Friday, March 5, 2010

Trusting that which is given

This was such a freeing day , sage picking

This can be the biggest and hardest habit to put into place can it not ! It is an early spring here which means in Manitoba melty & gross . Well that is for in the city , of course out in the country dirt is dirt lol here it is gravel mixed with pollution and salt . Pot hole season is big here because of erosion from weather & salt added all winter long .
So not to dwell on that but because I've got all my seeds planted and garden ideas all set I thought I'd focus on the Trusting that which is given . This in regards to my herbal knowledge , lack there of etc. and just the best way to live our lives for us as a family. Took me awhile to get here and have the time to write but does it ever seem the appropriate moment . Why ? Well I am being asked to be as calm and patient as can be Trust ! Why ? because this week we may actually become the homeowners of an restored 1930's farmhouse ! Yes a farm ! It appears to be perfect for us . It is in an area of our province that is not highly priced as of yet . The property has house , double garage , heated workshop , barn , a bio tech tent thing , pond , chicken coop , and get this a summer kitchen ! All this and it borders crown land and provincial forest ! So dh may have his farming ventures , a workshop for trucks etc. and most of all I thought he can set up his drum kit & a band room for him & the kids ! Of course I'm looking at the cute little cottage of a summer kitchen and thinking of it being a writers cabin although I think granny cottage is appropriate for me . Flower boxes and such , a bed for summer nights ;-) The kids can do snowshoeing , cross country skiing etc.
Ok so that is my imagination , my dreamy romantic side lol reality is This farm is not ours as of yet . I need to trust if it is meant to be , yes we need to take the steps but if it is meant to be , it will all fall into place . I have not felt this way since we , well purchased this home 17 yrs ago .It feels that intense .
So yes Trust , where does this fit into me , who I am & herbal knowledge . I think if we are naturally trusting of intuition ( intuition is not a feeling but rather spirit led ) , the natural world comes very easy for us to fit into . Accepting things as they are in their real state . Not trying to reproduce , like trying to make a carrot when you already have the real thing , the new made up carrot may look like a carrot , may taste like a carrot ,smell like a carrot but in the end it is never truly a carrot .
lol now that was deep , and maybe didn't even make sense ;-)
I am a person who trusts the natural world far more then the world of man , the world Creator created not the world man made up . Of course man has been inspired and we are most definitely led by God but we tend to add much into the mix that is pure distraction . That is and always has been just who I am . I trust a black bear far more then I would a human being .
People put all kinds of things in there way , to hide who they are and distract themselves from becoming themselves. Most of the time this is a result of wanting to fit in . Belonging for who we are is very different then belonging to please others , be cool , out of competition etc. Ultimately we cannot move on or grow if we are unaware of where to place our true trust in ;-)
So this is me . For some reason I am very at home with plants , the forest etc. It makes sense from my upbringing as well . Some things come natural but others do not and somethings , well , nope I'm just not meant to partake in that ;-) . Get this we do not need to know it all or do it all . I cannot knit what so ever besides a scarf lol I do however love bead work and
hand sewing . I have a feeling I'm going to absolutely love needle felting as well I have always loved the idea of having goats and am getting such a kick out of the many goats online these days . However I may not be meant to raise goats what so ever . It doesn't mean I don't give it a go though . I am a risk taker in a positive way ;-) No harm in trying my hand at goating what so ever .
The same goes for herbs , working with etc. I honestly think we discover where our callings are quite by goof it up, fall on our face , most of the time . I am just meant to work with herbs etc. I was thinking of my dear friend who is also a midwife . She is well established and mostly teaches now . I am indeed called to be a midwife in some capacity but no where near in the same way she is . I can birth our children at home on my own , I can be there for spiritual midwife for support for my friends but I am in no way nor will I ever be called to be a full term midwife nor a medical one at that . Just as my friend is not called to work with herbs . People assumed because she is a midwife she must know about herbs etc. No it was when pregnant with my 5th child I also had made the assumption .I mean here was my dear friend a midwife close to spirit , the moon , she must be close to the world of herbs . Nope . She in fact twice recommended to women herbs I knew to be in fact harmful during pregnancy and I had to tell her so . It in fact could heighten the risk to miscarriage . I in fact after the birth of our ds gave her as I always do a gift .This time I gave her a copy of a herbal pregnancy book . So she will of course educate and grow to know more in order to help others but she in no way is meant to spend her time on growing , collecting using herbs as her main work .

