Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hair Care

I always loved the story of Rapunzel

I have always been passionate about my hair ☺ & was thinking as I worked on hair the other evening maybe this would be a good time to write a short bit about hair care .
 I am not one for chemical dyes or blow dryers. not saying I never did try it as a teen I was like any other I had to try dying my hair jet black at least once . I think it may have been my blond roommate in the group home turning her hair green via using black dye that turned me off lol
 Of course the punk movement in the late seventies also had its influences I went a turquoise on the ends of my locks one summer that was my last dye job . as I mentioned we all are apt to stray every now and then ☺

It is just in my nature to be natural since childhood being as close to who I was created as possible and that meant my long dark hair ☺
every now and then I'd wear a barrette or braids but I have always preferred my hair flowing .
 As I got older I was influenced by culture very much . I like to braid my hair with pieces of leather or beads , cane rows are nice  too . My mother being 1/2 Lebanese inherited that course curly hair and I have always been aware of the harsh reality women who were not of white European ancestry struggled with their hair issues.

One of my main influences in hair care have been that of east Indian & middle eastern women . I was introduced to hair oils & hennas via this influence .
 Over the yrs. now learning the uses of the different oils & hennas , which for different hair types etc.
 There are also many wonderful books I have learned herbal tips , what herbs to use during pregnancy , perimenopause etc. For those who experience hair loss because of hormones I can testify Wild Yam works !!
 When I was younger I used Jasmine hair oil quite a bit . My two daughters & I would henna our hair quite often I think Jasmine was a stubborn 3 yrs. when she insisted she partake in henna experience like her older big sis ☺ We had fun braiding , trying rags & old fashioned curlers .
 as I get older I like my grey silver hair so have chosen not to colour it & also find the henna drying .
 I am now looking for new herbs that aboriginal peoples used here . I of course also wanted to find more local oils as not to be importing ingredients from afar in order to have healthy hair.
There are many herbs which grow here such as burdock , nettle etc. which make wonderful rinses for hair .
 I personally make my won hair oil . I make mine with olive oil , rosemary & lavender . I try to apply this once per month , usually during the full moon as I am often up anyway ☺
 I also like to time this say on a wed. so I can leave it in until the Saturday .
 I am working on making different hair oils for different hair types. chamomile/daisy for light haired , calendula , geranium for reds , some other flowers and herbs , thyme , basil , nasturtium perhaps .
 I make oil by placing oil , herbs, flowers in a clean air tight bottle . place in sun for up to two weeks . I just shake the bottle every now and then . It comes out wonderfully !
 Coat hair dry not wet . A tip a good friend told me , when removing oil after 3 days coat hair with shampoo before wetting this also helps.
 I use very mild shampoos because I have eczema . The one type of soap & shampoo I can always use is goat milk . It is wonderful and I do hope some day to make our own ☺
after shampooing I also love to rinse my hair in a clean water rinse and one of the most lovely rinses is rose water . Orange blossom water is nice too . Rose water is soothing & cooling .
 For daily hair care I both brush & comb my hair . I use sweet almond oil in the morning for day use . I also have a mini spray bottle I spray my own personal mix of essential oils ( lavender & orange ) & water to my hair before brushing .After that I can braid or leave loose for the day. At night I again brush & comb before bed , in winter months I may reapply a bit of oil or just comb rose water threw my hair. In summer months right now I add each evening aloe vera . I just apply it by hand then comb threw . As I said due to hormones now in my late forties my hair is changing . I find it suffers much more from lack of moisture so I try and rehydrate it each day if possible .
 As I said I get my info from many sources from wonderful people who like me are trying to choose non harmful ways to stay healthy , this includes things like our hair care .

Just a few healthy hair moments to share with You ☺


Melodie said...

Great post! Most people have no idea how toxic every day hair care can be!I have trouble with dry hair...the hair oil sounds like something I may try,thanks.

Rue said...

Just a little FYI - I saw a preview for a new Disney animated movie...they are doing Rapunzel!

It looks really cute!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Great Post Sister Love and cute pics of you and the babes!

My hair is going grey now of course and I have taken to only washing it about every three days unless I need to be somewhere important and then I'll give in but I let my natural oils come out as much as possible. I don't use dyes, sprays or any other thing on my hair. I have never been able to grow long hair either, lol. It is so fine, being blonde that I probably wouldn't look good with long hair anyway but I love those who can wear long hair!

You have a good day and I will get your things off to you in the mail in the morning! :)

Blessings Sweet Lady!

rox said...

Thank You all You are so sweet ☺
I'm going to look up that movie now Rue !
Melodie I think You'll like the hair oil . safflower & sweet almond are nice and gentle for daytime oils .
lol Akasa funny how we are all different I just couldn't stand short hair mostly because everyone thought I was a boy ! I've a friend who works best with short short hair as she too has very thing hair it cracks and tangles so much when long . Thanks so much
Love rox