Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Brews

Yes I am a drinker & proud of it ;-) much of my daily intake is in liquid form . I could live on fruit and drink with the odd veggie thrown in here and there . Over the yrs my sensativity to alcohol turned into a down right allergic reaction unfortunately this does include wine at holy communion . Luckily for me there are many wonderful alternatives to the booze version .
Of course I love herbal teas however there are few grass like teas I am not found of so many yrs ago when making my lobelia tea to avoid miscarriage I began using apple juice in the mix. I got hung on juice the yr. I worked in our local organic food co-op . Pear juice from the Okanagan in BC was a fav of my grilfriend sunshine and I . I loved loved those mission san juan juices peach & coconut was my fav . One of my all time favorite iced teas is hibscus and rose hip . I use sugar or honey or other juices for sweeteners . Below are a few and the ingredients to get you thinking of the possibilities. My dh loves veggies juices but I am not found of drinking veggies so I do not have any in this post , I prefer to eat my veggies in crunchy form instead . Although back when I could handle alcohol a bit I loved a good ceasar with a yummy celery stick ;-) Lemon & Rose Drink

Start with lemons & rose petals quarter lemons after juicing & add to jug juice as many lemons as you like . For our jug 1 & 1/2 lemons are perfect Mix with your sweetener and let sit for a good 1/2hr if possible then add water & chill , serve with ice
I 've been drinking day lily tea it is so wonderful a flavour

This is jamaican sorrel which is also known as hibiscus . This version has alcohol but I omit it . I also do not use cloves only alspice . This is our fav drink when we visit our fav acrribean eatery
some ingredients for drinks are ginger ,wild mint , lemon , rose or any other flower , hibiscus , honey , cloves & black tea etc.
I just chop up ingredients and if it is a hot tea to steap add ingredients to a pot of boiling water and turn off heat . Let sit for a good 1/2hr and then strain . I let it then cool before adding to jug .

If preparing a cold drink right off it helps to chop or mash ingredients

Mix with your sweetener & let sit

Then add water & chill . Yumm Yumm

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molly said...

This is lovely, do you just any rose petals? I was wondering if they have to be a certain type.

rox said...

Hey Molly , I think you can use anytype just no sprayed roses of course ;-)
I like wild roses the best but these in the pic are from a climbing explorer rose . I prefer a mild scented rose for drinks .
when we pour the drink I love the rose petals in my drink but dh does not so I strain it for him . It then makes naturally pink lemonade lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Rox,
It's nice to meet you. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope you make some pads, I haven't used mine yet but I'm looking forward to it. My next project will be fleece ones, some have said those are good.

Tuppence Crafts said...

I love your blog and I am fasinated in the way you make these yummy looking drinks using petals!! I will have to try this myself.