Saturday, May 1, 2010

May ~ A Month of Mothering Giveaway

Entries begin today May 1st & draw to be on Friday May 14th Yes , we are having some lovely motherly giveaways for the month of May ! I hope you will partake & send on the invitation to all your mum friends . We are starting of the month in preparation for that new baby and spoiling that new mum to be ;-)
All that is need from you is to either send us off an e-mail or post in the comment box at the end of this post . As mentioned in some of my earlier posts this is a fav book of mine both in the prenatal faze as well as in child/ infant care . The author Susun Weed is one of my favs and I have all her books . This book I wore out 3 copies and my last I have to keep together with a rubber band that is how well used it is !This is a very special treat ! A copy of the Compleat Mother ! issue winter/spring 1991 .Hard to believe 1991 is getting ole ! This was in the later yrs of the home based mag . Put out by Catherine Young a forerunner in the breastfeeding advocacy & homebirth world .
Next is that wonderful pregnancy mix of red raspberry , red clover & nettle . This is a must in strengthening the uterus , keeping baby healthy & proving much needed vitK . My fav way to prepare this tea is to steep 20min at a minimum & let cool .I like to drink with a pinch of honey or my fav with organic cranberry juice ;-) This is not featured in the main pic above because I did not want to get chamomile seeds all over the other items ;-) This is dried chamomile stalks & flowers used to make up a wonderful soothing bath tea . Just bring a pot of water to boil , turn off , add chamomile then steep up to 20min . strain and add to your tub . Comes wrapped in brown paper .
Yes Coconut oil ! You know I absolutely love promoting the use of coconut oil for pregnant bellies and infant massage ! I never suffered from one stretch mark ! Yes I have birthed 6 children ! So that is saying something . Of course not gaining to much excess weight also helped but I attribute my skin being so pliable to applying oil regularly weather having bathed or not my belly got its daily rub ;-)
As you can see from the pic this brand new homemade receiving blanket is exactly one meter large ! We do not like those piddly mini rags the stores sell as receiving blankets . As in aboriginal & Lebanese custom babies are always wrapped firmly . I remember my great auntie Pansy coming over and being horrified my new baby Natasha was all thrown about loosely in her blanket . She grabbed her and wrapped her so tight ! I always go off in my second last month or so and buy a few meters of flannel and sew up a few big 1 meter receiving blankets .
I couldn't resist buying this happy pattern , hope you like it too !

Lastly , again I am a sucker for cotton ! I found these cute mini baby under type shirts at the dollar store while searching for dog chews lol . I couldn't resit buying just one for the giveaway .


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

What lovely items, Roxie! Thanks for the opportunity!

Chris said...

Woinderful, wonderful :) Thank you!

CasualCrafter said...

Oh, reading about this giveaway while nursing my youngest to sleep, and realizing that mother's day is approaching, makes me ever so thankful for being a mother (x4 ... so far). Thank you!

rox said...

Oh Thank You All for entering ! You made my day ;-)

patooty said...

so beautiful. Ladies please pray for my pregnancy after 4 losses in a row.