Monday, May 25, 2009

Prayer Candles

Who does not love a candle ? Birthday , warming light on a rainy or snowy night , romantic meals , bath time and of course for prayer . Our first church was very traditional huge RC church and they always had what seemed hundreds of candles burning when we'd walk in . I think candle lighting may be one of the best ways I can draw my boys into prayer time ;-) I love preparing candles when I am praying for others , situations etc. tealight votive , taper, pillar all are equally beautiful and providie inspiration . I began collecting small clay cups last yr. and placed them thru-out the Mary garden . I poped tealights within the cups , some of which had little shapes punched out like stars and moons I do wish they'd make some with cross shapes ;-). then on evenings during the summer months would light them . I'd sit on our porch swing and pray the rosary by the fire candles flickering add such a peace to prayer . I have always used candles in my prayer time but many yrs ago I came across a candle which had flowers pressed into it . I then read of candles that also had herbs etc. rolled into the candle. This is often done by melting wax , pressing the flowers & herbs gently onto the candle then slowly waxing over the pressed items with the melted wax. I really liked this idea . I already use alot of items in my prayer work via teas and bathing , why not candles ? My mother always placed a pir plate on the back stove element with water in it then wood place spruce or other items from the woods in it orange peel too . This was something they would do at home on the woodstove ;-) So the issue of scent is big for me in regards to helping ones attitude and aides really well in our meditation . Why else are those monks burning incense all the time ;-) So yes I love candles. I prefer beeswax . They smell so heavenly on thier own never mind adding pine or spruce needles to the mix. Now I am very lazy .Really I am . I'm slow and not very crafty . I don't knit , only like handsewing , machine sewing is a chore so my children have cut offs instead of patched jeans lol . Anyway would I actually take the time to melt wax and stick the items on carefully ? Knowing me I'd burn myself . I do however love love love preparation . So I know ! Get out the mortar and pestle , some of my fav flowers , add a bit of holy water, oil and salt . I then coat the candle with the ingredients ., place candle in holder and light . I must say my fav candle to burn is the pillar . It also of course is the most expensive . However it also lasts 3 days burning all day except not thru the night of course . I also have a cheaters tip for those of you who are like me are addicted to beeswax scent but can't afford . Buy the birthday candles ;-) I do this and I burn one while I do the dishes . It gives off just enough scent to satisfy . This is also now something I wish to offer for others . As I said it is a blessing for me to do this . Intercession / Prayer is my work so I totally love it . Funny I used to pray to God my dream job was to travel & pray ;-) He ended up giving me the job after all ! So if you have a loved one here or deceased really feel free to write me . I have no problem preparing and lighting a candle for you . Most of all absolutely would love to pray ;-) I always have parafin candles but I do not have on hand nor can I afford to give away beeswax candles .The pillar alone is $7.50 before tax . If you wish me to pick one up and you reimburse me that is fine . I would only charge the cost of candle of course but I cannot afford beeswax very often . I think my dh should start his dream of raising bees lol . Wouldn't it be wonderful if I end up having to have a stand full of candles , even my church dosen't have prayer candles, a shame really ! An even better idea ... try making them yourself ;-) think of scents you would like or if the candle is in memory of a loved one use something that reminds you of them .
I prefer woodsie scents myself but add the odd lavender or rose buds too . Below are a few of the candles I have prepared for friends and family members who have passed on . Enjoy !


Dawn said...

Beeswax candles are my favorite as well...such a clean, pure smell to them.

molly said...

great post, thanks for your prayers.