Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Violet or two

Yes , anyone who knows me also knows how much I love eating flowers ☺ yes I do ! One of the first flowers we get up here are the wild violets after the good old hardy crocus of course .
 I went off on my mothers day weekend just myself with our 3 dogs  picking wild violets . I was just going to dry them as I always do but then remembered seeing the candied version online before .
One yr I made my mother a lemon cake for mothers day and decorated it with fresh violets . Well I then learned people crystallize flowers for exactly this purpose ! So I looked up the basic recipe and most seem to be the same all use egg white wash and then a fine sugar of some type .
 It was extremely easy but slow . Also I did discover one should have a bowl of water nearby for your sticky fingers ☺
 I so looking forward to trying other flowers like lilac , pansy & rose !  I think most of all I get excited because of course all these flowers mean spring / summer are really here ! lol after 2 weeks of rain and up here we do wonder if snow may still be in the forecast . Well yes the little violet is most promising . I hope you enjoy the pics below and she is so very beautiful .

believe it or not this is a lot of wild violets and took several hrs of locating & picking

Prepare an egg white wash & fine sugar & a paint brush . I used parhment paper but wax paper would work best

Be sure and have a bowl of warm water handy to rinse your fingers as they will get sticky , a tea towl too

I only got half the batch done yesterday .It is a fun & easy craft but a time taker

and so worth the time , yes they are yummy !


Millie said...

I had heard of doing this, but I've never had the patience to try it. After hearing how yummy they are, I might have to try it.

Melodie said...

I have never tried this does look yummy ! How beautiful a cake would look decorated with these!

rox said...

Yes , I'm not kidding how easy it is to do but does take time . You know me I'm a slowpoke so I love this type of activity ;-)