Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aunt Louisa's Mustard Relish

Honestly this is the best relish I have ever tasted . Ok I'm not really a relish person so I guess my word counts , but from the pickle fanatic here my dh if he asks me to make this it has to be good . He loves all those East Indian pickles too !
So Louisa was my mum's aunt from the big Ateah clan ☺
 I can honestly say this recipe must have been made just for their family because the recipe is huge !
 To answer Gae's comment about how many jars , my mum always used pints it makes 12 quarts or 24 pints .
I use whatever jars I have saved from spaghetti sauces to salsa jars .
This relish is most excellent on hot dogs and with ham & most of all beef !
 It does not go very well with chicken or turkey though.
 However one of the best ways to eat this is with that other part of the fowl .The egg ! yes it is excellent with eggs.
 My personal fav I discovered while pregnant with my first child 30 yrs ago ! I craved scrabbled egg sandwiches with this relish ! make buttered toast top with scrambled egg and relish Oh it is the most yummiest sandwich !
Ok a big tip although this recipe is simple , it is large and it takes time . ok let me repeat that Time !
I started it at about 5pm and it was done by 2am !
The grinding takes along time so if you have children who can help and we have two grinders so that helped as well.
sorry I wish I had a few more pics to offer as a visual but as I said it was late and to stop and take pics while in the process is work in itself ☺
 So below is the recipe & instructions
my mother has also cut this recipe in half and it works out fine
 Aunt Louisa's Mustard Relish

25 large old cucs
12 medium onions ( I used 8 large )
4 red peppers
4 green peppers
3 med cauliflower
1/2c course salt
9c Vinegar
3c water
6c sugar
3T turmeric
3T celery seed
3T mustard seed
1c flour
instructions below
grind cucumbers, onions & all peppers
 I like to use a course grind for the cucs & onion & a fine grind for the peppers.
 then break up by hand  cauliflower into little crunchy bit sized pieces . I also take the stalk of the cauliflower and grind it in the fine grind .
 mix all these veggies together with the course salt & let sit for 1 hr.

next step drain well . really well. I did two strainings one with the colander and the second with a strainer . You will have alot of veggie juice which if you are well prepared can save for stock in Scots pies or soups gravies etc.

in pot place vinegar, water , sugar & spices whisk so well blended , then whisk in flour . heat on a medium heat until it thickens just like a nice cheese sauce .whisk in between so it will not burn on the bottom either.

once the sauce thickens mix it into your veggie pot . cook for 1hr on a medium to medium low heat. I long for a beautiful stainless pot but I only have the cheap aluminum version and this means I must stir very often .I time it for 10min then stir then after 30min I time it every 7 min and stir.

prepare your canning equipment while the veggies are cooking .

 pack hot relish into hot sterilized jars and you are done !
 I love listening to those lids click as they seal !
One jar is already in the fridge . As all pickles it tastes best after about 3 months but good now too ☺
 enjoy !


molly said...

do you reuse lids from salsa jars? do they seal if reused?

rox said...

absolutely Molly ! some jars canning lids will fit too , some of the jars have good lids just like canning jars but even those brand name pickle /salsa lids seal . you will love this relish and it is a great way to use up those old cucs ☺