Saturday, September 12, 2009

That ole cold flu thing

Yes we are back ! I have been away from this blog in particular for sometime now ! Road trip to our dd28 wedding and then the flu kicking in etc. we've been busy . Yes we recieved the flu while on our trip so what better theme for the natural catholic then cold/ flu season .

Flu is a serious issue . People do loose life from the flu . We in our own community have lost people from the H1N1 virus . It is common amongst the aboriginal population and seems to focus on young people and young adults .

I suspect it was the flu I had back in july as my friends dd had it too . It hits some and leaves others behind .

Maybe this was so if my family members do contrct it I will be immune and be able to care for them prpoperly ? Who knows , fall is approaching and it is a must here in Canada we prepare for winter ! yes we have winter could be 5 even 8 months at times regardless what a calendar says lol . Below are some pics and I'm trying on all our blogs to take the time to put outclicks on the pics to information on a product , herb , saint etc.

As you know I love going to the first source of help for our health care Him ;-) it is then I often feel led to a wonderful saint . It seems very appropriate while getting ready for flu season and collecting herbs I'd be led to ST.Hildegard again . I love love harvesting . It is one of my most wonderful medatative times and get such enjoyment gathering , drying and preparing these herbs .

It is hard at times to keep in mind lets think local . With all the media , internet , tv & articles to forget we don't need it all . He gave us most everything we need in our own backyards ;-)

I have always gone to the first source myself for treatment . That is the plant , root , leaf etc. then tinctures , then if nessesary a regular north american western medicine route . Antibiotics saved our ds foot and many others I know have needed medical attention . I feel there is a time & place for all it is up to us to be responsible and try and discern the when the how the who the what .
The herbs hanging upove are my german or wild Chamomile this is an awesome tea and it is a most wonderful stomach aide for flues etc. I also bath in it . This plant seems so gentle and mild and german chamomile indeed does not even have the strong aroma of the other chamomiles . Yet don't be fooled we can testify that the herb which led to our ds sons recovery whilst in MX was indeed chamomile . His story is one of mircales of Our Lord's intercession . The shortened version is We were on route to hospital as he'd lost so much wieght and was delirious . He'd have needed an IV to rehydrate for sure . It was night we got lost . I felt we had to pull over this was a life/death situation . I felt drawn to one restaraunt out of all the businesses there . It runed out to be a cafe run by a retired university prof she had aa woman working there who was an american . They had a natropath friend they called right away . I told how his illness began really in ND when out trip first began and then just escalated . Our ds was sent home to rest with chamomile tea , instructions on how to begin a diet again for him and that was it he fully recovered . Non of the stomach pills etc. doctors along the way on our trip had helped .

