Thursday, October 8, 2009

O Lemon Balm O Lemon Balm

I haven't a clue why but when I say lemon balm o tannenbaum comes into my head lol . Lemon balm is one herb I remember as a child . Must have been my Grandmother who used it because my mother certainly didn't use many herbs as remedies . This spring I ordered seeds to begin growing lemon balm . It did indeed grow ! One plant that is . We had a terrible ditructive spring and summer . Cold , cold and rain , rain plus slugs . I used the small plant for seasonbing fish actually . This was not my intended purpose however for growing the plant . No I wished to try it as an herbal remedy for cold/flue season . So in august I replanted lemon balm seeds and many came up . So I've now about 12 mini little plants growing under the plant light in the basement . I will have to purchase the dried variety for this winter I guess , I would like to try lemon balm as tea but also was thinking it'd also make a nice rub as well . I've never made a homemade rub for chest cold before . So this is an adventure I think is worth stepping into . I'm already ahead of myself thinking I want to order wintergreen plants as well come spring ;-)
Seems lemon balm is also used as a calming herb as well . This makes even more sence now to try it during these winter months cooped up inside we need things to calm the nerves at times

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