Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You Ms. Jazzy Jaz ! ( giveaway received !!! )

Well as I mentioned in my earlier post on the day of the fullmoon & my monthly gal pal gathering . I received this wonderful giveaway pack from our friend Jaz over at October Farm !
 She has fabulous giveaways each week and her food is awesome & most of all she just shares so much joy with all of us .
 I get so much inspiration from her bloggy blog .

So it made my day 1 I began to open the box and saw wonderful colours within

 there were yummy treats and good thing I was having a party otherwise ds14 would've eaten all of these .

There were these great felt images of leaves & pumpkins

beautiful Indian corn

 and a most lovely card

It came with all these little fellows inside which I'm thinking to glue onto a hat ☺

is this not such a nice card ?

I placed it here on my autumn altar and it looks so nice with all the other colours

I hung this sign up outside the front door

 and placed the corn along the corn husk witches

 don't you love those colours , this so reminds me of Jaz ☺

I hung this sign out on the gate with the corn dollies

and look ! dh told me to get the staple gun out !
 what a great idea for our fence !

 don't you think her giveaway really inspired me ☺ I do !
 Thanks Jaz You wonderful lady You beautiful soul sister
Blessed Be

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prolific Bloggy Award

Yesterday I was gifted with a beautiful blog award
 via one of my soul sisters Akasa over at Her beautiful blog

I did not post this until today because I had no idea what the word prolific meant ! dh told me it means like something spreads , there is lots of . I still did not get a good image .Then I looked up the definition and I like the word fruitful as a description . passing it on , paying it forward .
This is what Akasa does she is praying for all the bodies of water to heal and she prays for specific bodies of water too ☺
Her light has spread and reached me and there is much fruit.
 God told me to pick lots of spruce this yr. because it is going to be an awesome yr. for healing ☺
Imagine healing one drop of water at a time . I think of morning dew on a dog rose bush leaf . just one drop so pure and clean .
We are struggling here in our own city , in Canada of all places against the privatization of water !
 I see that Development & Peace they change their cause every 3 or so yrs and once again it is the focus of pure water for all

Today I thought I hope I can be a good example for my grandson . For our children . I don't want to be a buddy, I need to be an elder. Of course this can include good healthy friendship for younger people but honestly I feel it is so important to keep passing the great good stuff on .
 Today I heard from our dd 29 who was on the road to opening her own eco friendly salon , however she now has opportunity to purchase an Eco friendly hostel in Costa Rica , maybe she will do both ! lol ok her Mum is a dreamer after all
 but the point is she is trying her best to make her part in being a part of this cycle a healthy one . She is trying to make the best choices not just for her but sees how her part effects and has effect on everything because we are all so connected .
 When I thought of Akasa and the water I was feeling badly because even though my family is from the lake area I am not that drawn to the element of water . Yet when I thought of that clean dew drop . I thought yes but the air has to be clean as well because the air touches that dew drop . It is all connected ! So I said a prayer this morning for the wind that air which touches us all to carry and be clean open and alive !
 Ok enough babbling Rox
 really I'm not a talker but give me written format you will not shut me up ;-)
 so Let us hope I do this right .
 There are rules to this award thingy

1)  Link the Award to the person to whom sent you the gift which would be

2) Link to the blog of the person who created the Award, Hazra of Advanced Booking...she created this award back in November of 2009!
( what a cool name she has  ! )

3)  At Advanced Booking enter your name into Mr. Linky so there is a complete list of all recipients

4)  Pass the award on to 7 or more people whom you feel are Prolific Bloggers. 
( this is so hard because all the blogs I choose give me much fruit and I do not like making lists at all ! )

because I love goats and blogs like hers remind me of the simple life I strive for

 cause I love Mum blogs that are real

 cause she is so creative & encouraging another soul sista

again she encourages me it is ok being a Mum, in fact one of the most important callings I'll ever have

 cause I am one ! A survivor with scars & don't try to hide it ☺

 cause I'm a homestead dreamer

cause he is cool and makes people think outside the box ☺

cause goats inspire me so naturally their owners do too

a positive homeschool blog that helps me keep it simple & natural

 cause unschooling homeschooling is ok !

cause I dig their funky music ☺and other stuff too

 cause she is an awesome writer and a really really great Mum !

