Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Natural , Simple Living

This is the time of yr. I always say if people wish to have drudgery during lent move to MB. ! well truly it is grey and kinda mucky outside .There is much to be thankful for , much to plan ahead for , much inspiration from memories of springs, summers & autumns past . All keep us in the here and now . This is also the time of yr. we often feel most called to remember how we wish to try our best at living naturally & simply . Yes try our best , because we have and do just as anyone is capable of fall into the trap of materialism . Especially in the yrs of raising children .I know full well the pressures we can face be they from commercial main stream society or the fundamentalist stuff organic in your face crowd .

Balance is the key . So if you have to resort to using disposable diapers when you are looking after your preemie in the hospital while still trying to raise a house full of children hey we get it . My natural friend Sunshine got me hooked on pine sol so we all have our weaknesses . In fact it was my chemical sensitivity which in a way became my blessing , reminding me of what dh & I had slowly slipped away from .

However we always have turned to natural sources for medicinal , spiritual , physical needs first . I was thinking how some may assume this is just for country folk or perhaps only the hip cool urban crowd . No just look to your own grandparents or great grandparents perhaps. My own mother only served us porridge and brown bread even though it was her generation which was striving for conscience . I just finished watching the doc. about the Paskowitz family and their motto of eat clean / live clean sure was on spot . I won't even touch on their failures as we all have them ;- )

I do know the whole wave or fad to be green , eat natural etc. is big . Some I know it seems even phony . I know people who have dyed their hair with toxic cancer causing dyes , buy flowers at walmart etc. and yet call themselves natural witches . everyone wants to fit in somewhere , everyone wants to be cool at some point in their lives. So I think well isn't it better the ignorant are at least trying . Even if it is kind of fakey & pretend . Hey maybe in amongst the Doritos they will throw in stony field yogurt they bought at walmart ;-) so once again trying , education is key especially for our younger generation .

I do feel we need to try and return to more local & organic sources and at least become conscience of how our food has arrived at our table . I find this at times a struggle as I begin to open our own small business. Do I offer organic henna ? A plant which has had to travel using pollutants in order to get here ? Or rather do I find a good local plant source which I can grow , harvest and turn into healthy product right here ? I know in my heart I need to opt for the later ;-)

Most of all what I love about our natural life is that it is in the end just being , just existing with who we are for real . Don't get me wrong . I am also seeing how we can and I being one of the biggest romantics out there , romanticize often the simple life . My grandparents and even my parents lives were simple because yes it took 4-5 hrs to make bread , to collect kindling for a week can take a whole day etc. so all one could do was the simple and it had to be done well or the outcome could mean disaster for the family on a whole .

Yet I do still believe living in simplicity is the best option . It is just who we are and when we thrive the most . Right now I am truly enjoying visiting many of the wonderful homesteading blogs out there and reved up via my sil to try the backyard flock idea ! Who knows we may get that goat after all ! Urban farming is an option ! In natural & simple living we are always forever evolving and growing . Open to progress and change but in a truly real and healthy way which will enrich our lives and lifestyle .

Below are some ways in which we choose to live out our natural existence . enjoy .

When thinking of diet , look for healthy choices in cookbook options . Try and buy local , then organic . If you truly try and not add in junky prepackaged foods , your grocery bill will be no more then before . Try making your own mayo , salad dressings , ketsup , condiments , make your own chips & crackers .

You never know what you can find at the local thrift . We rarely buy new . Be it footwear or jackets our country has an over abundance of stuff there is no need for people to go without .

once again fresh & natural sources , yum yum, be they flowers
or grape leaves , make a very good meal .

there are many ways to make natural home & beauty products such as smudges hair oils and facial masks

natural play is always our first option
learning & growing in what has always been given to us seasons are one of the most wonderful learning tools add to your life that which brings joy from natural sources

Just Be You We use natural sources to inspire be this our prayer time churches do not need be golden temples we love our natural prayer spots giving thanks & blessings

We look for old items to use in the garden etc. to inspire our surroundings

I really try not to purchase plastic / petroleum based products as it has now become a disposable item rather then the first intention plastics were created for . However items we already own or others gift us we try and use and not throw away . My dear friend gave me this statue of Momma Mary She sits above my Mary garden .I found this beautiful piece of willow which is now my new Mary statue we make up a seasonal fairy house using items we already have I love harvesting , ok almost to an obsession .It is just so rewarding for me , the job of preparing .we love to learn and do what we have learned from the old we bring to the new

we also harvest for our woodpile mostly driftwood , dead fall and trees fallen from storms

we have and slowly learn which trees to pick for medicines and the when , where and how to use them . once again using natural items to make beautiful items be it beading toys and natural play when out walking , picking , exploring we feel it is very important to walk softly when possible . follow deer trails etc. We are well aware of damage done by those who feel the need to use the gift of nature in order to sit back drink alcohol , watch satellite tv and drive ATV anywhere and everywhere . Yes ! We believe it is an unhealthy lifestyle ! We do believe ATV has a purpose when used properly by say a farmer checking on livestock or crops , forestry officials updating info etc. however we know first hand the effects and damage caused by ignorant use of this technology .
we prefer to walk during summer or winter as we hope to try anyway . My sil has inspired me to try and not depend on vehicle so often as she has now been months without a car .
I wonder if there is any law against dog sleds in the city ?

I just love this picture of Nelly & Diamond living simple can be hard work for people and animals that is the truth !


Melodie said...

Great post! We too are trying to live with less.Less materialism,less chemicals,less waste.I am trying to learn about our native plants and their uses not just for us but our animals too.So very much to learn! Also ,great pictures!

rox said...

Thank You Melodie . Isn't it hard to stay simple .? Stuff just creeps in ! I seem so oblivious to it too until I'm hit with what seems a truck load of stuff lol