Monday, July 6, 2009

A Bed of Flowers

Great Gramma's Shamrock
Yes anyone who knows me knows I love flowers . Especially the edible kind lol
my friends will also tell you that although I love love growing , eating , caring for many herbs & flowers I cannot grow a vegtable what so ever so if we ever become homesteaders my dh will have to do the veggies or we'll starve to death ;-)
I can remember always my grandmother & mother handing me a rose petal , violet or blueberry flowers . A few yrs ago for the first time ever which is actually odd considering all our trips to MX I tried squash blossom . Just raw fresh and cool in the morning for breakfast . It is heavenly ! Soft yet a hardy flavour too . Now I have yet to cook them as I'd have a hard time saving them till lunch time for cooking lol but if you want to try out a recipe or two I found this site
I am now making it a personal goal to try a new edible flower each summer . Last yr. it was marigolds . They come in different scents and flavours too ! Not all are tasty though so stick to the varities that are used in culinary purposes like lemon gem , yum yum . The yr. before last were pansies and johnny jump ups as we had planted pansies in our Mary garden in memory of great great Aunty Pansy . This yr. I hope to try day lily , I've absolutely no idea what type of flavour a lily would have but willing to try . I think I might try the day lily fritters . I found this and it is daylily recipes in pdf format !
I've been taking photos of flowers around the yard plus on our outings . Thought I'd share some beauty with You all ;-) Enjoy !
This is a lily which I planted in spring had no idea what colour it was until she opened this morning ;-)

These are wild rose petals I picked out at my mothers the wild rose scent is so much stronger then the tame rose.

These are off our bush here in our sacred heart garden . I dry them and use for bathing , baking , nibbling treats ;-)

The bees all abuzz in morning

Sacred Heart garden

this is our view coming up the drive to Gramma's cottage a field of daisies & butter cups what could be more lovely ! I am so tempted to send a cow into this field lol this is one lovely daisy These iris are my fav . There are many colours around the cottage but the white and purple are my fav as they not only look gorgeous but they smell the most wonderful lemoney citrusie smell


Anne (aussieannie) said...

I love it all! Wish I could take a real life peak into that lovely garden of yours!

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

lol Anne , you may have noticed I did not include pics of the other half of my garden ;-)
if I had you'd be seeing foot high thistles amonst the struggling veggies !

molly said...

This is lovely Rox! I miss hearing fron you, hope you are well.
I prayed for you the otehr day on Blessed Kateri feast day. You continue in my thoughts and prayers friend.

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Hey Molly ! I am not on fb until mid august ! I got an email saying you had written on my wall but I had no way to respond !
keep praying !

Leonie said...

Roxie, some beautiful pix and lovely memories of your mum and grandmother. I alwasy find your blogs so restful..and hope to see you on FB again in August. :-)