Friday, March 13, 2009

Working with Hildegard

First of I cannot say enough of a Thank You to Our Lord for sending such a lovely lady as Anne as a wonderful teacher and inspiration . This is what I mean of just pray and be open to what , whome He sends us . I had just been praying dearest Jesus I wish I could get more herbal information on the spriritual side of herbs from catholic Christian sources . I've many wonderful pagan friends and books but I'd kept reading about these wonderful monks and monestaries etc. that wrote calenders , herbals , the gifts plants are for us from God. However where were these books ! Ok my prayer went out . Within the week Anne sent me an article and her interest in ST.Hildegard ;-) you may read it on her blog .
I've been praying regarding my uterus healing again . I know when and if I pray He will send me the info . Well here it came a wonderful herb I had not known beautiful helpful lady's herb motherwort . So I have added her to my daily herbal tea along with my daily tinctures . This month cramping was near nil ! My flow had hardly any clots and I am truely relieved not to be in constant pain .
I also felt called to remembering my beautiful Grandmother Grace this past week . I felt very much led by ST.Hildegard in regards to my swiss german heritage which often gets pushed to the back burner by the aboriginal irish lebanese side of me lol . I have felt drawn to come to understand my Granmothers wisdom and that swiss heritage . I do miss my gramma so very much . I said to dh why is it often to late to thank these people by the time we are wise enough to see and truely respect what they taught us they are gone . However that is the whole point in Him they never are gone . My grandmother works with me thru Him just as He sends Hildegard ;-) how beautiful our wonderful spirt led life is .
Well along the road with Grandmother Grace off I went to a new business opening and the sale of wonderful heritage seeds and herbal remedies etc. Nearing the end of my search there I discovered a small shelf of used books for sale . You know me and books ! well I came home with 3 wonderful little books . However one in particular I am feeling gifted with . I had not noticed it then merely that it was a herbal . It is titled herbs and weeds it is appearing to be published online . This book is by Father Kunzle in 1911 . Published in Switzerland ;-) and over 1 million copies were sold in Germany . It is full of valuable info on what certain herbs are used for and the process in which they are gathered and processed into medicines . He includes herbs benificial to both human and beast . Many of the information he gathered from local herders etc. in the swiss Alps .
Ok now you can see why I am always astonished at thier disbelief lol when this is how He can work with us in our lives . Just be open to recieving and He will give it ;-) ~ Amenen