Monday, September 13, 2010

Preparing for Mabon Harvest Thanksgiving

Yes we are preparing ! We all know rox loves preparing , collecting , harvesting lol .
At first I was not sure to post this to our home school blog or here cause reality is our children are of course part of our everyday natural life ☺
 Our home school is our life , life is our home school the two are so intertwined that at times one just cannot separate the two and this is a true blessing is it not !
We do not see our unschooled home as school but rather the world/ universe  as our true gift of education freely given ☺
Is that not what Mabon Harvest is all about being thankful for these true gifts .
 Some I know may wonder why a christian/ catholic celebrates ,mabon or samhain ,lughnasadh . I do not like to make this blog political or religious but merely share what we do as our family but I will say all peoples regardless of religous backgrounds celebrate thanksgivings , harvesting new life etc. Passed on seasonal celebrations regardless of  religion . The moon , seasons , earth are given to all peoples . Thanksgiving in Europe based on customs from all peoples just as we celebrate many of the customs and traditions of native americans here in North America ☺
I actually prefer to celebrate the harvest time now the thanksgiving time now as we are in Canada and it is almost past harvest time .In fact frost may arrive tomorrow for all we know ☺
No one culture or religion owns the seasons , moon cycles ,earth etc.
So weather your tradition is passed on by your catholic Gaelic grandmother or starting new traditions it is a gift and we are thankful to Our blessed Creator ☺
 I being me of course now know why that wonderful saint Hildegard of Bingen has been popping up lately . I've been reading much from her regarding the soul & anger and how to properly nourish such a soul .Much to do again with the element of fire , black bile & such !
So the autumn harvest Mabon the AAutumn Eequinox this leads up to one of my most fav time of year all souls day ☺ another universal festival and holy day all over the world ! Is it not beautiful how Our Creator gave too all peoples the same gifts .

So far I have not met another person who loves this smell ! Yes I do and don't tell me this flower is stinky because I completely disagree ☺
 The marigold is such a vibrant colour come autumn . She reminds me of MX this time of yr. decorating altars etc. This is the secret of why many MX chickens have that yellow tinge not just from corn but yes from marigolds ! maybe that is why those MX chickens taste so great too ☺
Celebrating Irish Festivals is actually my fav out of the whole series
So books that help inspire me for these wonderful celebrations are from the Waldorf educational Festival series . Our library has these too but I couldn't resist purchasing them .

Both All Year Round & Festivals ,Family & Food encourage seasonal crafts , recipes , songs etc.

We begin collecting our items for autumn displays from the garden , beach , forest ☺I have gourds climbing up my fence right now they are so pretty against the natural wood .

I visited Christer's blog the other Day and he was making his new autumn wreath which was great because I forgot I best get cracking on that .

Of course preparing the woodpile is one of my fav activities ☺

We bring in items for all our nature tables

and altars

I love placing our festive little seasonal dolls around the home Grandson calls them green Link

This little fellow somehow made his way to Ontario with us last august and remained we had no idea how he came along ! He now resides with my Godmother !

Of course there is much harvesting rosehips, cranberry etc. for many a harvest feast

This Mabon I am so so excited because my gal pals and I are going to celebrate together .Of course there will be the moon next Thursday to help us along .
 Much to eat and drink . I'm going to make Scotch pies for us( these are so good )  Thanks to Jaz for inspiration over at October Farm
I'm also going to soak some corn husks so we can all make some corn dolls together , maybe some apple cider for sipping  , I'm thinking to try making mini herb brooms as well

and there shall be fire inspired by many a lovely lady such as Hildegard & Brigid

Of course there will be Momma Mary & Much Prayer as we have so much to be Thankful for ☺


AkasaWolfSong said...

I just love you are so diverse and full of everything that is beloved on Mother Earth!

Looking at your pictures reminds me so much of my home where every available space is an altar. I very much agree with you that all traditions from all peoples should be embraced and lived.

Your Scottish pies sound Sister and I made Pasties (short a)last night for dinner...which is a meat pie my Maternal Grandmother Celia taught to us...I will send you a recipe. Perhaps they are one and the same thing.

I too celebrate is one of my favorite times of the year to give thanks. Everything about it causes my heart to grow in gratitude.

I've been slowly collecting things from outside to bring in and work on...husks from the corn we've eaten have been set aside to make some dollies, tomorrow is the wild grape vine hopefully as it is to rain but I will get it in...I love making dreamcatchers with it and pretty things for my door and wall hangings. You will have to share with me how you make your mini herb brooms. :)

I love you sharing your photos with us...and thank you for more glimpses of the Healing Woman you are!

Wishing for you the most Grateful of Harvests!!!!

Love and Blessings Dear Heart!

rox said...

Akasa Thank You so much <3
is it not that way that all is sacred , can't help but give little thanks and blessing touches to all areas of our home & life around us ☺
maybe I will try and do a post on the altar of ourselves the temple which we live in and how when we meet each other to give to that persons altar , to help nuture it , honour it , feed and help it grow.

Rue said...

What a great post - you put a big smile on my face!

I love your displays and altars! The corn dolls you have hanging above the door are so cute!

Looking forward to hearing all about your celebration next week!

And sadly, you are right - I'm not a fan of marigolds...but I buy some for the garden every year - just in case I change my mind!

Illustrated Ink said...


Your altars and nature displays are so lovely! You know I love Mary too, and I really enjoy seeing your icons of her.

You have made a very good point about festivals, traditions, and holidays. There is no rule, it's truly about what you believe and choose to celebrate. Thank you for sharing your book selections, I'm definitely going to check them out.

Btw, I love Marigolds too! As you said, they're one of the things that remind me of Mexico, and they make me smile. :)