Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Decor

As You all know we are in the process of  trying to acquire a piece of land we found .
Our family was in great turmoil the last few days .
 However our hearts are peace now , we still are in the process of not knowing yet our outcome and I shall  write more about the whole experience later and why in the end it is not about money or possessing material things when we truly follow and are listening to the calling of our Creator ☺
 But for now I thought I'd post some wonderful pics .. My friends also know I am visual lol so of course I wish to share all I see ☺

this is my door decoration I made with my gal pals the other evening .Of course the herbal brooms I saw online were made of stalks of lavender but hey reality is in MB. we cannot grow lavender in lush bunches so my decoration or herbal broom has local items picked in my garden , in local parks & our in the woods .
  sage, tall grasses , sweet grass, wormwood, rose hips & even flowers dumped by the city

my step always starts off kind of plain

a few corn dollies and witches too

 I thought I'd add variety in the hair tone ☺
here we have red



ok I even tried an attempt at a scarecrow but he seems more a Robin hood ☺

as the days went by more colour was added

these marigolds were at the top of the dump site the last time I went to the dog park !
I thought of You Leila ☺

marigolds have the most intoxicating scent

they are so soft a fluffy ☺

I thought this brings much peace ☺

I always decorate our front gate with a string of corn dollies

the out of doors is always a natural decoration and where I get my inspiration .

Virginia creeper at sunset

 these flowers are out at my mother's place I just love their faces

of course spiritual times for us almost always include a fire

this is our mixing pot I let the kids put it on the fire too and mix their own potions , mud slurpees what ever ☺

and as always jack & lizzie are a part of everything ☺
don't you love those fluffy husky tails !

I must say I neglected this statue this summer but it is beautiful now with all the autumn colours

and my niche looks so nice with the virginia creeper , I had to bring in all the flowers now from the plant shelf

isn't this so warm !

Adventure Boy really is the giver of joy in our family . He just lights us all up ☺

come have a seat

and she is the perfect Autumn decoration , with all her oranges , yellows , browns she is
Sharon the magic cat ☺


Anonymous said...

I love your corn dollies along the porch and fence! And marigolds always make me happy - thanks for sharing these!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love all of your decorations! the corn dolls hanging on the gate are terrific! what a magical garden!

Illustrated Ink said...

Hee, hee - I love that you thought of me when you scored the Marigolds! :) I think they look so lovely on the steps! I also really like your corn people, the scarecrow is my fav. You've inspired me to want to decorate around our house, I'll have to see what I can create with what nature has provided...

Birgit said...

Hi Rox,

First of all, thanks for your congrats on winning Jaz's spellbook. It will be well loved! :)

Moreover, your fall decoration is so beautiful! I am glad I found my way over to your blog. :)

-- Birgit