Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oatmeal Apple Muffins

Yes these are good ! This is only the 3rd times I've made them and I honestly think they get better each time ☺
This is actually my own recipe based on the old oatmeal muffin recipe from the joy of cooking which by the way made horrid muffins ! ( I do love joy of cooking but the odd recipe is just blah )
 I also took much of the ingredients from a recipe my Mum gave me it was from the lady whom I was named after Roxie Robertson ☺
that recipe is rhubarb cake
 However these muffins are a granny original I guess ☺
Ok the #1 trick to these muffins is , make your kids oatmeal the day before lol
I actually had to make and use fresh oatmeal ! Seems like cheating ☺
So this recipe is also a real granny recipe , I actually don't measure things like the oatmeal or sour cream I just use up the leftover amounts .however based on the recipe I know the amounts for these .
 so what shall I call them
Groovie Granny's Oatmeal Apple Muffins lol I'm really on granny mode lately ☺
this makes a huge recipe you can make it in 1/2 if you like
bake at 375
use muffin cups if you can but greasing muffin pans with margarine works too


1 1/2c butter
2c brown sugar
4 eggs slightly beaten
2c old oatmeal
5 1/2 - 6 c flour ( I use 1c whole wheat , 5c unbleached )
1T cinnamon
1tsp cloves
3tsp allspice
remember you can add or change spices up for your families likes & dislikes
3tsp baking soda
2c sour cream ( I've also used a bit of plain yogurt if not enough sour cream is on hand )
3-4c diced baking apples
1/3- 1/2 c brown sugar
3tsp cinnamon
options to add nuts such as walnuts & raisins I have fussy children so keep it down to the apples ☺
cinnamon sugar may be used to sprinkle on the tops of the muffins
1/4c sugar & 1tsp cinnamon mixed

first off dice your apples & mix with the 1/2c brown sugar & 3tsp cinnamon
 set apple mix aside until needed
measure flour & spices & sift
in separate bowl cream butter and brown sugar , beat in the eggs .Now add the day old oatmeal & beat it into the butter mix .
In  bowl you will add add baking soda to the sour cream .Important note , be sure you do this in a bowl as if you do it in a measuring cup the sour cream & soda will overflow the cup ☺
let the sour cream/soda mix sit 5min .
 now add alternately & stir in with wooden spoon into butter mix the flour & sour cream  ending with the flour .
 Now get those apples and stir them into the muffin batter ☺
Fill your muffin cups & this is the time to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on the tops if you like
bake & enjoy !


Doris Sturm said...

Thank you for that recipe. They sound so good and healthy - it's the time for me to want to bake again. Makes the house smell nice and in the winter, warms it up at the same time.

Why do you want to change your blog's name?

rox said...

doris I just was looking at a change , I like to try new things ☺

Mother's Moon's Message said...

yum.. does sound like a good old fashioned granny recipe... will have to tuck this one away for when company comes... have already thought of my own little twists to add to it.... thanks for sharing

Illustrated Ink said...

I love muffins, so I will definitely have to try these! Thanks for sharing!