Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Healthy People get Sick

Yes we do , isn't that so true . Every single one of us even those who try to live a healthy lifestyle get sick and the not only that we all have the same commonness that this vessel we arrive in  thru that beautiful act of birth shall also pass away & begone back to begin a cycle all over again ☺
I've thought sometimes when suffering thru my itchy scratchy faze of winter or my asthma gets to me big time , the why ? why if I am to work in this area of healing do I get sick ? Why also can I not make myself miraculously get better as well ! Why can some people like William Burroughs abuse their body so much and live what appears a long life . Although I have a inkling he felt like crap even if he lived a long time ☺ My dh at times jokes and has said well if you are such a wise & witchy type woman walk into the forest and pick something for your eczema . Yes he is a smart ass and he knows darn well I've used real fresh jojoba , spruce gum , etc. aside from swimming in salt water & lots of sunshine nothing works . It is just life . It clears up and returns .
 The thing is we will never be able to be Creator or know it all or cure everyone etc. We try our best to live and keep our temple pure and healthy that is the point . The fact is we all have the choice how we treat this temple . We choose the junk we put in it , the exposure to chemicals or not . Outwardly exposure is just as toxic . My dh works with industrial paints it is one of the leading causes of cancer in the industry . Hey everyone wants to have a stove & fridge and access to all these items such as the buses they ride etc. being environmentally friendly often still involves a very toxic side . He makes the choice to feed his family etc. We try our best to eat pure , real whole foods and cleanse our bodies when we can .
 Our youngest just finished his dose of the tummy flu and I'm on the verge . Tis the season . We know to stock up on our tinctures and teas . We also know and hope that all the healthy summer eating has given us all good immune boost to give us a good start to the fall/winter season .
 This sept. it is the 2nd anniversary of the passing of my dear dear friend's husband . This is probably what has brought on this write up . He was a dear man and a beautiful soul . She is a strong woman and we are blessed to have her & family in our lives. To be a part of someones journey as they pass was a gift as well. We see that healing does not always mean  banish illness at times as we know it merely be the healing of the past , the preparation of the soul to move on etc. We all know there are many forms of healing and most definitely this includes not only the  physical but the spiritual , emotional .
 So as I feel called to prayer again I was led to and reminded of a few beautiful healthy people who inspired me and whose exterior may have passed long before but their soul & spirit continue to help us continue our own journey , perhaps even helping us prepare for that ultimate passing of our own vessel and the moving on of spirit . For we know the cycle never ends truly the journey just has many roads .




Melodie said...

I think with a healthy life style we are sick less and recover quicker that folks who live non healthy lifestyles. In todays world there is no way to be free of pollutants and toxins completely...we just ave to do our best and hope for the best!

rox said...

Yes Melodie !