
 Reality is we are merely caregivers to the forest. I need not have owner ship.
 Now I wish to say and make one thing very clear .
We all receive signs . Every single one of us .However not everyone is able to interpret signs and it takes many yrs of having a very good spiritual director , wisewoman/man etc. to help guide those of us who are called to do so.
 I say this because I have seen people follow those who are not spiritually sound , be led by ego, money , mental illness ,hiding pain etc.
 My one of my biggest gifts has been wonderful & beautiful teachers . How do we know , well often they go unnoticed and when they are noticed it is for all the very healthy & right reasons and as I said it will never have to do with attention , ego, money or gaining from others .It is always the purpose to share , pass on & keep the light going ☺
So I have shared a bit before how when I am sent , all I need do is believe , be open .I listen I hear and it is given . Some call this locutions , I when with my spiritual director could only describe it as like writing in the mind . lol figures for one who loves to write ☺
 I do not care to refer to this as locutions for it only puts me in a place of expectation and much ego boosting can come . It is merely what it is and the purpose is never about self as I have shared before regarding what herbs to pick forewarning etc.  ;-)
( No I cannot tell you if a brick if going to fall on your head at 12pm on a saterday morning 3 months from now lol )
I was thinking today how people often wonder how did our ancestors learn what herbs , plants , trees to use . Was it all just by chance , randomly trying things ? Perhaps some of it was but I beleive  God has touched people from the beginning from Creation . all peoples . Why would God just talk to people now or 2,000 yrs ago , .So for me it makes sense that Goid from the momemnt of Creation has always given freely the gift of knowldge . To some of us we are given knowldge of what to pick , when and for what . Just as some are given how to build a boat , help catch a baby , etc.
 I knew I was being asked to pay attention .Yes what was that God , arteries ? arteries you say (by the way I do not hear voices ☺)? are you certain ? hmmm ok . is someone I know having a heart attack ? This is how He works with me just out of the blue lol random stuff that makes no sense so you just have to work on faith , the virtue to believe ;-)
If I am to know something it will be sent so be open that is all.
So I know well enough to be prepared someone I know may have a heart attack as the last forewarning I had regarding a heart attack it was my father and the only purpose being to pray for his troubled soul ( my father is a very very harmful man & I write about his issues on our blog about abuse ). Forewarning is merely to prepare us not to scare us ☺

So off  we then went off to view the property one more time .
This time the owner stayed behind to show us the whole place . This is odd and does not usually happen .
 He said some friends had come by to pick medicines . Awhile later out of the bush walked an aboriginal couple . They were elders and had come to pick wild ginger.
I do not pick root medicines yet but had in fact just begun to feel the calling . ! It often takes yrs to move from one type of medicine to another .So here I am shown my first real root medicine !
 The woman was really nice she opened up her bag and told me it was wild ginger . I asked "oh is it used the same as the ginger we buy , like for colds , stomach etc. ? "
she told me "no it is heart medicine "
really God , heart medicine !
 well driving home I told Bob my dh and he who does not talk of signs etc. but does believe said to me " there is your sign this is the property "
I believed . well not quite that is a lie . I really wanted to anyway . but deep down I knew .
 I said in my heart " God is that it ? " I just did not believe this was the whole end to this artery , heart medicine issue .
 Believe me selfish rox wanted it to be !!! I wanted that land ever so badly . I want my dh not to work any longer at a crappy job , my ds14 wiseowl have acre upon acre to muck about and build his medieval camp . I want the greenhouse and apple orchard .
 But reality is we cannot afford it . we just cannot .
So we go on . I keep in my head to be open .
 That week I go on my regular run to our library , many a new homeschool book ordered ☺
 All the librarians know me now over the last 16yrs of living here . One of my favs had returned. She asked how I was and I then she .
"oh well as can be expected ". I gave her a look . I didn't get it . " You do know I had a heart attack , right ? "
No I did not !
This gal is my age so pray for her please .She is a healthy lovely lady this is a genetic issue not lifestyle issue ☺
 So here it is bam in my face ! Pass it on rox ☺
 pay it forward . no duh
 That was it . done gone .
 I have knowledge I pass it on .
 How bout You ;-)
 so on I go
am I catholic , pagan , Indian , Irish etc. enough for anyone else 's expectations .
 It is so very important we be who we are created to be . Not what others expect us to be !
I believe ! ( lol now I have that Stevie nicks song in my head )

 reaching , growing like this lovely lady .

Ok I had to show you this gourd plant too he is so tremendous !!!

see all the little off spring
I think of our children , will my legacy be for them I hope as those who taught me .
Like that olde crone in the fable I hope to pass the gift on but more importantly , that gift for my own children to know in receiving we must be able to give .
So that is it . my little bit .why I love the nature , plants , trees etc.
I can't doubt the spiritual side of my work one little bit ;-)
So I think I'll just keep on following
ps. so kinda cool , I just read my Mother Teresa quote for the day in her day book The Joy of Loving .
Was Summer ever spot on with her sharing lesson ! So I think I'm on the right track ;-)

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