Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lay Way ~ The Natural Way

Yes this is our new natural lay catholic blog ! Welcome . I've no idea how far we'll go with this blog .Certainly Many a fine photo will be shared ;-) We are great lovers of nature , homebirth , trying the first source for our many ailments as humans . We very much believe in preservation & conservation . In our family we have lovers of His nature from desert to animals to those of us who love to eat flowers and grow herbs . We strongly believe He gave us this planet and created the trees , plants animals before us for a reason His reason to keep us alive
;-) the gift of life . We as humans , what else is new are quite capable of destroying our gifts be it disrespecting other humans or His gift of all things natural . We also do not believe in guilt tripping others into being green . We have all been weak at times , try our best to get by and what is important is if we've made mistakes we acknowldge them and move on to do better ;-)
I always used cloth diapers and then well baby # 6 came along while I was in my late 30's . Lack of energy and a house full of teenagers I turned to disposable diapers . So like I said we try our best . I hope to post remedies that have helped us along the way be it chopped garlic for sinuses or red raspberry for a fever . Books & websites we find helpful and usful . I will say right now many will not be catholic we ask you have an open mind but if something bothers you you can e-mail us or choose to not visit us .We are just here to share the knowledge we have and hopefully others will begin to share in return ;-) I personally use alot of my tre , herbs , flowers in my intercession and love books on native american healing and mexican curanderas who are the MX version of intercessor . I will share knwoldge of trees herbs etc. on a spiritual basis as well . There is nothing like fresh juniper to clear your mind and connect us with the Holy Spirit ;-) or rose petals and lavender to lead us to Our Lady . I am also trying on a local level to sell our natural products when I have time to work on them ;-) bath salts, teas ,facial masks, insence , meditation pouches , necklaces , prayer sticks , and just plain dried items for your own personal use . We've always done this but turns out there is a professional title ( I'm not crazy on titles or labels myeslf ) wildcrafting . For now I'll try and get some book lists up and post more beautiful pictures . Enjoy ~ Shine On

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