Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Crock !

lol hehe , no this is not an article about a bunch of bull ;-) I couldn't resist though .
Yes, I also couldn't resist purchasing this large large crock while out yesterday picking up my new mismatched set of ceramic mixing bowls . ds9 & I drove an hr. out of the city to do this purchase and what finds we found , one of them being this old #10 crock !
So as you can see I already had a #4 crock that had been my Gramma's . I keep my potatoes & onions in it . The #4 was a big crock to me , I'd never seen such a size before !
So my question now is , what on earth do I do with this thing ? I'm thinking flour bags ? what did the pioneers do with a crock this big ? I mean I can hardly move the thing empty !
So ideas ? what do you all think ?


Jane G Meyer said...

Holy Smokes! Ran across your blog on a search for all things St. Brigid. That's the largest crock jar I've ever seen. My son would fill it with balls, my husband would fill it with fava beans from our garden which are bursting forth EVERYWHERE, my daughter would play in it, and I would find the biggest sunflowers around and make a huge display of them in the middle of my house!

Long ago, I wonder if they didn't keep it full of sourdough starter... Or potatoes... What a find :)

Millie said...

I believe they would have been used for pickling things. It would also work for a primary vessel for making wine.

rox said...

Oh Jane , I hope you found ST.Brigid ok if not here on another .
There is a blog I follow a lady who does just celtic saints .I think her blog is titled Under The Oak .
lol yes is that not the sort of thing a wee one would love to play in ! or our cat would curl up in .
Millie , I have heard back now from fb friends that yes it is normally used for kraut recipes or wine making . I am allergic to wine but my dh loves it would it not be a treat if I went to the effort to make him wine ;-)
he also is a huge fan of kraut . I'm thinking the latino version of cortido .
I will keep you posted !

Texan said...

either crock would be great for fermenting!

sauerkraut or pickles ... could do a big batch then can them :O)...

Lovely crocks!!