Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's about Thyme

I just had to use a punny title for this post ;-) how could one not .
This is the latest herb I feel drawn to become close to and aware of . I'd been thinking of it when I ordered my seeds this Feb.
Thyme is not an herb which I am familiar with at all nor am I very found of cooking with it . However I know well enough when God continuosly places His beautiful plants in our path we are to be open . So in my order I went with a lemon thyme . I then read In China Bayles book of Days how this herb can be started from seed starting off with the plant will give you a good start .Considering we are still having snow flurries here in april this yr. I thought this a wise choice .
Now I also just read that Thyme is an antiseptic surprise another wonderful herb used in healing ;-) ! I am thinking to make an herbal sauve using thyme instead of an antibiotic ointment for our family . Herbal sauves are very easy to make and very gentle for your families skin .
As far as reading goes Susan Wittig Albert ( one of my fav authors ) suggests
Growing and Using Thyme for some fun try Susan's books An Unthymely Death or
Thyme of Death . Her books offer many wonderful facts and resources about herbs .
In my dealings with the estate of a family member recently I have been given the task of dealing with the garden areas . In doing so I have come upon some perrennials which I've brought home .One of which is a thyme plant .I was unaware this herb even over wintered here . So I am looking forward to trying to identify the type of thyme which it is . Little joys placed in our daily lives . I also have been and will be working with several aquired rose plants which were sadly not looking so well . I hope to post my journey with them as well while the season progresses . For now I will have to leave you as it's about thyme I got back to daily life here ;-)
Is this picture below not just the most joyous of pictures ;-) Oh Happy Thyme !
ps. I almost forgot about the English garden and thyme used as a border plant . Is that not another beautiful image to have in ones mind ;-)


Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thyme is an important herb in stocks! It imparts a lovely flavour to it, I have to make sure I get some growing in the garden as I'm paying for quite alot of it in recent times with all the big pots of stock I am making..

molly said...

lovely post!

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Thank you gals !