Friday, May 15, 2009

The Herbal Bathe ~ an art

Yes you all know I love love love this topic ! & yes I believe herbal bathing is an art, as it takes time to perfect ,it is ongoing a process a work in progress . Our spiritual progress;-)
For someone with ecsema you'd think I would not be a bather ;-) However if done properly my bathing can actually help me with my skin issues .
I really could and will probably write several posts on this topic . There are so many aspects to the herbal bath . Bathing has been a part of healing in so many cultures . I look at it in helping in all aspects of our being in the physical , emotional & spiritual . Physically bathing can help in healing wounds , skin conditions , and even internal healing . People tend to forget skin is our biggest organ ;-) the way both good and bad may enter into the body . So physically it makes perfect sence bathing would be a wonderful way for detoxing , cleansing and purifying the body . Emotionaly bathing can be a beautiful ritual and wonderful way to prepare us for what is to come or to help us emotionally surrender what has led to stress thru out our day . Setting envirnment adding smell , music special books to read ( I tend to love spanish poetry for some reason )etc. can very much influence our emotions . Aromatherapy plays a big role in the art of herbal bathing . Spiritual bathing is a big topic for me as I also use this in my work in intercession . However I will leave that for a different post perhaps specific to the spiritual bathing perhaps . As we know by setting the envrinment with our candles , our smells , special oil etc. this can help lead us in our spirituality specific to prayer . If we are in a state of calm and relaxation then we are much more apt to be open in meditation & contemplation . There are so many forms of prayer why would bathing be excluded ;-) as my spiritual director said why wouldn't it be as you are totally in the state He made you , your birthday suit ! Below I've posted some pics of little ways and likes I have for my own personal bath . I will change or alter what is needed regarding my health etc. I make a tea I need for my own well being .Today it was corriander/parsley . I absolutely cannot use epsom salts .They irriatate my skin something awful .For all I'd like to be like my friends I cannot use them . They are highly bennificial for cleansing & detox work .I offer them to my dh whenever I can get him to bath ( he is a shower fellow ) . I personally use
sea salt . It actually helps take my inflamation down greatly . It works on my scalp too . I also have special towels I use that remind me of my grandmother I found these at the secondhand and my dh & children know those are mum's towels hands off ;-) I am one I love using oils as well .I use these differently depending on the type of bathing I am doing . For this type of bath I like to add the oil directly to my skin afterwards rather then during the bath itself. Throughout my childbearing yrs. I always used coconut oil . It did an excellent job on my skin and I would also use it in our daily infant massage .
Later however as my hormones changed my ecsema returned and became more frequent this oil irritated it . I began to look for an alternative . Olive oil works really well and at times a grapeseed will do . Yet I discovered 1-2 yrs. ago the beautiful most soothing gentle oil .
Almond oil ! I read about this oil in one of my most fav books Almond Eyes and Lotus Feet . There is a section I just devoured on bathing and grooming the hair of Indian Princesses ;-)
I see this type of bathing as both self care and pampering . My spiritual director always said we cannot do our work with others unless we are looking after ourselves first. Our relationship with Him has to be one , the grace of union with Him first then us and spouse , then children , then community . So bathing is just a natural way of helping us move on in achieving this grace , that beautiful union . I love to add ietms to my bath such a blossoms , peels , dried herbs etc. again I choose for what is suiting my bathing purpose. Today was rose lavender .I must say I had this bath two days ina row I truely needed it . I also add some essential oil if I can handle it but I am also very sensative to these oils , I have add oil actually burn my skin so I prefer to just use my oils in a spray mist applied to my hair after bathing . Lately I've been craving bergamot scent .I love citrusie scents ;-) they awaken me after my relaxing tub ;-) I just found this website on different aids in herbal bathing such a recipes etc. It looks interesting but I have not spent to much time on it yet . I would also like to do a post on the whole history of herbal bathing ... another day ... I could blog on and on but the family is waiting for those waffles ! I hope this is of some benefit to you and I'd love to hear back on knew ideas etc. for now . Enjoy your soak ;-) I often add the sacramentals to the bath These are the epsom salts I love to prepare for others A candle is always nice day or night this is my little cup of seasalt & rose /lavender almond oil , again I cannot say enough good about this smooth soothing oil Rose Towels how can I not be inspired ;-) Ok I know we are blessed with having a wonderful tub


Anne (aussieannie) said...

I love my bath to for herbal baths, it's my reading time as well..I don't know what I'd do without one...

Patricia Singleton said...

I am more of a shower person but I will occasionally take a bath for detoxing. It is good that you know what causes problems for your skin. My daughter had a really bad case of atopic dermitidis as a baby but has not had any flareups since. She got so many rashes as a child that the doctor quit trying to name them. She seems to have outgrown them as an adult.

I look forward to learning more from your blogs. I don't like sitting still long enough to do a bath very often but I love reading. Reading has always been my escape from the trials of life. As a child, reading opened up my world and taught me so much.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. Have you ever tried baking soda in your bath water. It leaves your skin so soft?

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Yes Anne I totally was so excited when you told me of your herbal bathing I just smile when he connects us all like this ;-) I am so happy to have met you . Thanks again

molly said...

I love this post, so inspiring. I want to go take a herbal bath

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Patricia I could not beleive how many survivors are now connected via internet in just a few yrs! It has added much hope into my
work ;-)
I had terrible ecsema as a child .In different areas then I do now as an adult .Back then it also was allergies as now that trigger it but also much depneds on diet as well . Back then my mother just did not know about food sensativities etc.
During my pregnancies it would go away completely so hormonal issues play in big time as well . Now in peri menopause my ecsema flares up the tub is about all that helps it heal.
I use baking soda for my kids for itch but I do not like how it leaves my hands or skin feeling after .Oatmeal works well for me though ;-)
I truely like oils so much and was so happy I took the plunge to try the almond oil .
I will forsure have to go over your blog many times as I see you've been writing on it for sometime. feel free to e-mail me if you like .

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Hi Molly , you must be on here while I'm responding lol
I like that you keep visiting ! and I so need a greenhouse Molly ! my sunroom is no longer a sunroom due to our nieghbour growing a forest in his backyard !

molly said...

scrounge up some old wondows and pray:)