Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Corn Moon

 This will only be short because I am so tired ! Yes ! I can finally sleep ! The last two full moons were extra tiring . Usually I am only effected 3-4 days as the moon grows to its fullness but the last two months , nope , my restless sleep did not end 3-4days she was at her peak ☺
Warning though ~ there are a ton of photos , how could I not , with several being of my beautiful adventure boy and wonderful fire .
 So The Corn Moon has/did arrive ( I know I'm late ) I had a bit of a panic attack thinking to myself "was it already a yr. ago Dawn posted about the Corn moon ? " No ! My mistake it was only the flower Moon She posted☺ whew ! Time isn't moving that quickly !
 There is also a lovely little write up at Blueberry Cottage Blog and it includes a beautiful picture of Tasha Tudor !
So to some Native american groups corn was/is a staple within their diet I can personally say a most excellent book to purchase and read exactly about the growing , harvesting & preparation of these foods including corn is Native American Gardening . Buffalo Woman's guide to Traditional Methods
This is the real deal ! It is an actual firsthand account and was written in the early 1900's .It is about gardening !

So remember I had the boys plant their own patches this yr. Adventure Boy loves to plant corn and it is Corn Season here !

 He was so happy to see his baby corn ☺It really does not get much bigger then that in our small garden but the ears are just the right size for a young boy to sample

He was even more intrigued when he discovered some droppings inside the ear ☺

 I reminded him to pull the corn downward to snap it off

He found 3 ears

When he opened them he was a bit disappointed but he also thought it was cool the bug/worm left behind a slimy mess ☺
Ready for the feast

We then began our prep for the full moon
Holy salt, water & oil along with a few handy dandy items

I mixed up a new personal smudge
This is just the best knife I've ever owned we bought it in MX over 26 yrs ago and it just is the alpurpose tool ☺
 I also have a dose of sweetgrass tea ( yes it tastes how it smells ) waiting for me in my teacup a gift from dh a few Christmasess back ☺

I really had to add alot of junk from the yard to the pit because we've not , dare I say it , had a fire since June !
Getting things all cozy for the night
He is so careful , he is so gentle in how he handles everything ☺
Trying to strike that match
This was a bit difficult as much of the paper and birch bark were damp

 However he did it !

Then he thought it'd be good to take a pic of Mum ☺
I'm cleaning thorns off rose branches I'd trimmed in June . Now You know what the knife was for ☺
 I like to use the branches for beads or  prayer sticks

Of course as it got darker I had to put the rose branches down and
Light the candles of course ! I have this cute planter a neighbour gave me several yrs ago. It has these different levels on it I love to place little tea lights on it .

 Mary Garden
Our Lady Guadalupe Statue
That is the Niche my dh purchased for me 4yrs ago for my b-day ☺
Ok I thought Adventure boy would have fun cooking his mini corn on here but he is an early bird which means 8pm is late for him lol , so I put them in the fridge .
 I used the pot & water to clean off some wooden pieces I had . I just like the fun of preparing with fire ☺
 So I sat by myself
enjoying the flames , I burned willow , birch , rose , honeysuckle & even a few bits of ash Wise Owl left over from his clay oven ☺
This is a very special lantern for me as it belonged to my great auntie Pansy & when she passed at 96yrs my mother gave this to me ☺
 I also made a nice pot of regular loose black tea , with honey and fresh goat milk my sil gives me ☺
As my fire burned out it left beautiful coals , I should've bought fresh corn & potatoes !

 The night was perfect after a 32c day it cooled off just perfect . a real not to warm ,not to cool, just right , night ☺
 Then I'm not kidding at exactly 12am there she came over the roof of the house ☺
 lol she looks so small for such a strong pull to keep me up so well ☺
 never mind I had many a prayer for some very special people
 Blessed Be

Harvesting the Wild Garden

Yes , my garden is a wild garden ☺ A garden is an extension of self is it not . ? It expresses to people how we are on the inside . My garden is like my a free & wild spirit.
 Some people like my  dh & my mother do not get my garden at all . I must say at times it saddens me for they cannot look beyond and see that which is beneath , but we all will never truly understand each other at all times I guess . For them they see no purpose . A garden is to be in rows and for my dh especially it must produce food , that which is for consumption . Yes he gets his spiritual connection thru the practical but he cannot see how myself and others like me the wild garden is our spiritual ☺
 He in fact in winters end when I am planning the garden has even made the statement that why bother , " it is just weeds anyway "
 lol well here is my post to prove him wrong , not sorry dear ☺
I think this is probably my most favorite time in the garden . I love so much the job of preparation , yet also a time of knowing things will be passing , moving on , dying in order to create new life .
 So is my garden just weeds ? I guess to some yes a weed not wanted a plant not valued , a weed . Yes there is pig weed which is ever so tasty with butter & vinegar the way my mum used to make it ☺
 a dandelion , a thistle and oh the beloved nettle , all have a purpose. Ok I do get annoyed at horseradish and burdock , especially burdock for tricking me into thinking he was milkweed ☺
I know my plants , my friends .They are a part of my world .

So in the wild garden what looks like a big mess perhaps , even kaos to some  I find that which I love , the little ones . beautiful special small . Delight to the senses .


So vibrant & deep

Malo reminds me of tea parties & flowing dresses

little jump ups are like lively little sprites

Poppies a plenty

Calendula smiles

Cosmos a meadow breeze

Poppies charms are from gardens of olde

Zinnea the joy of little sisters ☺

Plenty of friends drop in and feel at home

Fairy Gardens

and fairy houses


and Jack cool off in the garden shade

The wild garden produces nourishment such as Lemon Balm

Wild Mint too


for our children's tummies

collecting seeds for cake & tea

Tomatoes which dh loves

Come a plenty from the garden he claims not to love

A flower surprise makes a salad dance in delight

Harvest means Beet Borscht and

A Grape Leaf Feast !