Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Natural Blends , Teas & Smudges

This is my winter herbal mix . I change it up a bit depending on season , health concerns etc. for example I add a lot of willow for winter months because of arthritis . I almost always have uterine herbs such as raspberry, clover & nettle . Birch is a highly valued tree as well thrown into the mix . As I've written before on mother wort she is my female allie right now . I also add in rose hips we pick each autumn & some of that marvelous Hibiscus .

I was thinking this might be a nice topic for March . Still stuck indoors I've been reading much again on aromatherapy and making herbal tea mixes for give aways etc. One of my fav authors on aromatherapy is Jeanne Rose . She is quite well known so your library should have her books . I also am very interested in signing up for a few herbal courses via Susun Weed. As some of you know she is also one of my fav authors . I was going to title this herbal but then I as you know use a lot of tree sources as well so natural seemed much more appropriate .

This is a pregnancy herbal mix of organic red rasp, nettle & red clover I am preparing for our give aways. Some of our smudges & incense are done in dried stick form . I love to pick sage each summer and hand wrap it . I make up small , medium & larger sticks . This past summer we made up 300 mini for our dd wedding guest give away bags On our midwinter stove top I have cedar , balsam & juniper simmering right now . I truly learned the art of aromatherapy from my grandmother & mother . This is an old family tradition originally done on the wood stove or fire . My mother brought it along to the modern age be it placing a pan on the electric stove top or a balsam bough in the over on low . Our children love to find spruce gum and throw it on the fire it often makes a beautiful colourful flame as well as a wonderful aroma .

I pick many roses off my home apothecary rose bush & in the wild homemade smudges are beautiful . They help remind us of who we are truly called to be spiritually both in the effect given by scent and by the items selected as representation of who we are etc. I have a beautiful mix with spruce , rose , copal to name a few as the list can get quite extensive based on ones own personal tastes.

One can use homemade incense in blessing & cleansing of the home & yard

The use of herbs , trees , flowers is also done via the art of herbal bathing which works via aromatherapy & medicinally .We also make up personal spirit bags . These work great for an activity in our children's natural  class when we focus on the topic of  Spirit. Nicholas Black Elk inspired us along on this one ;-) I let the children have a chance to look at , smell and give a brief description of different items . They can choose a cloth that they are drawn to and items which help them connect to  Spirit . As they take a big whiff of their spirit bag this will often help clear the mind and give confidence once again of whom they are called to be etc.

I love bead work and have tried to make each of our children a bag to carry their own mix when possible .


jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg...those bead work bags are fabulous. i love sage smudge sticks!

rox said...

Thank You jaz ! I love doing slow work lol I'm very slow worker , beadwork and hand sewing are such great therapy for me . I think the sage is extra special for me because just me & the girls go off to pick in this home over run by males, girl time is most valued ;-)

Melodie said...

The bags are beautiful!I love reading about your knowledge of herbs.I so wish I had had some one to teach me these things growing up.I am slowly learning some things now,it is never too late I guess!

rox said...

Oh Melodie , I am just getting ready to write about Trusting what is given ;-)
Reemember I know nothing what so ever of goats . In fact if I ever get one I may find I am horrid at the stuff lol .
Also remember I am a granny now . I have a dd who will be 29 next month ! most of all remember , stay in who you are !
later , off to swimming , library etc.

Texan said...

so much knowledge you have on these topics... I will be back. I am trying to learn more about herbs and their uses ...