I cannot stress enough how we need to realize how we do not know it all , and as we age we realize we know less & less ;-) a good teacher , a wise teacher always realizes they will forever be the student as well . Forever learning it never stops . My mother grew up in the forest as did her father and grandparents etc. As I walk with my soon to be 80 yo mother she points out plants to me etc. She always will acknowledge how much she is still learning and does not know ;-) I also cannot say how important the gift of elders are . I have always been placed with beautiful wise elderly people be they the man I'd watch whittling on my great aunties store front or the little ladies at church . I love love love to listen to the old . I always have . In my teen yrs even , although I wish I'd spent more time with my gramma I am grateful I did not dislike being with her . Our children are even more respectful then I ever was . They love their gramma & great aunties have also taught them alot . It is very important for me to remain isty bisty , small , insignificant in order to learn and grow . I am average it is God who is extraordinary . Does that make sense ?
So knowing how do I know stuff . I try not to much to talk of spirituality on this blog but I cannot not talk about knowledge given is by God. Be it via people , vision , books . If You are on the right track it all falls into place . I love this example and this is how He works with me so often . All I am doing is being open to be the vessel to allow the info to come in ;-)
Last yr. I was driving with dh . I was praying about his health again . He works with very toxic substances in his work as an industrial painter . This is an ongoing issue for us as cancer is a very big reality for us. Our goal is to move and he be eventually after 2-3 yrs be able to start up his own construction / carpentry business and do a hobby sustainable farming etc.
So The thought , or the message comes to me , what saint is he named after ? Robert ? is there indeed a saint Robert ? If so maybe I best pray to him to help intercede on dh behalf ;-) so I do . That week a few days later I wrote to a wonderful lady friend who is so gifted in regards to catholic religion & herbs at the same time . I wrote to her my question about a ST.Robert by chance . well , what do you think ! Yes there is indeed a ST.Robert and get this there is a herb named after him and get this , what is the herb used for ? Cleansing the blood , adding oxygen to the blood stream , it is also now I've found in further research becoming more popular in cancer treatment ! So what do you think I should do ? pretend this isn't happening ? Nope not me , I trust . I believe . So for me , and my Wiccan sil will agree I am in absolutely no doubt a catholic because this is how He works with me . Who I am and created to be ;-) This is how the good is always sent to me etc. I of course have my fav witchy green books , Ayurveda books , etc. yet always when it comes down to it I am always doing my work when I am being the catholic I am called to be .
So if I am asked to go off and pick a juniper tree , I at first will not know the reason , just the calling , is so very strong , I instinctively know inside of me as a part of me , this is what I am to do . We end up doing by being , is that not so beautiful . I am definitely adding motherwort & robertwort to our perennial garden this yr. !
Also I know only a few trees , herbs etc. I do not have the need nor want to know ever Chinese , Indian, and Mediterranean herb , plant , method etc. I find more so I am being asked to focus on what has been given here and even then working slowly with a few herbs plants & trees at a time . I am so capable of overload lol this comes usually in the form of books . Yes herbal books . It is best to only have 2-3 books at one time . If I take out 20 from the library , well my mind & life get muddled . Simplicity is the key to learning in our lives for us as a family it is no different for kids or adults. lol I had to laugh today when I visited one of my fav homeschool forums .There is a ongoing discussion on simplicity and I clicked on it and read half into the first post and it was so complicated and unsimplified my head spun ! Creator is simple it is people who complicate life up and add all the stuff into it . Even a discussion on simplicity becomes overwhelming ;-)
I also feel it is important to clarify I do not nor ever will consider myself in line with clinical herbalists I consider myself fully a lay person and always will . I feel each has a role there are professional lay people as well as those who go a more conventional route .

I am taking the rest of March off after I work on adding a few good links to our sidebars . This is the time of yr. we take our annual trip to watch Gramma's house mid march to beginning April . As well as you read a top if we do purchase this farm , well , you can see why I am in need of family time . Mean while I'm revisiting all the great homesteading blogs & websites out there enjoying connecting and learning from others is such a blessing & a gift . Thank You all This is the old homestead of my great grandparents , my mothers cousin has said we may have it if we would like to turn it into a cottage at some point . I think I shall take him up on this venture this summer perhaps .

I know I've posted this before . I just love the simplicity of it

This was/ is my elder friend Eva from church . She reminded me of my Gramma Grace in character as well as appearance . She continues to be a beautiful teacher to me even in her passing two yrs ago this May.


Texan said...

Great post!

rox said...

Thank You !

jaz@octoberfarm said...

terrific post! i would soooo take the cabin and fix it up. it would be wonderful! i love projects like that!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

haha!!! any kind of pierogies are good by me! we have a huge eastern European group here and almost every church has groups that make them. they are so popular though, that you must order them far in advance. i decided long ago it was easier to make them myself. they aren't hard but they are time consuming.

rox said...

Oh Jaz like I said I get hungry almost everytime I visit your blog ! Yes the time thing is my issue but I can see maybe if I attempted in winter months . plus the one time I did try and make the perogies I had 4 children all under the age of 8 yo lol it was a very busy time !