Thursday, February 12, 2009

kitchen makings , inspiration

This is my kitchen where I do most of my prep work , drying etc. I also do use my back porch and clothsline at times ;-) Our kitchen had a major plumbing situation last yr so we had to haul all the cuboards out , rip all the ceiling and slowly I have been ripping the rest of the drywall off bit by bit . I am really looking for ideas on my sink area .This is my biggest uggly area right now . I'd love to just rip it out and make it smaller and have wooden shelves along one side right up the wall . It is my only countertop at all but so small I cannot cut on it anyway . These old kitchens really were like walk thrus .I have no idea how the women worked in them ! I'd love a wodden island somehow but once again space . Of course the biggest dilema is always money . Our ds works at the lumber store so I can get free scrap wood for shlves etc. For now I make due . I also posted the little pot and can I mentioned in my last post . Just place 1-3 tealight candles in the bottom and place your oil and herbs in the bowl heat it up to infuse and use for hair oil bath etc. I know the broom totally makes the kitchen look witchy dosen't it lol .My dh said to me one day " you have to bring straw brooms in they go rotten outside" Later in the day I walked in my kitchen and saw it standing there upside down lol .It fits perfect and adds to the space quite well I think ;-) If you have any kitchen reno tips on the budget please feel free to add your inspiration .

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molly said...

I love the yellow! Yours is a very cheery and loved kitchen:)