Monday, May 17, 2010

Mothering Month of May Giveaway

Mothering Giveaway ! Easy to enter just leave a comment or email me  . Feel free to enter for yourself as well as any friends or family members you think would enjoy this gift pack . Entries start now May 17th and end on  Fri May 28th .
Thanks a bunch !

Yep , I'm having another giveaway celebrating the May the Month of Mothering !  I was so excited about this giveaway because I get to share a most wonderful book with someone ☺
 I found

This most beautiful book at the secondhand a month ago and knew right away It had to be in a Mothering giveaway . It is in absolute perfect condition except for a inscription in the front cover as it was a gift to someone . I am in love with this book Mother's Nature    I did try and find it on google reader but did not have any luck but amazon has the samples and reviews are all a big thumbs up !

Next is once again another copy of The Compleat Mother  it is a winter issue but I found 3 extra copies in my keepsake trunk  so I'm happy to share .

I can't resit sharing my tea can with you . My dd gave this to me it was her deceased father's tea canister and exactly like my Grandmothers . I love it !
So next up is

Very yummy blend of Ceylon , Lavender & Rose tea for your enjoyment hopefully being able to drink while reading the book ☺

This is one of my fav blends and very calming
exactly 30g
Next is a wonderful sage stick or what I call Kateri incense ☺ us it as decoration or as your daily smudge

After that we have a 16oz bag of our bath salts for that relaxing tub . The Winners choice out of 3 scents we have lavender / rose , orange cedar , & lemon chamomile .  

Next is our own wild mint clay facial mask which we have many wonderful compliments on .
 Feel free to enter for Yourself and also any friends You may know who would like this gift pack .

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