cause she is a great thinker & writer plus the bestest niece an auntie could have ☺

 do I even have to say the why I would list a crafty blog ;-)

why ? because WOW !! I feel like she is just like one of my own  dd and the twin to my Natasha ☺ 

 cause this is a beautiful blog & really visually pleasing ☺

watching & learning with others on their own journey

a great new crafty site I found

a great blog which shares posts each Saturday from all religions

Thanks to all my bloggy friends for helping me remain in spirit and letting me be me
Blessed Be

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Tea Party

Frosted Petunias Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon

Well perhaps I'm a tad late in posting this but I did honestly only see the announcement yesterday at frosted petunias .
 When I did I thought to myself " perfect " as it was my gathering of gal pals for our monthly fullmoon fun , crafy & prayer time gathering
I can say just as last month I was beat down , physically , emotionally & spiritually drained .
 I had all the items gathered up and ready for a nice party but my spirit was low . I thought a negative thought " no one will show , and I'll be in bed by 8:30pm "
 Within 3min I'm not kidding 3 of my gal pals walked in the door with joyful hugs, gifts & yummies
 Patrice brought cream puffs with caramel sauce , Jacqui brought chili chocolate for the blood moon & Mary brought some awesome organic jasmine white tea
So Teaparty it was !
Below are some of the pics from my preparation & gathering
Miss Lizzie is also one of the girls ☺

Ok my first sign the day was going to be great was , get this !
 My giveaway gift from Jaz at October Farm arrived !
I'm not posting pics of it because I've decorated the yard etc. with the items and have not taken pics yet .
So that will be a treat yet tyo come ;-)

I prepared the pumpkin scones and I ran out of white flour so used all organic whole wheat and they were terrific both plates were gobbled up !

Now altough this was labeled a tea party I did not use my good tea cups .I only use those on my very special teas but I wanted you too have a peek at my hutch I refinished two yrs ago this was my Grandmothers hutch .which she always had her tea cups in along with those red rose ornaments & nature cards collected from the tea packs .

 are tea cups not the prettiest things ☺

table set

what is this you ask ?

 a group of groovie gals

miss. Mary and her red hat ☺

 we had an awesome fire

3 lovely ladies

 I promised if I posted pics of everyone I'd post those of myself

even the goofy not so complimentary ones lol

she takes a real good pic
I did remember to take a pic of the moon as well ☺

this is my pot but really look to the side it is those awesome shoes need the attention ☺

We made our beautiful scented candles as well using essential oils & dried flowers etc.

my altars were all gorgeously lit up

isn't that pretty

my jack jack kept following me around

 he is my sweetie pie

 a top the piano
 yet another candle

 sweet autumn altar

Friday, October 15, 2010

Giveaway Shipping

He was thrilled amethyst is is all time fav crystal !

Yesterday I received a giveaway pack I recently won . Karma can really bite you in the butt !!
 I had been complaining as I'd won this giveaway in august and no response from the blog giveaway when I'd email etc.
 Yes I can be a bitch ( sorry but that is the only way to describe my horrid self at that point ! ) !
 I wanted my give away and it wasn't coming ! more so my feelings were hurt . no I am not a victim but at times want to be ;-)
   anyway yesterday after 2 months of waiting a box arrived via UPS !
 of course I had not ordered anything . yet it came in my name . $20.38 due !
 yikes what did I order ? I almost never order out of country but never order via UPS because of broker fee .
 maybe my dh ordered more stuff for work ?
 I had to borrow money from ds14 to pay .
  ds 9 carefully opened the pack .
 Oh we were delighted ! The give away had arrived ! Oh my horrid selfsif self felt such ashamement !
 Gratitude arrived and yes Karma , this concept is a part of all religions . We give in order to receive . I received what I gave ! at times we have good intentions yet our human greedy self can squeeze in .
 I am horribly sorry for being so mean spirited and focusing on self .
 I get it now . So I'm going to give to someone else now . pass it on , pay it forward to one of my bloggy friends ☺
 Also I totally forgot a lesson I learned when purchasing items online for our homeschool , never use UPS as you will have to pay a broker fee and if sending a pack or give away I only use Canada Post never UPS for the person on the other end would then have to pay .

