Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's Talk Baby

Baby Jasmine August 1986

That would be as in having , caring for ,raising those cute little sweetie pies ;-) I just could not resist posting a pic either of one of our own . She is now 23yo and has her very own sweetie pie . This pictuire was taken on our camping trip out west . It was late summer and mornings were cool already . My dear friend Sunshine had given me this beautiful wool sweater and cap for Jasmine . The bunny was a gift from her big sister and when I gave birth to another girl I knew she needed a Raggedy Anne dolly just like her big sister too .

Pregnant with our #6

I grew up believing a baby is a gift . A treasure so naturally when we began having our own I cherished this time in our lives. I have been blessed with very healthy pregnancies and children . I'm not sure if there is one reason for the " Why " we chose homebirth etc. For myself personally I think it is a combo of I always exposed to the natural via my mother and grandmother . I also came from a family which was always a part of the medical system . One of my major abusive people in my life " helped " women give birth . This person had a hatred for life , children and women so I cannot discount that being one of my major examples influenced my outlook on birth etc. and what not to do ;-)

I was quite young when I became pregnant at 17yo . Yet right from the start this baby was wanted , needed and loved . I had a friend who suggested a midwife . This concept seemed so foriegn to me . Yet my mother told me stories of her cousins etc. all born at home . Many women in the community helped with birthing by my Great Grandmother & aunties . My mother told me how my own grandmother almost lost her life while in hospital after giving birth to my mother . Hospitals have always been places to house the sick and back then one did not wish to stay long for a stay . My grandmother recieved an infection and was in hospital over 3 weeks .

A seed was planted in my head at 17yo to look for the best possible care for my child . My mother whom I was living with found a doctor who indeed helped with homebirths . Yet he said only for the second child . We then learned via his office that his patients could have access to what was called a birthing room . My mother also discoverd a group which was teaching something called Lamaze birthing method . I over the yrs became far closer to my own birthing style but for a 17yo it was a great exposure . To learn how my body was working , how baby was growing , and those exerices still helped me through all my pregnancies ;-) .

I will not post my dd whole birth story now as that can come another day saved just for that . I did have an extremly healthy pregnancy , short and quick delivery without any drugs . Back then IV was not manditory either so I drank a ton of cranberry juice & water . I also learned from my lamaze class that breastfeeding was my main & only option ;-)

I will say when she was born my mother placed a blanket over us so the light was not shining on her eyes . She opened her eyes up so wide . That first time I held one of my own I think will always be one of the most special days in my life .

My dd Natasha was born in spring and a lovely warm spring it was . It gave me plenty of opportunity to walk throughout our nieghbourhood discovering our world together . We lived in what was dubbed the " Granola belt " of the city . It is now so trendy etc. we can't affrod to live there but back then it had immigrant families , young low income families , hippies etc. My friend from school her mother had started up a food co-op for local and organic products to be sold . It was of course meant to help low income people have access to good healthy alternatives . It is now such a trendy expensive organic store no low income person could shop there . It is also no longer a co-op either .

Anyway within my little area there was a bookstore . Prairie Sky books . This has been there since I was a young teenager . I'd go in to browse buy incense etc. I then found a section on Birth / Parenting ! I bought my very first parenting book there at 18yo ! It was titled simply Birth by Raven Lang . It is still by far my most fav birthing book of all time . I also bought two other books that day which would help guide my parenting perspective etc. for the yrs to come . These books were Fredrick Leboyer 's Loving Hands a book on east Indian infant massage & a yoga for children book titled Be a Frog , a Bird , or a Tree

These books & people may seem so simple but I am so glad and know how blessed I am to have had this posative exposure at such a young age . I know so many teen young mums who are bossed around , told they have no options , no choice , control taken over by others etc. I know many welfare mums would no longer be if they were just given the message mothering is good and being a mother as a posative rather than a negative your bad attitude . Don't get me wrong all my mum friends were actually welfare mums at one time in thier lives . Only one remains all the rest never were drug users , all are highly intelligent , all have higher educations , all are working people, had homebirths , breastfed etc. In the end I always have been a simple plain person with extradordinary blessings ;-)

When my dh and I began our journey as new parents together it was pretty much a given we'd go the homebirth route . I and he had friends who had just had homebirth and with my first being such a quick wonderful labour I felt ready to try the expereince . Most of all as parents we felt this to be the most bestest safest choice health wise , spiritually , emotionally etc. for our baby . We also wanted the experience of pregnancy , birth & child rearing to be a posative one for the little blessings we already had . We felt it very importnat childen truely have a role in being a part of forming a relationship with thier sibling long before the birth .

So we got the ph. number of a wonderful lay midwife who of course 24 yrs later is my dear friend . This opened up a whole new world for us in regards to community , areas of health , nutrition , homeschooling etc. it was and is wonderful . I was referred to a book titled Spiritual Midwifery . This book is wonderful . Full of stories etc. but why I chose to read it for each and every pregnancy is for the medical references . It is a great refresher course for us in preparation of the birth .

I of course via friends found other materials to read and enjoy herbal books , parenting ,diet & pregnancy . There were many alternative mothering mags out there but my fav was of course The Compleat Mother . I began corresponding with the founder and editor Catherine Young and had several articles published . I still have many of the posters etc. she sent and have passed on all my teasured copies to my own dd who became a mother 4 yrs ago .

Breastfeeding was a given and yes I did and have tandumed nursed . I was even a mum who did not have to roll over to nurse with either breast ;-) We of course co-slept and wore our babies long before the term attachment parenting emerged . I always carried my babies from the time my mother gave me a scarf to strap my firstborn babe onto my body ;-) later on in MX I'd fit right in wearing a rebozo ;-)

This winter I hope to write posts specific to the topics of birth etc. but for now I thought this would be a nice taste of the possibilities to come .


Anne (aussieannie) said...

I have to start by saying those two photos are fantastic, really SPECIAL pictures!

I loved what you wrote..I homebirth too, have tandem feed, co-sleep and what a beautiful life it is...lovely to read your wisdom there Roxie.

rox said...

Thank You Anne lol who would have ever thought we'd be the wise women ;-) I think being wise means we remember we are always the student . I had never read the history of the Raggedy Anne doll and what a read it was about the founder .
Thanks again

Ms Hen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It is a pleasure to read your post here. I believe Motherhood is something special. I breastfeed all three.. not for too many months; since I would run out of milk no matter what I tried. (??)But felt it was the most natural thing to do.