Friday, May 28, 2010

Mary & Inspiring Tea Gardens

As I sit down to write this we are preparing to leave to Gramma's place for 4 days . It is raining but it is so beautiful there even in the rain . Rain always reminds me of my Grandmother's place . The cottage would become dark inside . Often she'd make her hermit cookies and even light the woodstove . The smells like creeping charlie , sounds like rain dropping from the eves into the rain barrel or my fav birhc leaves in the wind that is one of my fav sounds because I can hear the leaves flutting sound while lying in bed the birch trre right out my window .
 Anyway garden , yes I've been working on my little fairy garden / sacred heart garden &  
Mary garden . I have decided to rename my herbal flower garden to a tea garden ☺ My image of a tea garden is one of flowers herbs , butterflies & bees . My Grandmother also loved her gardens . She had a lovely garden under a grand birch in her yard it had her blue iris and daffodils . In the center of the fountation of the her old log home which burned she built a fish pond & garden which still houses her special lily .
 I love the imagination , vision & the right to believe all is possible especially when it comes to a garden ☺My idea for a tea garden was really boosted when I went off with my gal pals Mary & Summer to Sage Garden Herbs !  When I walked in my two fav herbs were filling the air with their lovely presence Lavender & Rosemary . Do You know they offer a Lavender Wintering Service ! Wow !
  I am so inspired being me when I visit places like this I urge You to visit those places that are local near You , the small local family herbs farms etc. I am also inspired by beautiful people who help others in learning more about herbal knowledge just by giving & giving such as Susan Wittig Albert , 
 Susun Weed  and those who help us long after they have left this world like my grandmother such as Tasha Tudor  &  my fav all time wisewoman & herbalist Juliette Levy . 
 So I looked up a tea graden online & basically a tea garden is an inspirational garden a pleasure garden one to sit , walk through and enjoy the delights .    I am trying to inspire ds22 to begin his own Japanese tea garden because he has that Asian flare ☺ I watched a show about inspiring gardens on vision tv about a remarkable Canadian fellow who was inspired by Japanese tea gardens in his own healing going on to bring these to others . He is now a well known tea garden designer and helps inspire programs to help elderly with Alzheimer's and other people in need of healing with these gardens .
    So I am planning on taking the Summer months off , popping in for the odd giveaway now and then but really wish to enjoy the summer months with dh & children & of course my plants need me too ☺ as I need them . below are just a few of our springtime beginning pictures and I shall post more come late summer as she grows with summer rains & sunny days . Enjoy

This is a pic of my front step which gets quite a bit of shade because of our gorgeous Elms along the streetside .I planted a fern in our old mailbox inspired by friend Mary ☺

This was my sacred heart garden with Gramma's blue iris but over the last 3 yrs the clay in the soil has taken over as well as the quack grass and it is just so hard on the plants . So my sil Summer donated a huge shipment of manure soil for us . I have been placing it on all the flower beds and potted plants .

We have lilies in many colours . and day lilies as well . Columbine , wild mint , Veronica too .

You can see the soil is just so cracked and rock hard . I'm surprised Columbine has done this well . I like to plant parsley , sweetgrass , lovage ,sage  flowers like poppies ,chamomile , malo & zinnea .

Many potted plants like Oleander , lavender & rosemary . Basil is also a fav . Try using old china , tea pots , even old washtubs as inspiring eye opening exhibits for your garden

It just looks so much better after adding that soil and now that it is raining the garden is so lush & shiny .

You can see Comfrey doing so well now along the back fence .

This is our little fairy home cottage . I stripped the old cupboard doors down and Mary's twin girls helped me glue on the new pics . I will collect moss while out at Mum's place to cover the floor . I shall also plant purple & white opium poppies around it along with a few malo too ☺

As mentioned before we are blessed as city people to have such a big garden at home . Many people have to rent garden space & drive in order to have access to garden so yes we feel blessed . I have dedicated each of the boys a section of garden this yr . and am happy to already seeing such positive results . They have always helped with the gardening but this time the idea was a bit different . They are totally in charge . That goes from selection of seeds & plants to also the layout & design . We are also studying different gardening techniques such as native American & botany in our Homeschool which you can see our summer reading selections and a few ideas on our Homeschool Blog

Here Wise Owl begins his planting

 Adventure Boy choose one of his favourite plants Dusty Miller

Dad has been a big help in the gardening skills dept. ☺

Yes, even Sharon the magic cat loves the garden , lol I catch her sleeping inside the fairy houses all the time too on hot summer days ☺
This was my general Mary garden which You can see has now evolved into a very specific Mary Guadalupe garden ☺

My dear friend Mary gave me this for my birthday in January and I knew right away where I was going to place it it is so beautiful I just had to share .

I am looking for a vine which likes shade to climb up the stick I've placed on the right there . ideas ?

This was another birthday gift from dh

Ok I guess I am special because this statue was also a gift from my friend Sarah ☺
see the little MX fish at her feet well , yes, a gift from Mary again as well ☺ I planted portulaca at her feet hoping to get some good vibrant colour into the garden .


Millie said...

The gardens are absolutely beautiful. I just love all the flowers and herbs. I can hardly wait for school to be out so I can spend so much more time in my gardens.

rox said...

Oh Thank You Millie ! we are now waiting on the rain to stop so we can get in the gardens to weed ☺
I do like wedding it is very calming & slow work 7 one can take note of new things in the garden while weeding .