Sunday, October 3, 2010

reflections of rox ☺

Thought I'd post the pic of my autumn altar now all newly cleaned up  and freshly decorated 
I was about to post this in my craft/project album on fb then looked at it . It really is reflecting who I am .
So as I prepare to take a break from blogging ( I am cheating a bit , as I want to write on our homeschool blog , fix it up a bit ☺ ) , fb for this month of oct. I thought i'd be a nice pic to end off with ☺

autumn is a time of OLG , MX , Padre Pio , Chimayo , oranges , browns , yellows ,smells of rain ,marigolds & the strong winds ,those santa Anna winds even find me all the way up here in canada ☺ all those little ones who need protecting & those beautiful monarchs who represent the souls of loved ones taking protection in the Mexican pines .
I am looking forward to my most fav day of the whole yr. A Day of Souls .
 Samhain , Hallows Eve etc. this was my gramma's birthday.
 I love cemeteries especially where all my loved ones , our ancestors lie . I love this day
i despise halloween that which makes death horrid . fear and scary beasts . people pretending to be whom they are not . It is just who I am not ☺ since childhood I did not like halloween I just never did   . maybe I'm weird . I try like I try to like snakes when my ds brings one close to my face lol we all do little things for our children . They like to dress up , run about , receive treats . It is for them a holiday . what they enjoy . So I go along . but it is hard to play pretend for me . I don't like it .
 So I travel with our kids to my mothers we visit the cemetery .If there isn't snow and it isn't to cold we will stay and light candles. ☺
My ds9 adventure boy wants to light a candle on the stone steps of the old house this yr. in honour of his great grandparents ☺ He worked very hard with me this summers end to clean those steps off. they must have had 40 yrs of earth , moss , tree roots . These steps are made special with large stones brought across the lake only in winter time with the sleigh because they would be far to heavy in summer for just the fishing boats & canoes. all that is left of the log home after it burned is the foundation , the stone shell of the fireplace and these steps. so I think it an excellent idea for A Day of Souls celebration to sit on those steps , light a candle and remember those who came before and be grateful for all that has been given ☺
 I love this time of yr. much change comes and it is very good for us .
Take Care , Blessed Be and I shall see You all after a Day of Souls

Adventure Boy  after such a great job of cleaning off the stairs .I'm sure his great grandparents are watching over him & very pleased ☺


This morning glory reminded me of how following is a journey in itself . Many trials , ups & downs , yet like this morning glory if we are truly following trying our best in amidst all those failings , fallings , loves , losses & successes . In the end the outcome is indeed spectacular and glorious !
forever reaching growing in the light ☺
As many of our friends know we've had a very hard last three weeks regarding putting offers in on a piece of land .
It was in fact at times an abusive situation .
However we recognize these behaviours and are able to deal with them and move on rather quickly .
 That is not what this post is about .
 I as mentioned before do not write much about my actual spiritual journey here on this blog .I try and keep it mostly just to healthy lifestyle choices ☺
 However as all my friends know my healthy lifestyle choices & work are greatly the result of my spiritual self .
 I mean, when trying to keep our lives in balance ,how can the spiritual not be a part of it ?
 Also I feel I can share these sweet little connections regarding herbs , plants , trees and how the creator works with me . To help and pass on .
 My sil Summer said today in fables that  the point of the old woman would give something to someone , often a younger person on a journey in fact and the point was not here is a gift now hang onto it but rather here is a gift it shall be used later . Most often to aide and help others.
 This issue of land reminded us .Our life
Is not about the material and monetary things .
 Reality is we are merely caregivers to the forest. I need not have owner ship.
 Now I wish to say and make one thing very clear .
We all receive signs . Every single one of us .However not everyone is able to interpret signs and it takes many yrs of having a very good spiritual director , wisewoman/man etc. to help guide those of us who are called to do so.
 I say this because I have seen people follow those who are not spiritually sound , be led by ego, money , mental illness ,hiding pain etc.
 My one of my biggest gifts has been wonderful & beautiful teachers . How do we know , well often they go unnoticed and when they are noticed it is for all the very healthy & right reasons and as I said it will never have to do with attention , ego, money or gaining from others .It is always the purpose to share , pass on & keep the light going ☺
So I have shared a bit before how when I am sent , all I need do is believe , be open .I listen I hear and it is given . Some call this locutions , I when with my spiritual director could only describe it as like writing in the mind . lol figures for one who loves to write ☺
 I do not care to refer to this as locutions for it only puts me in a place of expectation and much ego boosting can come . It is merely what it is and the purpose is never about self as I have shared before regarding what herbs to pick forewarning etc.  ;-)
( No I cannot tell you if a brick if going to fall on your head at 12pm on a saterday morning 3 months from now lol )
I was thinking today how people often wonder how did our ancestors learn what herbs , plants , trees to use . Was it all just by chance , randomly trying things ? Perhaps some of it was but I beleive  God has touched people from the beginning from Creation . all peoples . Why would God just talk to people now or 2,000 yrs ago , .So for me it makes sense that Goid from the momemnt of Creation has always given freely the gift of knowldge . To some of us we are given knowldge of what to pick , when and for what . Just as some are given how to build a boat , help catch a baby , etc.
 I knew I was being asked to pay attention .Yes what was that God , arteries ? arteries you say (by the way I do not hear voices ☺)? are you certain ? hmmm ok . is someone I know having a heart attack ? This is how He works with me just out of the blue lol random stuff that makes no sense so you just have to work on faith , the virtue to believe ;-)
If I am to know something it will be sent so be open that is all.
So I know well enough to be prepared someone I know may have a heart attack as the last forewarning I had regarding a heart attack it was my father and the only purpose being to pray for his troubled soul ( my father is a very very harmful man & I write about his issues on our blog about abuse ). Forewarning is merely to prepare us not to scare us ☺

