Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day Giveaway

Yes I've been busy this past week putting together a pack I hope will be pleasing for the Father's day give away ;-) The entries begin today June 15th and Draw will be morning June 21st . I have to say this pack was a bit of a challenge for me to put together . I knew I wanted to offer something but hadn't a clue what . So I began with a prayer and off He sent me on a wonderful journey . First came to me was of course my bath salts and the blend I like and find nice for men is the orange / cedar combo. I call this my saint Joseph mix because he came to me guiding the way . I like to think of him with the cedar as it represents protection and often is considered a male tree . In fact in many cultures it is used to protect clothing , buildings etc. The orange helps wake us up and keep us alert ! I like to think of ST. Jospeh always being open and aware like when the angel came to him ;-) is he not the example father of fathers !
I then got into the bathing theme and I thought why not a herbal bath bomb to help heal , purify and strengthen . These herbs I like to use for dh . Cedar again for strength , juniper for purification and comfrey for healing . I prepare the bath bomb by placing the cotton bomb in water which has been brought to a boil then turn off the element .Basically you are making a tea bath . I know some people just place right into the tub but I find it is more beneficial being brwed like a tea and let sit and steep for 20min then strain herbal water into the tub .
There is then the luffa sponge which I pick up at the east indian market . The sponge is sterilized as well . This is very beneficial in bathing especially if your dh works in heavy labour intensive work . This is an excellent scrub .I then found these sweet little boxes with image of ST.Joseph on them. I knew I would use a box in the give away but wanted something to place inside it . I somehow was drawn to using clay this past two weeks and writing about it. I've wanted to create our own clay tooth powder and had been experimenting with flavours. Of course it came to me what I could place within this little ST.Joseph box. Our toothpowder . made from sterilized caly and two flavours , First is wild mint which offers a nice sweet mint cooling not hot like peppermint .My ds8 who detests any spicey mint loves this wild mint . Next flavour is my absolute fav and a new taste . It is clove , licorice and anise the flavours go together really well. which is so yummy you almost want to eat it ;-) While on the topic of healing & ST.Joseph I had the topic of a book come up. Yet a fatherly inspiring book . My sil gave me a sort of handyman book titled Care for Your Home the Lazy Way but I still wanted to find something a bit spiritual . There sitting on my bookshelf by my bed was brother Andre . A man so very dedicated and yes a special bond to ST.Joseph . His ST.Jospeh Oratory is world famous all inpsired and brought about by this humble sweet man . This book is titled The Wonder Man and printing is 1988 . It truely is a treasure but I feel I am to pass this along .
Then I inspired by brother Andre found a beautiful picture I have had stored on our shelf .It is a picture of two brothers ST.Ciril & ST.Methodious . These brothers two were missionaries amongst the slavic peoples .
I have also included my homemade ST.Francis Forest spruce resin insence and charcoal .This is made over an open fire each autumn and made from true spruce gum of the boreal forest .
Last of all is a small ST.Joseph prayer card
I have included some photos of items and products used in making some of our items sorry but the basket is not included as it will not fit in a box . Enjoy !

Little ST.J box with tooth powders

Brother Andre Book

ST.Francis Forest spruce resin insence & charcoal pack
Luffa Sponge Handyman Special ST. Ciril & ST. Methodious

Cotton Bath Bomb & ST.Joseph prayer card

Ingredients cedar , juniper , comfrey Bath Epsom Salts cedar & orange a few yummy ingredients for tooth powder


Anonymous said...

Would love to win


Chari said...

Hey, Roxie! This is so generous! you have a great blog here.....and I love Brother Andre!

Count me in!!

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Oh goodie I am so glad you have entered ! don't people like Brother Andre give us such hope Chari ! will place your names in the tool box
in honour of ST.Joseph ;-)

Mary said...

This is wonderful! Since I have yet a gift for him...heee heee!!
Thank you!
God bless, Mary @ CHeerios