We also dry and use a lot of wild mint . I am allergic to peppermint but for some reason not wild mint which is fine with me as our children do not like peppermint anyway .. far to spicey ;-) I am not even sure the variety we have as it has been in the family for so long it spreads thruoughout the garden very quickly .
I use wild mint in cooking and tea . It is very sweet and excellent in the Vietnamese salad Rolls this is how the authentic vietnamese make them
I of course also make many winter drinks as I am a beverage loving person ;-) for now I'll just stick to those which we use when not feeling at our best . One of the yummiest teas I like to make for cold and sore throat is ginger , lemon & garlic tea . Yes garlic ! It was my friend & midwife who taught me this one . I was making a ginger lemon tea and she told me they also add garlic . What a great way to get garlic into your children ! Of course I use alot of honey too .
Of course I also forget at times about which remedies have helped me and it was my dear friend Mary who dropped in yesterday for a visit said to me " do you have oregano oil ?" It was I who had given it to her a few yrs back and she says it works wonders . So I have my little bottle sitting now where I can remember . She also says it comes in capsules if you don't like the taste .it is hot !
Yes garlic again ! my dh loves to use garlic in his get well remedies .I'm one who does not like the heat thank you very much ;-) In fact dare I say it , I am not a lover of garlic lol . However I do realize the many many beefits of this plant . So I do use garlic chives , I cook with garlic and I do take garlic capsules. I also learned a great trick for eating raw garlic from my sister when in Guatemala . Spread a ton of cream cheese on bread and slice your raw garlic onto that ! It works it calms the spicey hotness down . So how does my dh most often use garlic for sinus infection or cold . Ok get this he chops it up fine fine and adds it to purified wtare in a dropper bottle lets it sit and soak up the garlic oil . He then sniffs droppers of this up his nose . Yes he does ! does it work ? well for him yes . I cannot fully verify this as I refuse to try it lol . I've a friend who learned as a child to snort saline solution up ones nose as well . It clears the sinus and salt cuts mucus big time . I would say maybe go with a netti pot if your brave enough ;-) Other cold & flu remedies we use are the white flower oil & Tiger balm . White flower oil is my fav .It is milder but works wonders on the chest and breathing . be sure to rub on both the front and back chest areas and the neck as well . My dh who gets migranes even uses tiger balm on his temples at times . I prefer the white tiger balm , while dh prefers the red .
As herbal teas go, the one I like to drink for myself during winter is rosehip tea it is very high in vit c plus I enjoy picking the hips in the fall ;-) This sort of takes the place of my cranberry juice from summer months.
As for vit c we also stock up on a big bottle along with vit d supplements & it is the one time of yr. I give our children a multi vit .
Also due to our many allergies and colds we also like to deal with the whole ear issue . For ear infection we use lobelia tincture & garlic oil . The debate is always out weather to put drops in kids ears or not but after having our second ds have constant bouts of ear infections I wanted an alternative to anitbiotic . He had one treatment of the herbal remedy at 3yo and not another ear infection until he was 14 or 15 yo ! so I go with what has worked and stick with it ;-) For ears I will never ever go without ear candles ever again ! these saved me during a big bad sinus infection . They do work and they do clean out your ears !
For winter and sinus issues another homeopathic treatment that works wonders is the hot /cold method . So having both ice packs & heating pads are a must around here . I am not that educated on this mehod but I beleive with the sinus it helps the sinuses release and contract and therefore helping them drain naturally .
I also like to at times due a facial steam and often add tea tree oil just a very small amount or a half a lemon really is nice too . I just heat a pot of water on the stove drop my lemon or oil into it , grab my towel and bend over the pot . I stop every now and then and massage my face to help loosen the sinus up .
As a person who suffers from arthritus this is also much worse come the cold and wintertime .
I found a huge relief when I stopped drinking coffee and I truely rarely need to take medical pain relief after drinking and bathing in my willow tea and herb bath. Willow is used as a natural remedy for arthritus . I also learned that my birch tea I have been drinking for uterine problems is also know to help with arthritus !
One last topic I should touch on is that of fever . I am one who does not suffer from this very often but dh and a few of our children do . When having small children this was always an issue . We have used tylonol when needed but often if the cause of fever is treated right away such as ear infection flu etc. then there has been little to no treatment needed for fever .
A tea I did have remarkable results with for little ones to help drop fever right away was red raspberry tea . I read this in Susun Weeds pregnancy herbal book back when we only had two children ! I brewed it up , cooled it with apple juice to make it yummy .
I'm sure I could find a ton more info to list here but think this is enough to spark ideas , keep you going for awhile ;-) and hopefully just by eating well , leading a healthy lifestyle we will all be quite healthy this cold/flu season .


molly said...

This is great Roxie!

Tuppence Crafts said...

Hi Roxie..this is great info. you have blogged about. I will definitely start trying some of these herbs. My mum used to give us lemon juice and ginger(mixed together), for an upset tummy - It worked wonders.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

That was a great, informative post Roxie, I enjoyed it immensely!

rox said...

Ladies Thank You so much ! I often think that just because these items are so great for me people probably already know about them so why write it down .
However one little herb one little way in which we do something may be helpful .
we are blessed with an unusually warm autumn TBG ;-)