Thursday, July 15, 2010

House Blessing & Cleansing

Of course I began this post ages ago and meant to have far more time to sit peacefully and write .
 I have rushed into the city for 2 days to pick up items for two fairs I am setting up a display table at . So I think I best at least get this post written down so people can visit and get the general idea on what is involved in cleansing & blessing the home & surrounding area.
Cleansing & Blessing the home is a wonderful refreshing gift . We offer this service free of charge as well but of course like to encourage people to try this on their own . We do seasonal blessings &cleansings just as you do spring or fall cleaning . There can be casting out cleansings just as we do getting out loads of items for the second hand or doing a cleansing fast of the body , mind & spirit . There may also have been an event which took place such as a birth or death in the family that one may feel the need to have a home blessed & cleansed .
 A home / yard blessing can take from 1-2 hrs depending on that which is needed as well as the size of the living & outdoor areas .
So what is involved in the cleansing & blessing . Well it is a spiritual service that is for certain . Next I tell people I will not bother to do a home blessing if the people themselves have not gone to the effort to clean the their  home or that of their loved ones first . It does not mean your home need be spotless , spic & span . No but it is pointless to give the medicine if the patient is not going to also take the steps to get well in all areas of their lives . The same goes for a home blessing . I cannot come in and cleanse a home of a hoarder unless they are taking the steps to tackle their home also.
 Prayer is always #1 of course . I pray after speaking to the home owner etc. what is needed , wanted , going on etc. Then pray pray pray ☺ from here will be chosen what smudges etc. to use .
 I am a silent prayer person but am also working on bringing a drum along , however my busy dh is far to busy right now to make me my drum , however when he does guaranteed it is going to be very special ☺
 For now below are some pics and descriptions of what goes into blessing & cleansing of a home
 enjoy !

lol first off You need , One Mum & perhaps a bunch of wacky kids

I thoroughly sweep the inside of the dwelling with a small hand held broom. This represents getting those old cobwebs , spirits etc. out . Get the air stirring from top to bottom ☺

 We then head outdoors to sweep the yard , don't forget to open those gates and close them again ☺
 this is a broom from the Philippines and India made from coconut , dh wants to start making the small corn brooms for people from local home grown broom corn ( yes he has great ideas )

 we have a variety of items & tools for this process
such as holy water , salt & oil

 I then walk around the home and yard to bless with holy water , oil & salt
 water blesses

while oil binds & protects

 salt is used in protection & purification as well
 I then will smudge the home and yard if the person requests this . not everyone can handle smoke inside due to allergies, asthma & those smoke detectors so I may just leave a small bowl of smudge indoors on a table or altar & then smudge the outside areas.

as mentioned before we make up seasonal & personal smudges

 I also may bring along my special prayer box
 which contains other items I may need to use such as lighting a prayer candle etc.
prayers used come from many beautiful holy sources
I love Celtic Spirituality very much
 and of course many aboriginal prayers

as well as those good old standbys

in our home I like to replace salt in these cute little containers I find at least twice per yr. I place one in each of the rooms upon the windowsills . As well depending on the season I also hang wild mint for summer months above the doorways & cedar come fall & winter .
 These are also options we are happy to help people with and offer several spiritual services which I shall write about in upcoming posts .
 so for now my little adventure boy & I are off once again to the lake district to pick wild blueberries and hang out with relatives , dogs etc. I hope this has provided you with some inspiration to try your own personal home blessing & cleansing practices .
Bye for now ☺
 I felt I should come back here as I've had quite a few people visit this section and ask me again about blessing & cleansing homes.

If you feel in need of a priest then we by all means should call in a Priest to bless our homes !

I am not here to argue with others if I should or should not be providing this service if you have a problem with take it up with your god because it is a problem between you and creator that does not involve me !

However many people are not catholic nor christian and not open to nor do they feel comfortable having a Pastor or Priest into thier home they are however comfortable having someone like myself or a friend come into thier home to provide a blessing .
I am an intercessor / shaman . I love prayer , it is my spritual work , a part of who I am . I will never ever not be able to pray it is a must for me I also love to share as well as teach prayer to others . I offer it free and many are happy to recieve ☺


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´ve never heard of this before! I can imagine that would help those living there if something sad or bad has happened.

Have a great time picking blueberries!

Anishinaabekwe said...

I am an ex-Catholic but still appreciate certain things from Catholicism such as the angels, saints, mystical and earth based approach. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. It has a very earthy feel and an earth based spiritual connection. I am following your blog now and look forward to reading your future posts. Cheers!

rox said...

Thanks so much Christer & Anishnaabekwe ☺
we've just gotten back again , many berries Christer , I'm selling now and also wild grape leaves . My sil runs an organic catering service .
kids and I have the flu right now so staying home to rest and keep cool for now . it is getting hot for the weekend 32c I think

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi.....a pound of butter equals 4 sticks. so the one stick of butter i used for the dough would equal a quarter pound. hope this helps!

VintageSage said...

Hi Rox! Thank you for stopping by The Vintage Sage so I could discover your lovely blog(s)!! I love your step by step on smudging and I shall do that to my home now even though I didn't do it when I first moved in, in January. Eeek! I love your Apothecary shoppe as well! I will add you to my blogroll so I can see you update. Many blessings!! xoxo