So off  we then went off to view the property one more time .
This time the owner stayed behind to show us the whole place . This is odd and does not usually happen .
 He said some friends had come by to pick medicines . Awhile later out of the bush walked an aboriginal couple . They were elders and had come to pick wild ginger.
I do not pick root medicines yet but had in fact just begun to feel the calling . ! It often takes yrs to move from one type of medicine to another .So here I am shown my first real root medicine !
 The woman was really nice she opened up her bag and told me it was wild ginger . I asked "oh is it used the same as the ginger we buy , like for colds , stomach etc. ? "
she told me "no it is heart medicine "
really God , heart medicine !
 well driving home I told Bob my dh and he who does not talk of signs etc. but does believe said to me " there is your sign this is the property "
I believed . well not quite that is a lie . I really wanted to anyway . but deep down I knew .
 I said in my heart " God is that it ? " I just did not believe this was the whole end to this artery , heart medicine issue .
 Believe me selfish rox wanted it to be !!! I wanted that land ever so badly . I want my dh not to work any longer at a crappy job , my ds14 wiseowl have acre upon acre to muck about and build his medieval camp . I want the greenhouse and apple orchard .
 But reality is we cannot afford it . we just cannot .
So we go on . I keep in my head to be open .
 That week I go on my regular run to our library , many a new homeschool book ordered ☺
 All the librarians know me now over the last 16yrs of living here . One of my favs had returned. She asked how I was and I then she .
"oh well as can be expected ". I gave her a look . I didn't get it . " You do know I had a heart attack , right ? "
No I did not !
This gal is my age so pray for her please .She is a healthy lovely lady this is a genetic issue not lifestyle issue ☺
 So here it is bam in my face ! Pass it on rox ☺
 pay it forward . no duh
 That was it . done gone .
 I have knowledge I pass it on .
 How bout You ;-)
 so on I go
am I catholic , pagan , Indian , Irish etc. enough for anyone else 's expectations .
 It is so very important we be who we are created to be . Not what others expect us to be !
I believe ! ( lol now I have that Stevie nicks song in my head )

 reaching , growing like this lovely lady .

Ok I had to show you this gourd plant too he is so tremendous !!!

see all the little off spring
I think of our children , will my legacy be for them I hope as those who taught me .
Like that olde crone in the fable I hope to pass the gift on but more importantly , that gift for my own children to know in receiving we must be able to give .
So that is it . my little bit .why I love the nature , plants , trees etc.
I can't doubt the spiritual side of my work one little bit ;-)
So I think I'll just keep on following
ps. so kinda cool , I just read my Mother Teresa quote for the day in her day book The Joy of Loving .
Was Summer ever spot on with her sharing lesson ! So I think I'm on the right track ;-)