Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn Feast Days ~ Pizza Pizza

I was thinking it might be nice during the fall/autumn months to post some nice feast day dishes , ones that warm the soul , taking time to prepare with a lot of love for family & friends .
I love that kind of cooking like in the movie / book Water for Chocolate , Garden Spells , & Chocolat 
 So pizza was on my list and then I learned via Leonie another unschooling Mum that it is   St. Joseph of Cupertino  feast day ! What a cool saint and after I read about him I couldn't help but giggle  and wonder if our local flying pizza was named in honour of that patron saint ☺
 So do You not love that pic I chose to be my feast day pic !
 It comes from one of my all time fav cook books The New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook .
I had found a copy and had a giveaway a yr. or so ago and also posted some recipes from the book then .
I received my copy from my girlfriend Sunshine 26 yrs ago and have used it ever since .
 The pizza recipe is one she used then I began using after recieving the book .
In fact dh & I bumped into an old friend at a party recently and I told him how I'd just been thinking of him because he and his partner and come to our ds Dacotah's 1st birthday party and I was making pizza . Well I had no idea at least 300 people would show up ! It was back when dh was a cool musician and I guess all the young crowd had heard Bob & Rox were having a party . No one telling them of course it was a child's birthday party ☺
 so I was in a bind . My friends stepped in and made pizza dough the whole night for us !
 I love having thememed parties and next month we are hosting a pancake party so that will be the feast for Oct. I guess ☺
 So here is the recipe then my sort of varied instructions from over the yrs.
Pizza dough

Pizza Dough from NYTNFCB
enough dough for 1 thick crust or 2 very thin crust

1 1/2 tsp dry yeast

1/2c lukewarm water

1 1/2c unbleached flour or combo whole wheat, rye, barley etc.

1 T oil ( I prefer olive )

optional 1tsp molasses or brown sugar dissolved in the lukewarm water ( I do this but it is not part of the recipe )

Tomatoe Pizza Sauce

Olive oil to cover bottom of heavy skillet

1 can tomatoe paste

1 small onion chopped

2-3 cloves chopped garlic

1 tsp dried onion flakes

mixture of your fav seasoning herbs I use fresh parsley & basil about a Tablespoon of each or more ;-)

black pepper to taste

1 T brown sugar

1c diced tomatoes in juice or 1/2c water

Dissolve yeast in warm water
 Now I use bakers yeast instead of traditional yeast .This yeast is so much cheaper . You can get it at any bakery including those attached to your big grocery stores. I get a huge block of yeast for about $2.
I use about 1 T yeast for 3c water

Stir in flour and oil ( for something really yummy you can add a few T of peanut butter , this is a trick an old friend taught us yrs ago )

Knead the dough on a lightly floured board until smooth and satiny

Place dough in clean greased bowl , turn over to greased side up. 
 A few kneading tips. Once your dough is no longer sticky but appears smooth and shiny it is usually ready.

 The test to tell if your dough is ready is just poke it .If it bounces back into place it is ready . 
 My one main tip is
" Kneading bread is like prayer , You are tired and think you are finished , do a few minutes more then you've reached perfection " ;-)

  Cover and let rise in a warm place ( I use an oven with light on or top of our old radiators ) until double in bulk , about 40 min.
While waiting on your dough begin preparing sauce
Chop any fresh herbs and prepare dried. I always use fresh basil it is absolutely my fav in a tomatoe sauce . dried onion and garlic .
 heat about 3-4T olive oil in a cast iron or heavy skillet .

 add herbs into skillet and stir for 1-3min

then add your can tomatoe paste . stir around to get the herbed oil all blended in
I then add in the brown sugar if you wish.
 I love a sweet sauce so I always use brown sug ☺

then add your canned toms . Some people have issue with canned veggies but hey this time of yr. our grandparents & parents all were doing their canning . My Mum grew up eating canned toms, plums etc.
 simmer this sauce until it is the right consistency you want. You can add a bit more juice from the canned toms if it appears to dry .
 Ok take your dough out now and punch down .
preheat oven 400

 Now this step I only do if using mostly or all whole wheat. If you use mostly unbleached white then I skip this step of prebaking.
 oil pizza pans with olive oil ,  spread out dough on pans and prick with a fork .
bake in 400 oven for 5 min

take out and place sauce on top of pizzas

 then toppings and bake 20 min at 400
my fav olive & onion , some of our kids like plain cheese, feta is excellent . You can also make mini pizzas for children and their friends ☺

 Yum Yum


Mother's Moon's Message said...

that does look so good... never really thought of pizza as a fall food but really it sort of sounds good... lots of flavor and the warmth of the oven... you got me in the mood to cook...

Melodie said...

Oh yes that looks yummy,I can almost smell it! I think any season is a good pizza season! It is a wonderful meal I think because the possibilities are endless with the toppings,mushrooms are my favorite!

rox said...

honestly I wish I could cook like jaz @ october farm but I'm not really much of a cook ☺
I love baking mostly .