Friday, August 27, 2010

Lovely Lavender

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We do not live in a grow zone which will over winter lavender . I have always wished to visit a area where they can . Imagine field , with row upon row of lavender ! Imagine that scent !
 There is now a wonderful herbal nursery that sells really nice lavender plants and also offers an
over wintering service ! I am seriously thinking of taking them up on this as I've many plants now this year and not the space to provide the true lighting etc. that they require .

Can You imagine picking and having bunches of lavender to bring into the home ! The plants at sage garden herbs , some are many yrs old and huge ! When I walked into the shop for the first time the scent of rosemary & lavender sent me to my ancestral roots of the Mediterranean ☺
 My intro to lavender is probably like many , it is often an herb that our grandmothers/ parents would have had at home . My gramma , my mother & now myself always placed scented bars of lavender soap in our drawers to make the clothing smell nice .
My dh does not like lavender because it " smells like old men " his own words lol we both like & are moved very different scents .
 Lavender however made the entrance into my life on a personal level when I felt the calling and I do for many herbs, trees , roots etc. Lavender came into my life 10 yrs ago while pregnant with my 6th child ☺ Lavender made this deep smooth transition into healing for me . Lavender is soft , calming , gentle , yet she has this pow effect of strength as well . Leading us into growth , diminishing fear . I tend to grow much during each pregnancy but this was on a very new spiritual level . I was able to say goodbye to the main abuser in my life & the lives of our children for good !
As yrs went by I felt called not only to have lavender in pots and sachets in the drawers but also began wearing this scent . I gradually went into a lavender / orange combo . I just dilute essential oils in water and spritz myself each morning .
I'm thinking come winter though going into a more deep lavender rosemary , but lavender shall always be the base .
Well as You know I am no stranger to eating flowery foods . So why would I not be tempted to eat lavender . One yr. my sil dropped in with an awesome lavender pound cake ! She knew who would really appreciate this ☺
 There are so many wonderful recipes out there for the use of lavender
 I feel on a roll lately as I am just thrilled to be reading a new book which is totally encouraging me to reach out and use my talents of cooking with flowers etc.

Inspired by my sil I knew I had to try it and got out my fav sugar cookie recipe !
Yes these cookies are scrumptious ! I only make them on Valentines and will take orders . Or you can just give it a go on Your own and follow my recipe
 Also do not forget about that ultimate summertime drink Lavender Lemonade !

Ok You had to know I was going to mention the tub lol !
 herbal bathing is a must in my life and lavender of course often plays a role in this .
I also make my lavender /rosemary hair oil

 Last but not least my personal smudge . This is my fresh yearly smudge I make each august/sept to last me the yr. It always contains lavender . As I let go of the last of my smudge from the year before on the fire , the moon rose over our house at exactly 12am and the scent of lavender on the fire is intoxicating ☺ This may be the ultimate high to smell lavender burning is exotic . Sends me deep within myself , peace within , once again reminded of that calm yet lifts me up to be ever so strong .


Mother's Moon's Message said...

lavendar is such a soothing fragrence... and yes you are so right it can be used in so many ways.... your cookies look yummy.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ahhhh...Lavendar is the stuff of the Gods and Goddesses'!!

I'm still sitting on some I planted a few years back and it is still smelling delightful.

I bet your cookies and cakes are great! Peace to the tummy! :)

I can't over winter it in my area either although I've tried different is just too harsh here I think.

Great Post Sister Love!