Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Herbal Bath

If you haven't figured out I like baths yet well lol you either are here for the first time or not been paying attention ;-)
I love the art of herbal bathing . I am also interested in exploring the art of dry bathing as well but this focus is on my most wonderful tub .
I've mentioned before I love oils for the tub and afterwards. This also goes for my hair. I've read different herbs are good for different hairtypes as well for those with different colours. I read rosemary is nice for darker colourings so I tried it and it is absolutely heavnly. I also usually mix this up with lavender I find the two scents compliment each other. I rcently read spices can enhance ones colour like red with cinnamon and dark with nutmeg .
I use olive oil for my hair I prefer the heavy thick texture for my long hair . For skin though I use coconut and almond oils . I never had a stretch mark in my life and I like to think it came from a good supply of oil to my skin .
So where do the herbs come in . Well I use mostly trees in my bathing . Makes sence as this is what I have access to most often and there are many medicinal uses for trees be it root, leave or stem even sap is used for making sauves .
I am so blessed to have a really wonderful and wise spiritual director . One time I was questioning some thing or other and he said to me " well just ask  "
 lol the wise often are very plain and simple . Well I do that I pray in regards to my healing and I must say I am always blessed with the way when I am open to believing .
Remember our skin is our biggest organ so it makes sence we take in not only toxins this way but also the good stuff. So if my bones are achy from my arthritus not only does the warm bath help but the addition of willow in a tub and a glass of willow tea really work .
For purification juniper almost always does the job for me . Spruce and balsam help with healing and also really awaken the mind . Lately I've been using alot of comfrey as I've been fighting an infection and low immune lately.
I personally prefer to make my herbal tub by brewing up a pot of bath tea. I quite often am going to also drink the tea as well . I know some like to use the herbal bag right to the tub but I like the boiling water ,add the herbs and then let it steap just like a pot of tea. I then strain it off into the tub . Unless of course I am having a flower tub then I leave the petals in .There is nothing more soothing then having a tub with lavender buds and rose petals floating around .
If you really want to make a bath bag I just cut up pieces of old sheets and save them for dusting , first aide and such. Fill a piece of sheeting with your herbal mix and drop it into your boiling pot or like some do add right to your tub. I am thinking to do a thistle tub soon for cleansing and I will take care to strain this mixture well ;-)
So again nothing really over the top just a nice way in which Spirit teaches us how to use  beautiful gifts for thier real purpose . Again if you feel the need for  help remember just ask , I think you may be pleasantly surprised and perhaps also end up in a wonderful herbal tub like me ;-)

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